Understanding a Capricorn Man: Traits, Friendship, Love Compatibility & Sex

Are you in love with a Capricorn man?

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You’ll find that Capricorn male is a mysterious paradox. It’s likely impossible to get to know him due to his reticent nature.

He is not the type that can get close to anyone.

In fact, you need to put much effort to break his high, icy walls. Maybe with the complete guide below will help you gain insight into his true inner self.


Capricorn Man Personality Traits

Capricorn Man Personality Traits

Capricorn man has a reserved exterior; however, he is in fact a complicated bundle of self-discipline, practicality, and endearing modesty. He rarely puts his fun and sexy wild side on display except you are very close to him.

This is an ambitious guy who always wants to achieve success.

Generally, he is self-motivated, responsible and down to earth. Yet he also possesses a few traits making him a hard-to-understand person.

For example, Capricorn man often pulls away all of sudden, especially in love relationships.

In a romantic relationship, Capricorn is emotional and romantic like other men. Nevertheless, he will have a problem in expressing his emotions. Only if he truly loves someone, he would willingly make purely romantic gestures.

Cautious by nature, he doesn’t like to rush into anything or play games.

Best Love Match for Capricorn Man

Best Love Match for Capricorn Man

Which sign is a good match for Capricorn?

The Sea Goat will surely impress its partner with a set of qualities brought to any?love match for Capricorn.

  • Capricorn man is an extremely devoted companion.
  • He will become a caring and gentle lover in a true relationship.
  • Protective and possessive of his partner. These qualities will match well with needier signs, while those independent people of the zodiac may find it annoying.
  • Loyal and practical, this guy makes a very trustworthy partner. He values fidelity or honesty a lot when getting involved with anyone romantically.

Before learning about the love compatibility of a Capricorn male, you have to take a look at his romantic potential. By that, you can tell how he matches up with the rest of the zodiac.

Aries and Capricorn Friendship Compatibility

Aries and Capricorn Friendship Compatibility

Both are cardinal signs.

Very independent, they are good at starting things, yet the way the settle and accomplish them is quite different. There are some conflicts between them at the beginning; however, they can get along much better if they accept each other’s well defined role in the partnership.

While Aries is competitive and tends to rush to achieve what they want, Capricorn prefers to move slowly but surely towards their goals. The friendship of these two signs will be very successful as long as they feel satisfied with their roles.

What special about the Aries-Capricorn friendship may be the unique qualities they bring along.

Their differences can complement each other well.

Signs Capricorn Man Gets Attracted

Signs Capricorn Man Gets Attracted

How do you know you already successfully win his attention?

Keep in mind that this guy has a robust libido and is born under the Earth sign; thus, he’s certainly natural about sex. If Capricorn man is on the first dates with you, he will make sure whether or not there’s physical attraction between you and him.

Consider yourself lucky if he values your presence. When he is truly into someone, all of his senses will be awakened. He will pay full attention to you, from what you do to your hair, your clothes to your skin and scent.

You must have the patience to successfully attract the Capricorn man. Get ready for the built-in test that he will give to you at any time, and the reward will be a timeless love from him.

Tips of Making Him Obsessed with You

Tips of Making Him Obsessed with You

Capricorn man is often described as a playful, hardworking, down-to-earth person. He is full of contradictions so you cannot really understand him at all.

Who won’t fall for his charm anyway?

It’s hard to make him fall for you immediately, so the key is to be friend with Capricorn man first. As you slowly get close to him, then find chances to make him obsessed with you. Though he may look playful and outgoing, winning his heart is definitely a challenge.

Getting this male to be obsessed with you require much patience. Of course it’s not impossible! You should bring much effort in order to attract a Capricorn man.

A little extra work and you will have him forever.

Signs Capricorn Man Fall in Love

Signs Capricorn Man Fall in Love

There’s one thing you need when trying to get a glimpse into your Capricorn love interest’s behavior: that’s ? he is a man highly ambitious and perseverant.

His desire is to achieve and enjoy a good life.

So, the moment he decides to spend his precious time for you, you must know he truly falls for you. Let’s notice to see if he takes you to a pretty expensive restaurant for a romantic dinner; this is also one of signs he is in the maze of love.

Furthermore, time is a very valuable time to himself. Instead of taking his spare time for you, he could use it to make important investments. But NO, Capricorn man will not hesitate or beat around the bush with what he says or does when he is in love.

He’ll be straightforward and direct, meaning you won’t have to make the first move or wait for too long before he asks you out.

Don’t expect anything romantic from this man, especially when you two are just at the start of a relationship.

Getting a Capricorn Man to Miss You

Getting a Capricorn Man to Miss You

Being in a love relationship with a Capricorn is like riding a roller coaster. In the first time meetings, both are nervous and happy simultaneously. As time passes, the bond will be strengthened as well as more issues will appear.

Usually all the excitement is often seen at the beginning.

However, as you’ve dated Capricorn man for a long time, are you sure that his feelings for you are still exactly the same?

When you two spend a lot of time together, you probably become curious whether or not he misses you. Or, if both already broke up, you probably want to know if your ex still misses you.

In regard to the romantic preferences, this guy expects a relationship in which all of his needs are catered, from emotions, spirit to physicality.

Keep in mind that it’s not easy to initiate a relationship with him.

Capricorn Man in Bed

Capricorn Man in Bed

Unlike other men, Capricorn male thinks that lovemaking can help him understand love better, not just something to satisfy his sexual desire.

Through sex, he will reveal all that he has to offer his partner.

Not only about lust, but this Capricorn man comes up with everything precisely when he wants to have sex with his partner. To him, lovemaking is also as important as other things in his life. He tends to look for a lady capable of caring him and making him feel good.

No matter how much he likes you, he would never make the first move.

Capricorn man in bed is surely not the most affectionate lover; however, he appreciates if the woman he loves tries hard to learn how to arouse him.

Be available for sex whenever he wants you to. Find the opportunity to surprise him. He is very energetic in the bedroom and often boasts about his performances.

In Conclusion

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