How Does Cancer Man Test You: Discover His 5 Common Ways

Is it common to test each other in relationships?

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer man is sensitive and moody. Since he is the family-oriented type, he tends to look for security and stability in a relationship. If you want to be with this guy, you need to provide him safely and comfort firstly.

This explains why this guy is likely to test you when you two are together romantically. Then, how does Cancer man test you?

The Cancer male can test you by observing the way you treat others. Or, he might check out what people around you say about you. It’s not that he doesn’t trust you at all, but he is just protective of those trying to take advantage of him.

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5 Ways Your Cancer Man is Testing You

cancer man test you in love

How does a Cancer man test you?

This guy has many ways to test you in a relationship – the purpose is to see how compatible you are with him. He needs to be sure whether you can keep him safe as well as understand his emotional needs. This way, he’ll be able to determine if you’re the right person for him.

There’s no way a Cancer man jumps into a relationship without having any thought. Cautious and insecure in love, he finds that it’s hard to handle a heartbreak. Before this guy shows you his feelings, you need to prove him how much you love him.

Here are several ways Cancer man in love will test you:

1. He shows his moodiness

Definitely he will use this card!

We all know Cancer is infamous for their drastically changing mood, and 80 percents are because of the influence of the ruling planet. Moody is his nature, so he often takes advantage of it to see how you will react. No need to figure out if a Cancer man is feeling bad or not, as his facial expression says it all.

But, when he is not in a good mood, he tends to stay away from you. Rather than leaving him alone, it’s better to let him know you’re always by his side. Once he’s done with his own thoughts, Cancer will come back to his compassion self.

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2. He starts serious conversations suddenly

Did your Cancer man say something out of the blue?

If the answer is yes, then I can tell you that he’s up to something. The Cancer male rarely initiates a conversation; however, once he does, it means he wants to see your reaction as well as to hear your thought about the topic mentioned.

He will come up with random questions, such as your favorite movies, your political views, your relationships with your family members, and so on. If you two are dating, he can pop up with something like whether or not you want children. These may sound serious, but Cancer man never takes love lightly – he needs to know if there is a future for both, so that he can invest his love and effort into it.

These questions help him understand your POVs more and make sure that you’re compatible enough for him.

3. He wants to know how you value family or relationships

How you value your family or relationships?

As mentioned earlier, Cancer is all about the home and domestic life. They cherish family and make it their top priority. If you are too materialistic or superficial, you can’t get along well with a Cancer man.

Astrologically, men born under this zodiac are full of goodness; nevertheless, they are cautious as well. In a love relationship, your Cancer partner will give you 100% of his dedication and trust; in return, they expect you to be the same. For ladies who want to keep Cancer man forever, the key is to get along with his family or even his friends.

Also be prepared for another challenge!

When bringing you home to meet his family or friends, he already asks them to evaluate you. Their opinions and thoughts can affect his feelings for you because he appreciates them a lot. So, when dating a Cancer man, treat not only him but also his entire circle well.

4. He leaves his phone unlocked

Surely this is a trap!

We can easily know what he is thinking when leaving his phone unlocked in front of your eyesight. This is such a very simple way to test you! You will soon lose yourself to this temptation – I mean, who doesn’t want to go through a guy’s phone, especially when he is not around and is your partner.

In love, loyalty and trust are important to a Cancer man. Before entering a serious relationship with you, he wants to see if you’re worth his trust. In case you hardly trust your boyfriend and often snatch his phone to investigate, then you’re not the right one for the Crab guy.

No matter how careful you are, he will know the truth soon because this is his trap. However, he won’t catch you right away.

5. He wants you to pay attention to him

The last way in this list is that he will test to see how much quality of time you spend with him. Is he really the important person to you or just a friend?

Like I said, he takes relationships seriously. When you’re with him, make sure to give him full attention; otherwise, he might not forget that. As he already gives you all and respects your feelings, he hopes he would also receive the same in return.

In love, Cancer man willingly compromises on certain things to better the relationship.

When having a fight, he won’t mind being the one to apologize first. Nonetheless, don’t take him for granted or he will give you something worse than that.

In Conclusion

When trying to figure out whether or not he is testing you, be well-prepared or you might interpret the signs differently. His actions could make him become a rude person or someone not serious in love in your eyes. When it comes to Cancer man in relationships, there’s a lot more to this that you need to know.

So, how does Cancer man test you?

I hope this article gives you the answer you are looking for!

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