5 Signs a Virgo Woman Is Playing You in a Relationship

How do you know if a Virgo is playing with you?

It can be quite hard to answer this. As you all know, Virgo woman is reserved and unapproachable. It’s not easy to read her, so figuring out whether or not she is serious about your relationship needs time.

Fortunately, if you want to know the signs a Virgo woman is playing you, this is the right place.

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What are Signs a Virgo Woman is Playing You?

virgo woman playing in love

When a Virgo woman is actually playing you, keep in mind that she won’t be interested in discussing your future with you. Also, she doesn’t mind showing the fact that she is not interested. Subtle or not, you will definitely feel that.

A Virgo without feelings for you can be manipulative and critical. There will be many times you feel humiliated being around her. Moreover, she rarely makes time for you, and the excuse that she uses the most is ‘busy.’

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It may sound simple, but all the signs we’ve mentioned here are just the surface of this woman.

Let’s see how a Virgo woman behaves when she is disinterested in a man.

Not communicating

The first sign showing Virgo woman is playing you is that she doesn’t communicate.

If a Virgo woman develops her feelings for someone, she will almost instantly start thinking about her future with that person. If she is serious about you, she won’t hesitate to participate in the conversation when you discuss your relationship. When you notice that she barely talks about it, you can be sure she’s just playing you.

In addition, she won’t wait for you to bring up the matter either if she wants to have a meaningful relationship with you. If a Virgo woman doesn’t mention anything with you about your future together, you can pretty much be sure that she is not romantically interested in you.

Being critical

If a Virgo woman keeps focusing on your faults and weaknesses even when you two are together for a while, it is an obvious sign that she is not serious with the relationship in general. She may use foul language to hurt you as she wants those offensive words to stick in your mind.

She is aware of your limits but won’t intentionally cross them.

The moment a Virgo woman becomes critical by doing or saying things you don’t like, it is evident that she is just playing you. She may act coldly, speak angrily to offend you, or provoke you needlessly, among other bad behaviors. Instead of offering a helpful feedback, she will say things that are degrading and condescending.

Being manipulative

A Virgo woman will try to trick you into leaving her alone by doing so. She will come up with the toxic and overbearing situation that will make you unable to stand and have to leave eventually for your own safety. She has her own way of making it clear to you that she despises you and will stop at nothing to avoid you.

She will drag you through difficult circumstances and make you suffer emotionally, when she’s about to end the relationship, so that she can run away on her own. Her purpose is to make you believe that you are the one ending everything. She does it so in hope that you won’t feel bad about insisting to be with someone who loves you but can’t seem to comprehend you.

Being busy

If a Virgo woman is not interested in a long-term relationship with you, she will not even try to make time for you. This lady in love always prioritizes herself. Thus, even when she is truly interested, it may be tough for her to give you her time. A female Virgo will think of absurd plans to minimize her time with you.

How to know if she is messing around with you?
She never seems to treat you with respect or seriousness. She doesn’t want to see you, hear you, or even be in the same room with you. If a Virgo lady says that she has no time for you, tell yourself that she doesn’t take you and your relationship seriously.

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Being disinterested

You may sense something is not okay when a Virgo lady gives you the cold shoulder without any reason. Although she won’t be dismissive, she won’t be interested in anything you do as well. She won’t talk to you, or she will ignore you or try to be distant as much as possible if you ask her for help.

Overall, she gives off an aura of being uncaring and cold. Moreover, the more you push a Virgo woman, the more upset she will become.

She will try to behave respectfully and keep her opinions to herself. She will refuse to do all the typical things she would do for her loved ones. Instead, this girl puts on a nasty manner to discreetly drive you away. In fact, Virgo woman isn’t intentionally rude and doesn’t try to be rude, but she also can’t hold back when speaking her mind.

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What a Virgo Woman Dislikes in a Man?

When it comes to Virgo woman, one of the things she dislikes the most is a messy and disorganized environment. She is a tidy and neat person, and if she wants respect from others, this is the trait that she has to live with.

Her ideal type is never the guy not accomplishing the goals he sets or not following the schedules. For those that tend to do things randomly or fail to follow plans, you are not her type. She takes the relationship seriously if you are the person she truly loves.

Therefore, if you have disorganized energy, she could feel uncertain and uneasy and of course would not expect any significant development of the relationship.


That’s all for signs a Virgo woman is playing you!

You can be sure that if a Virgo loves you, she would always treat you with kindness and compassion. She never fails to shower you with love and affection. This lady is a generous and compassionate person, but of course she also expects to be loved and cared for in return.

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