What a Virgo Man Likes in a Woman? (TOP 5 Attractive Traits)

Wondering what a Virgo man likes in a woman?

Men born under the Virgo zodiac sign are loyal, warm, and reliable.

It’s not surprising if most women choose them as the #1 pick to date or get married. Despite being a perfectionist in most situations, the Virgo male is qualified to be the family man.

Not only being polite and thoughtful, but he also pays attention to his appearance. That’s why many feel drawn toward him. However, he will never fall in love at first sight; instead, he tends to observe and learn carefully before making a move.

He approaches his love interest slowly but surely.

Let’s find out what traits of a woman can attract a Virgo man!

5 Types of Women That a Virgo Man Likes

things about a woman the virgo likes

1. Independent

An independent woman is a woman who does not depend on anyone.

Virgo man is independent in both thought and action, and he expects the same from the woman he chooses. Even when facing challenges or obstacles in life, being strong and independent shows that you are confident and have faith in yourself.

He likes the woman with her own interests, goals, and dreams. Focusing on your own life makes you determined with your own choices. Women who know exactly what they want can easily win over the heart of the Virgo male.

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2. Attractive

There is a saying, "Women fall in love with their ears, men fall in love with their eyes".

To captivate his attention, you need to know how to make yourself more attractive and stunning. The first attractive point of a lady is her appearance. At first, Virgo man finds girls eye-catching when they are neat and clean, which is reflected in their daily outfits. He also has a crush on women having pleasant scents and great hair.

Those are the common things the Virgo male likes in a woman.

The beauty is also reflected in a woman’s soul. Being sociable and polite with people around you proves that you are a kind person. He will surely be captivated by your smart and clever behavior.

Be a new version of yourself and you’ll be more attractive.

3. Passionate

Virgo man likes a woman who has passion and always strives to fulfill her dreams.

Most guys don’t prefer those too depending on them. Passionate women are often successful in life because they have goals to strive for. As we all know, the Virgo male is ambitious, so he will get attracted to girls who like to conquer challenges.

To know exactly what your passions are, it’s a must to learn to understand yourself better so that you can plan your life meaningful. Live each day to the fullest as if today were your last so you can always do everything you love.

Don’t be so absorbed in your work, or you won’t have time to relax and take care of yourself. Being too busy will make your body exhausted and weak. Love yourself by learning how to manage your work effectively to have more time to rest.

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4. Good at cooking

If you care about what Virgo man likes in women, it’s a must to mention the type of woman who is good at doing housework. If you can cook well, you will surely know how to take care of your family in the future.

The woman good at cooking makes Virgo, the family guy, feel happy all the time with delicious dishes, especially after having stressful working hours.

Every time eating with you, he can feel your love for him.

To win over a Virgo man, you can learn to cook his favorite dishes and show off your skills when visiting his house. If you two are seriously dating, cooking for his family and you’ll leave a good impression on them.

A woman who is good at cooking is the type that men like to chase after.

5. Mysterious

There is no absolute answer for the question, “What does Virgo man like in a woman?”

Though each man has different ideal types, but they also like something in common. Typically, they are usually drawn to girls who are full of mystery. A mysterious woman has her own capacity to stir a man’s curiosity. In fact, she likes displaying her own unique style and not being labeled with any stereotypical style.

The mysterious woman will not reveal much about herself when talking, making men more curious.

Virgo man finds it difficult to ask the person he likes for a date. Sometimes the girl is warm, childish, sometimes cold and mature, making him wonder "why are women so hard to understand?" This mysterious beauty helps women attain the positive attention from Virgo and make him want to conquer you more.

On the other hand, introverted people are also the type Virgo man likes to conquer. They like isolate themselves from the crowd and live in a world of their own. They will often feel reserved and do not express themselves.

How to Win a Virgo Man’s Heart?

In terms of dressing up, you don’t have to be too picky, just be neat and tidy. Virgo man is not into women who whine constantly and dress colorfully. Besides, to date him, you should search for a peaceful cafe.

When talking, don’t show off too much, this will backfire as Virgo will think that you just talk the talk. Have a serious conversation, knowing when to stop as well as paying attention when listening to his story. To conquer a Virgo romantically, you need a little sense of humor to make him more comfortable and open.

The man of this sign loves girls who are talented, mature and always make others happy.

Final Words

So, what a Virgo man likes in a woman?

The type of woman that he likes to conquer is actually very varied depending on the individual characteristics of each person in the real life. Girls, don’t try to change yourself too much just to catch the eye of the one you love.

As long as you are confident in your worth, it’s already attractive.

Take good care of your health and don’t forget to beautify your soul, you will shine in someone’s eyes!

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