Why Do Capricorn Man Withdraw (Top 5 Reasons Revealed!)

Have you been left wondering why Capricorn man being distant?

For those who are currently dating guys born under Capricorn zodiac sign, you probably relate to this: he called you cutie pie and treated you as a queen when you two started dating, but then he just acted weird all of sudden.

He may ignore you, distant himself from you, or even disappear.

No matter how much you call or text him, he will not response. This is the guy often sending you into panic mode because of his disappearing acts!

Why do Capricorn man withdraw?

If you still cannot figure out the reasons behind Mr. Capricorn’s hot and distant behavior, let me give you a glimpse of this mystery and hopefully I can help you determine whether or not he’s worth your love, attention, and devotion.

The Problem with Capricorn Man is?

Why Do Capricorn Man Withdraw

Talking about love romance, the difficulty of a Capricorn man is that he finds it hard to open up. Therefore, his ability to create intimacy with the woman he is interested in is held back.

Fortunately, there are always ways to fix this!

5 Reasons Why Your Capricorn Man Withdraw

Does he disappear for weeks?

Many often wonder, Is he ignoring me after the argument?? without any hint. As everything happens for a reason, it’s better to know why he is distant all of sudden in order to understand your Capricorn man more precise.

#1: He hates dishonesty

This guy values honesty more than anything. So if he thinks you’ve done something dishonest to him, then he will walk away. He remains silent until you do nothing but saying the truth.

Capricorn man undoubtedly will pull away once he finds out the woman he loves has never been honest with him. Never expect him to get involved in a committed relationship with someone in whom he has lost trust.

#2: He says no to drama and emotion

Don’t know what to do if your Capricorn partner is so done with you?

As I told you earlier, opening up is somewhat pretty hard for all Capricorn man; thus, they end up not preferring to express their inner emotions.

When he suddenly acts weirdly, this means you have to ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I an emotional person?
  • Do I tend to let my emotions control over my mind?
  • Are my emotions unbearable sometimes?
  • Am I overthinking everything or prone to view things as a drama?

To be honest, girls in love relationship are quite emotional. And from what I know about Capricorn man, I believe that he really has a hard time to cope with his lady’s emotional side. At the point he cannot handle, he instantly closes down and brings on his selfishness and frigidity.

Or, he is just using you…check all the possible signs here!

#3: He fails to satisfy his expectations

Sometimes the reason may not because of you.

Another thing to know: Capricorn man raises a high bar for himself; in order words, he has very high standards not only for himself but also to people who are close to him. Of all signs in the zodiac, he is definitely the workaholic.

So don’t do anything making him think you are a slacker.

The moment he knows that you are not as hard-working as he is, then the relationship will be over.

#4: He can’t accept being unappreciated

One of Capricorn male prominent traits is that he enjoys public’s recognition so often. In love relationships, he really wants to feel loved and appreciated by his lady; if not, then don’t be surprised when he disappears.

The key to make him obsessed with you is to treat him with uncontrollable affections and loving gestures.

His lover has to be his own personal cheerleader who can give him 100% support.

#5: He gets hurt badly

Once this guy is hurt by someone, he will promise to himself not to let this thing happen to him again.

This is the reason why he has a hard time dealing with emotions. The moment a woman gives a wound to his heart, he will then be very careful about not sharing his feelings with any of his future partner.

If you want Capricorn man not to withdraw from you, remember to show your patience and sincerity. He will come around at the right time eventually. Never do anything that hurt him so bad or the Sea Goat will run away from you forever.

In Conclusion

Will Capricorn man come back to you?

Well, from my experience, I personally think there’s no guarantee that he will make a comeback. However, it doesn’t mean you do nothing and let things just happen as it’s supposed to.

The more you learn about him, the more likely you are to bring him next to you!

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