Cancer Man: The Ultimate Guide in Personality Traits, Love and Sex

Picking out a Cancer man from the first impression is really challenging.

He is a person full of contradictions.

Normally, he seems to be shy, nervous and fickle exactly as his personality, but he can become confident in just a moment.

Ruled by the Moon, this explains all these mood shifts of this guy. It’s not that he has a split personality like Gemini; actually, he is more like a changeable person.

A touch into the sensitive Cancer man

As an onion with many layers, it’s interesting to learn about different aspects of the Cancer male.

If you are having an eye on a Cancerian, you’ll love this guide.

Let’s dive in for a way to his heart!


Personality Traits of Cancer Man

Personality Traits of Cancer Man

Cancer man is mysterious, shy, and wistful in nature.

Due to his reserved personality, it’s hard to approach him in the first time. Have many more meetings and he’ll gradually open up his feelings. The Cancer will hide in his shell when facing the overly friendly attitude; actually, just treat him softly and patiently wait for him to get close to you.

It never works when you force a typical Cancer male.

This guy is a sensitive soul, so you need a lot of efforts to handle his negative qualities. Shower your Cancer with care and be thoughtful to avoid hurting his emotions.

Don’t be surprised if he brings his distant, sarcastic, and crabby side on display as it’s just his exterior persona. The traditional, old-school Cancer man is kind, gentle, and affectionate indeed.

He is family-oriented man also!

Understanding a Cancer Man Deeply

Understanding a Cancer Man Deeply

Though he is ruled by the Moon, he is the man with the Sun deep inside his heart. He is nurtured with love from his family; thus, he may seem weak emotionally.

One thing for sure about Cancer male is his sensitive side. This often the main cause of his infamous mood swings.

Want to be with him in a love romance?

Then you must know how to cope with his sensitivity.

In general, Cancer man is misread a lot; therefore, his relationship always has issues to resolve. Only treating him with a caring and soft attitude can help you understand him better. Don’t be critical!

How to Attract a Cancer Man?

How to Attract a Cancer Man

Well, Cancer man is not really interested in the chase.

Put it simply, you have to make the first move if you want to get involved with this guy. As he takes a quite long time to get to know one person, it’s better for you to play the initiative role.

Show your patience instead of your fierce passion.

Don’t try too much to be his friend at first, or he will see you as just one of his good buddies. Maybe you should consider using the mommy card. Cancer man loves his mom and is extremely close to her; thus, frequently show him your love to your mother ? this tip works perfectly.

This man does not like being controlled or forced.

The key of attracting a Cancer man is to respect his private space or give him his own time. Push too much and he will be afraid of you. Most importantly, bring your attentive and caring side on display.

His Likes and Dislikes in Love

His Likes and Dislikes in Love

At the first sight, Cancer man leaves an impression of a tender and sweet guy who rarely talks.

In most situations, he will try to keep his sensitivity beneath the surface. However, his sensitive side will appear when something matters to the relationship.

He may like you a lot, but you have to wait for a long time to be his official partner as this guy needs to understand you from head to toes.

There are two things a Cancer man likes a lot: being appreciated and his home as well as family. Meanwhile, he doesn’t like negative thinking, or want to feel alone and to be questioned about his personal life.

How about his likes and dislikes in a woman?

Making a Cancer Man to Chase You

Making a Cancer Man to Chase You

Before getting him to chase you, make sure he does have feelings for you.

He is a sweet guy that loves receiving attention and care. Don’t think that he’s like a baby; actually, this is the very first quality he expects from the partner.

Since he has a very good relationship with his mother, your next step is to get his mother’s approval. This is an extremely safe approach which can help you keep him forever.

Put your feminine side on full display.

You can be girly but never clingy. Cancer man tends to have a crush on someone who knows it all. A woman enabling to do most of things with perfection will gain his respect.

When it comes to attracting a Cancer, the most difficult step is to make him completely open up to you. Become a person he can trust and he will be ready on the chase.

How to Know He Truly Likes You?

How to Know He Truly Likes You

All of his insecurities are likely to be on the surface when a Cancer man is interested in someone else. Because of that, he tends to stick to certain rules of behavior and courtship to avoid getting hurt or being rejected.

Nonetheless, Cancer man has the problem of realizing what he has to bring out in the relationship.

Rather than pretending to be sarcastic, he needs to learn how to show his compassionate, sweet, and emotional side wisely. In love, he expects his right partner to understand him deeply.

He is genuinely interested in the life of his love interest.

Not a man of one night stands, he is the right choice for women who are looking for a peaceful family. You sometimes may find him weak and boring due to his needy and insecure nature.

The Way a Cancer Man Acts in Love

The Way a Cancer Man Acts in Love

It’s such a fortune to have a Cancer man as your love partner.

Born with a great intuition, he is able to touch into the most sensitive corner of your emotions and has no problem to develop the connection on a deep level.

If he has a hard time opening up, it’s probably because he gets badly hurt by a few issues in his family. Due to his calm character, Cancer male dislikes arguments as well as any kind of conflicts.

Even when he feels most irritated, he will choose to say nothing and stay composed. However, negative emotions built up inside will knock him out at certain points. He needs someone to support him in every way.

His behavior in love makes him one of the best lover in the zodiac. Tender and caring, he will never forget anything belonging to you.

Tips for Seducing This Man Physically

The Way a Cancer Man Acts in Love

Remember that you are working with a traditional man!

So, no one night stand or playing games. If you just want to have fun with him, then better give up. Cancer guy is into feminine women, but she must be loyal to him first of all.

How to attract him physically?

Don’t try too hard to be sexy as he is not the type going wildly because of sexiness. In fact, he’ll get turn on if you act as an innocent girl and wittingly follow his lead.

Of course you have to make sure he feels emotionally safe in order to put down his guard. When he really gets affectionate, he will surprise you with his sex instinct.

Cancer man is orally oriented: firstly starting with kissing than slowly discover the body landscape.

Cancer Man in Bed

Cancer Man in Bed

This guy really has some real problems with his sex drive and being initiative because of the influence of Mars on his zodiac sign.

Actually, he is likely the best lover on the planet ? no one can compete with him when it comes to understanding and sympathizing with the loved one.

With such an incredible intuition, he still however gets stuck with the fact of showing his true talents. If you really want to bring satisfaction to a Cancer man in bed, then keep in mind that he will not satisfy sexually without emotions. Therefore, make sure he does have intense feelings for you so that you can touch his passion and sex drive.

Cancer man needs to feel love before deciding to make love. Try to do a lot of eye contact and give his emotional side challenges.

Getting Him to Miss You Always

Getting Him to Miss You Always

How to play the safe game without losing him?

If you want to make a Cancer man miss you, then it’s important to understand all the behavior patterns of his zodiac sign.

By digging into his personality traits, you’ll be capable of finding out how to get him miss you always, how to draw him to you and make him chase you, and how to keep him forever.

The first key for a Cancer man to miss you is to gain a glimpse into his behaviors in love.

This guy requires a lot in a relationship since he is the traditional type. All you need is to satisfy his needs and always provide him security. You must know how to push and then pull away at right time.

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