Leo Lucky Numbers and Essential Things You Need to Know

People usually think Leo creates their own luck.

But even so, Leo sometimes looks for their lucky numbers or days hopefully helping them handle everything with ease.

Is there any number exceptionally lucky for a Leo born?

Numerology, Leo lucky numbers are one and five, and their lucky day is Sunday. However, it’s not all that – still other numbers and dates bringing fortune to people having Leo as their sun sign.

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What are Leo’s Lucky Numbers?

finding leo lucky numbers

As I said from the beginning, Leo lucky numbers are numbers one and five.

The Lion is the fifth sign of the zodiac cycle and ruled by the Sun. According to some numerologists, the number one in this realm is also ruled by the Sun. Making use of these two numbers in any combination can bring luck and good opportunities to a Leo individual.

The number one means the ‘monad’ claimed by Pythagoreans because they believe this number has no parts and is therefore indivisible. Also, the number one is the symbol of the creator. About the number five, Pythagoreans say the number represents the sacred connection between earth and heaven.

Before planning something, please pick dates with numbers one and five because both favor traits of the zodiac king.

The significance of Leo lucky numbers…

Always remember that the numbers one and five hold very special and essential meanings to Leo. These two numbers represent this sign and should be taken advantage of as much as possible to draw positive energy and increase high chances of success for Leo natives.

If you wish to walk on your life path smoothly, consider using numbers one and five in any event you take part in.

Make the most of Leo lucky numbers…

In order to increase your chances of luck, it would be a great idea to uses these numbers above in most events happening to your life, such as playing the lotto, choosing a house number, or anything you have to deal with numbers.

In case you are planning for a new project, like opening a business, selecting dates with numbers one and five will bring you success and more achievements.

Use your lucky number:

You all probably know Coco Chanel, right?

This famous fashion designer is a Leo, and she named her very first perfume ‘Chanel No. 5’. When asked about this, she said that the number 5 seems to bring her luck; therefore, aside from the name, Coco also launched her collection on the 5th day of the 5th month in a year.

For individuals who want to start something new (probably a new job, a new beginning in relationships, launching any new product, etc.), make a wise choice with numbers one and five.

A Glimpse at Leo’s Lucky Day

leo lucky dates and times

From my experience, the lucky day of a Leo falls on Sunday.

Astrology researchers say that Sunday is the first day of a week, and this claim is based on Hebrew and traditional Christian calendars. Traveling back to the Egyptian time, our ancestors had the tradition of using Sunday as the day to celebrate Ra, the God of Sun.

Similar to the number one, Ra the Sun God means the creator of everything.

Luckiest time of the day

Knowing the luckiest time of the day is beneficial a lot for Leo because you can adjust or arrange your plans to increase your chance of success.

So, what is Leo’s luckiest time of the day?

It’s hard to predict the specific times during a day, but the hours from one to five o’clock are believed to offer Leo-born individuals plenty of greater opportunities. In short, you are suggested to consider hours between one and five on a day as that space is extremely useful for the king of the zodiac.

Lucky dates and times

Wonder what dates each month are the most fortunate for a Leo?

From what we are discussing, it seems like (again) the 1st, 5th, and 15th are the lucky days for both Leo male and Leo female. In case you search for the luckiest dates of the year, well then they are the 1st, 5th, and 15th of January and May; especially it would be better if those dates fall on Sunday.

Again, the luckiest times for Leo individuals to carry out their ventures and other plans are from one to five o’clock.

Leos plan for lucky days

To plan for your lucky day, you must firstly have your own calendar. Mark all the fortunate dates for Leo mentioned above with anything making it noticeable easily. If there is more than one mark on a day, then it’s a good idea to test your luck and see how well it will turn out.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that your lucky day may end up like any other day despite many good fortune stars falling on it. On the other hand, the day you think as uneventful sometimes will become one of the very best days of your life.

What I mean is that you shouldn’t rely completely on your lucky numbers and dates to make decisions for everything – take it for the entertainment purpose.

Tips for Leo finding lucky days

If you want to find out potential days that could bring luck to your sun sign, check out several ways in the following:

Lucky days calculator

For numerology enthusiasts, you can try out this lucky days tool. This kind of calculator allows Leo-born users to determine which days are their most fortunate by entering their birth date.

Universal number of the day

Make use of this tool if you are curious about the universal number that can bring good influences to your life on a daily basis. Enter your date of birth and wait for the numerological system to calculate the result. If the universal number for a certain day (a month or a year) matches your life path number, it’s believed to your lucky day (month or year).

Lucky day calendars for Leo

Search ‘Leo good day calendars’ via your web browser – this monthly calendar is able to help Leo natives find which days favor what. The reports show which periods are good for taking opportunities as well as what days you should be cautious for making decisions. You can print out this calendar in a handy form and add your lucky days mentioned here; take it with you anytime for planning.

Lucky life path number

Your life path number is an essential factor in numerology readings, and you can determine it by typing your full date of birth and adding all the digits until it’s left with a single number. Any date contains your life path number is claimed to be your lucky days.

Have a look at the compatibility of Leo in the zodiac!

What are Leo’s Lucky Colors and Gems?

Aside from Leo lucky numbers and dates, it’s better to learn more about Leo lucky colors and gems so that you can increase your luck and fortune to the extreme in whatever you do.

  • The best color for both Lion and Lioness is gold, such a perfect, royal color for the King and Queen.
  • For the gem bringing most luck for Leo, it’s the royal ruby.

Before doing something, I recommend Leo individuals to consider all lucky factors (numbers, dates, colors and gems) to boost your chances of gaining positive benefits.

In Conclusion

Symbolized by the Lion, King of the jungle, Leo is the most powerful animal in the zodiac. Hence, no wonder they take pride in their strength and ego. People born under this sign are optimistic, independent, and passionate. On the professional perspectives, they are in-born leaders and surely attain success in life.

Influenced by the lion’s characteristics and traits, they can be determined, willful, and stubborn at times.

No one loves to be the center of attention more than Leo!

If someone wants the respect from a Leo, then they must show and treat Leo with the same level of respect and authority. You may not always need luck, but it’s not bad to know Leo lucky numbers and dates. Hope this article helps you realize the benefits those numbers hold to your life.

Beside numbers one and five, any number adding up 5 can be good for a Leo, such as 23, 41, and 50.

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