How Does a Taurus Man Test a Woman? (With 5 Ways to Know)

When it comes to searching for a partner, we all want someone who is reliable, dependable, and trustworthy, right? Wondering which zodiac sign has all these qualities?  

Well, my answer is Taurus!

Born under a fixed earth sign, all the traits above are extremely important to a Taurus man. His ultimate goal is – no constant changes or surprises because he is not the spontaneous type.

So, how does a Taurus man test a woman?

Let’s find out today!

5 Ways a Taurus man Will Test His Woman

make a taurus man regret losing you

Instead of falling in love quickly, Taurus man tends to take time to get to know his love interest better. He wants a partner who not only supports him but also works together with him towards achieving common goals. If he feels like you are playing mind games or wasting his time, then good bye.

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Typically, the male Taurus usually tests you to see if the two of you are really compatible or it’s just a simple attraction.

1. What are your motives?

Taurus man is a loyal and dedicated partner in a love relationship. Hence, having a quality girlfriend (to him) is much better than having plenty. We’re talking about a conservative and traditional guy here, so it’s not surprising if he takes his time before deciding to commit to anyone.

He is serious in love and expects you to settle with him. In case you take this relationship lightly, quit it now or you won’t have his respect.

Generally, Taurus is a family man.

2. Are you extremely needy?

No one wants a super needy girlfriend, and Taurus man is no exception.

But, here is the trap: he won’t say that he doesn’t like someone clingy or needy; instead, he will spoil you. Yup, he will turn into an easygoing boyfriend and shower you everything you ask for. If you think that he is expressing his love towards you, nah…he is testing to see if you are the overly demanding type. Once realizing you have no boundaries at all, he will eliminate you from the test.

If you are looking for a Taurus in your life, then stop being needy or dependent all the times. Be a strong, independent woman as always and not hesitant to do whatever you want.

Don’t bombard him with texts or calls when he’s working – this is not his cup of tea!

3. Are you the romantic type?

Ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, it’s a fact that Taurus man is a hopeless romantic in all occasions. One of reasons he tests you is to see if you’re romantic at heart as he is. This guy speaks the language of love and thinks with his heart; therefore, he’s likely to fall for someone who can return the same amount of love and feelings.

Pay attention to his body language because he will shower you with many loving gestures than ever. Get prepared for all the touching, hugging, and kissing as Taurus man in love enjoys skinship.

If you are not a fan of PDA, sweet talks, or fun couple games, then your relationship with this bull guy is not so promising.

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4. How devoted are you?

Next, he will test your devotion.

No matter how much a Taurus man likes you, he won’t instantly chase after you and enter a relationship. Actually, he did put himself into the friend zone right after discovering his feelings for you. This is because he is insecure. He believed that it wouldn’t bother him if he thought you were not the potential partner for him.

In this case, he will first settle to be a friend and see how devoted you can be. As he is a slow-paced person, he wants to know if you have enough patience to handle with him or to wait for him when he deals with his own priorities.

Determined and consistent, he is looking for a partner who’s capable of working through all the goals together with him no matter what happens. He doesn’t want to be with someone who becomes his distraction.

5. Can you deal with his jealousy?

How good are you when it comes to handling the jealousy of a Taurus man – that’s what he’s gonna test you as well.

In a love relationship, his lack of security is one of reasons causing him extremely jealous and possessive. He wants to be the only man in your life and needs your assurance to stay with him through thick and thin.

Sometimes, you’ll find him trying to stalk you or secretly check your phone to see if you are getting close to someone else. Taurus man won’t admit his jealousy or possessiveness; however, once he becomes suspicious about his partner, he can’t help but continuously pointing out his doubts indirectly until getting the reassurance.

Before entering a relationship, he will test your honesty.

Don’t think you can trick him as he can tell whether or not you are lying. The male Taurus values truth, especially in a love relationship. Once he figures out that you’re hiding something from him, he will cut you out of his life. It doesn’t mean that you have to report everything to him – all he asks for is just your transparent approach.

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Final Words

In short, how does a Taurus man test a woman?

I hope you already found the answer in this article!

If you are worrying about Taurus in love being heartless, shake that thought off. This guy has a lot of love to give and expects the same in return. If you can’t take him seriously, then leave. He doesn’t want to waste his valuable time to play mind games with you.

Rather than that, he looks for a partner who truly appreciates what he brings to the relationship and supports him willingly.

Most importantly, when a Taurus man decides to make a commitment to the love of his life, you will see him pulling back from the dating scene. He thinks that actions speak louder than words. No more fooling around like before, he will use his extra time to show his love and affection to his partner.

Taurus man will never settle for anything less!

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