When a Cancer Man is Done with You (with 5 Possible Signs)

What will happen when a Cancer man is done with you?

Have you got lesser calls and messages from him if compared to before? What is his behavior when he loses his interest and wants to end the relationship? Will he still be a nice, emotional guy from the first day of the relationship, or will he become distant and shatter your feelings?

To prevent you from making any assumption, the only way to find out is to read this article about his act when being over you.

Let’s have a look…

How to Know When a Cancer Man is Done with You?

cancer man is over you

1. His conversations become shorter

Gradually, you will rarely hear in-depth conversations from him. Cancer man will just ask you some yes-no questions about basic things in a day. He won’t give much more in return as well. When he is over you, he doesn’t want to talk much but also doesn’t want to be so rude to you.

He’ll still chat with you to not feel guilty. But, at the same time, he doesn’t want to look like he’s invested in the conversation. That’s why texts will get shorter and it takes him hours to reply. About calls, it will be little to none.

Due to his mood swings, sometimes he gets cold on you temporarily. So, make sure this behavior is not the result of his moodiness.

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2. He can be rude and even aggressive

Another sign a Cancer man is done with you is his rudeness and aggressive behavior. Now think about your first time meeting him – I believe he is a real gentleman when you two first met.

However, once his feelings for you have nothing left, he will change into a different person. To some Cancers, you will no longer find his good manners. The nice guy that you know from the beginning of the relationship is now gone; instead, a disrespectful and impolite man comes to replace him.

What makes him change his behavior completely?

The moment he is done with you, he can’t stand your presence. As a result, he does everything to get rid of you. Be prepared as he may use any chance he got to put you down. The worse thing is that he doesn’t consider whether or not you’re hurt by his words or actions.

3. He is super sensitive

Cancer man is sensitive, but he will be on another level of sensitivity if thinking about breaking up with you.

Is your Cancer partner easily offended or particularly touchy recently?

If yes, then it is likely that he is done with you. The high chance is that he takes advantage of his mood swings as reasons to put an end to your relationship, even if you behave normally and do nothing to him.

His action shows his attempt in blaming you. He needs to find reasons to convince you that you have not given him the attention that he deserved when you two are together, and that you have not cared about him. This Cancer male can manipulate you using his emotional conversations.

4. He doesn’t share his personal life anymore

You find him go mysterious all of sudden?

Back then your Cancer partner seems to share everything with you. You don’t have to ask him anything, but he will tell you about his daily life anyway, like he plans to go on a hiking trip with his family, and so on. However, now he barely shares anything related to his personal life.

These days you have to ask him how he’s doing or what he did at work, which can irritate him.

Gaining their trust is not easy at all, so Cancer men tend to open up and share their personal life to people whom they feel close with. If he’s pulling back and behaving more mysterious to you, it’s a sign he no longer wants you to be included in his private life.

5. He doesn’t show any intimacy

There’s less romance and intimacy.

How many times you two spend cuddling, hugging, kissing, and having fun under the sheets these days? Cancer man in love is really affectionate and prefers all kinds of loving gestures. But now both of you barely show affections to each other. I have to say that it’s a warning!

Keep in mind that people under the Cancer zodiac sign are extremely emotional. They’re sensitive, insecure, and unable to separate their body from their heart. Therefore, when a Cancer man shows no physical contact with the person he love, it means he doesn’t want to be emotionally involved with in the relationship.

How to tell when the Cancer male has stopped loving you?

The obvious sign letting you know that he’s done is a lack of intimacy. Not only he doesn’t initiate it, but he also turns you down when you try to approach him. Later he will come up with lame excuses if being confronted.

The Bottom Line

Most importantly, you can tell it obviously when a Cancer man is done with you. No beating around the bush or mind games, he’ll instead give you a lot of hints and signs that he is no longer interested in you.

At the end of the day, the decision is up to you.

Will you keep closing your eyes and loving him or will you admit it’s the end and let him go for your peace of mind?

No matter how much you love him, I strongly advise you to go with the second option. You may find it painful at first because you still love him so bad, but it’s better than staying next to the person that doesn’t treat you right. Be brave and take the first step towards healing and moving on!

So, how to tell when a Cancer man is done with you?

I hope this article already gave you the answer needed!

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