7 Common Cancer Man Negative Traits Every Girl Needs to Know

You want to know Cancer man negative traits.

I understand.

Although he is a charming person, still this guy also has many negative qualities.

For example, he is prone to sensitivity and swing moods, making him stressful and worried easily. In addition, stubbornness is one of his weaknesses.

Via this article, learn about Cancer negative characteristics in male to understand your man deeply.

Top 7 Negative Traits of Cancer Man in Love

Cancer Male in Love Negative Traits

So, what are personality flaws you may find in your Cancerian mate?

He is quite reserved, shy and introverted.

Even in love relationships, he is not the type that tends to share a lot of things related to himself; instead, he is the person that only minds his own business.

Well, it doesn’t mean that he is unwilling to open up, but it’s only when he is around someone making him feel comfortable and secure enough.

Understanding a Cancer man is never easy.

Fortunately, 10 bad traits below will shed light into the real person of your Cancerian partner, helping you know how to love him:

1. He seems to be resentful

Believe or not, this guy likes to be treated the exact way he treats you, with warmth and respect. Of course, he will not feel happy if you criticize him keenly. I have to remind you that Cancer man, like Scorpios, tends to hold a grudge which could exist forever.

Are there any ways for him to forget completely all the emotional wounds?

The answer is no, definitely. He may forgive you but will never forget, even to the smallest details.

2. He is very moody

Ruled by the Moon and influenced by the most sensitive zodiac sign, Cancer man has quite several issues with what called mood swings.

Mainly depending on the environment and people around him, his mood is unpredictable and can reach both extreme points of the mood meter simultaneously. It?s possible to see a male Cancerian laughs happily but then instantly turning into a cold, distant person.

In fact, he often becomes a completely different person whenever you see him. Even without the dual personality like Gemini, this guy can be sad and happy in a blink of moments.

The reason behind this trait is because of his sensitivity and emotionalism.

If you want to attract a Cancer guy, this may be the blockade. He builds up a wall and does not allow anyone to enter his world.

For those who are in a romantic relationship with the Cancer, you probably know that mood swings are the main cause for his disappearing acts.

3. He can be suddenly distant

As I just said above, the reason making him ignore you 100% starts from his mood swings. This is also seen as the bad side of Cancer man!

Sometimes he has the tendency to distance himself from the world, especially if he feels too much overwhelmed with all of his emotions. Don?t be surprised or get upset when he totally shuts off or doesn’t response to any text as well as call from you.

He may even disappear for days without telling you. Once he puts a protective shield over him, there’s no chance to break over. This behavior is usually the result of a broken heart – did you do something very hurtful to him?

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It could take him quite a long time to get back to his normal state.

Besides, his shyness is usually confusing the partner – they may think of him as distant and uninterested. Definitely that is not the way he is!

He, once stepping outside his comfort zone or feeling threatened, will wear a mask. So before you want to have a place in his heart, make your approach accordingly

4. He is seemingly jealous

Just like any male, a Cancer guy can get a bit jealous at certain times.

What is the reason to his jealousy?

Once involved in a romance, he will become very attached to his loved one. Due to his lack of security, he always feels unsafe with his relationship. Therefore, his jealousy is likely to show up if he sees his woman interacts with other man.

How to spot his jealous signs?

  • He seems to be quiet at first and will become mad if you try to gain his attention
  • He asks you a series of questions yet not really believes in what you say
  • He is prone to short conversations
  • He may pay no attention and interest with what you?re talking about
  • He starts stalking you on social media and gives all the guys around you a check
  • He is not pleased if hearing you talking about another man
  • He will remark you rudely in order to make you feel bad about yourself

5. He is also possessive

For women involved in a love relationship with the sensitive Cancer, you must agree that this guy is possessive. In fact, he is as possessive as the Scorpio, yet he is still more subtle about it.

Fragile and insecure, he hates the feeling of being rejected.

The moment he falls in love with you, he will immediately become possessive. So, if you want to date a male Cancerian, the key is to make him confide and trust you. Prove that you are a loyal, trustworthy partner whom he can feel safe being with.

6. He has the inferiority complex

This may be not the dark side of a Cancer man but rather his biggest weakness.

Do you know that he always has a fear named “failure”.

Yes, this is the person willingly giving up on what he is doing if he senses that it is going to fail. This also explains partially for his insecureness in love. Your partner is likely to get attached too early in any kind of relationship, making it difficult to move on and accept change later.

In order to come over this weakness, he must learn how not to treat himself critically and think positive so that he will be able to make decisions more confidently in the future.

Be careful as he might test you!

7. He never shows his true self

You will never understand what is going on in his head.

The male Cancer can be happy, sentimental, and extroverted one minute then may turn to a sulky, depressed person in the next. If you want to be with this guy, you have to equip yourself with the patience and a strong mind to handle his various sides and complexity.

In addition, he will not easily open up to you because of his shyness and introverted characteristic. You find it hard to guess what will trigger his moods in next seconds, and this often makes you question if you actually know him.

At the beginning stage of a romance, don?t let the reserved attitude of his discourage you. You will never get close to your Cancerian once taking a step back or giving up on him.

Overview of Cancer Horoscope Compatibility for Male

When a man of Cancer zodiac sign is paired up with other signs, many great matches are formed.

Which signs go well with him the most?

Astrologically, the Crab has a strong connection with Water signs and Earth signs. Therefore, Cancer man is likely to have a harmonious relationship with fellow Cancers, Scorpio, Pisces, Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo.

On the other side, the Cancer male can’t handle with the passionate fiery women (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo) as well as the emotional-detached airy ladies (Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini).

Though people say that the Cancer Leo match has the potential to last for a long time, it requires much effort and sacrification from both sides. Especially people with the Leo cusp often find that Cancer man is very indecisive which they hate most.

Sum Things Up

Don?t be fooled by a Cancer man?s serious demeanor; actually, he is really soft on the inside. He’s got a very jealous and possessive side that you will hardly discover. Also, most of Cancer man negative traits start from his sensitiveness and emotionalism.

As the horoscope sign of the Crab, this guy will either hold all of his feelings in until he reaches the limit or freely let his emotions show. Learn how to know if a male Cancerian likes you if he just displays subtle signs now!

In sum, a Cancer man is much deeper and more sensitive than the person he shows up in front of you.


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