When a Scorpio Has a Crush on You (with 7 Signs to Spot)

When a Scorpio has a crush on you, what will they do?

If having a crush on someone, the way we behave, talk, dress and even look at that person will reflect the feelings of our hearts. However, each sign in the zodiac cycle has their own way of expressing their affection.

Scorpios are extremely lovable if having a keen eye on someone. Consider yourself lucky if being in a relationship with a Scorpio as they will love you completely. They don’t mind singing loudly in the middle of the night just to make you happy.

In today’s article, let’s find out signs a Scorpio has a crush on you!

7 Obvious Signs a Scorpio is into You

signs a scorpio is into you

The Scorpio zodiac sign has a mysterious soul.

They like to keep their secrets to themselves and are cautious about letting someone into their lives. Most Scorpios have been through a lot in love, so they won’t easily let anyone hurt them again.

Even when finding the right person, they won’t open their heart immediately. Instead, they tend to express their feelings through body language, such as loving stares, bright smiles, or loving gestures.

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Here are things a Scorpio will do if having a crush on you:

1. Showing their humor sense

When Scorpio likes you, he will completely pursue you and try to do anything to seduce you. In addition, Scorpio will love to show their witty sense of humor and tease you in the cutest way.

2. Giving you some tests

If a Scorpio likes you, they will do some tests.

They may disappear all of sudden to see if you care much about them and try looking for them. Or, they will start a heated argument to see whether or not you will hurt their feelings. It is also possible that they will pretend to be someone else sending you sweet texts to see how reliable and faithful you are.

Scorpios’ tests will get more and more difficult as time passes.

If you can overcome all of them, you will successfully unlock the door of their heart.

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3. Displaying the action

Actions speak louder than words.

Lots of Scorpios think they don’t need to tell you how much they feel for you.

Don’t be upset if they don’t say they like you; instead, you may want to pay attention to their actions. After all the act of trying to show you their love, Scorpio will be quite disappointed if getting asked whether or not they like you.

4. Being protective

Scorpio always tries their best for the person they love. If they’re willing to stand up against others for you, it means they already like you. However, as they are too protective toward their loved ones, it’s the reason making Scorpio extremely sensitive and jealous.

Please understand that their jealousy comes from their anxiety as well. They are jealous because they love you. I know you want to see if a Scorpio likes you, never think of getting them jealous

"I like you," "I love you," "you are the one."

Once you hear these things from a Scorpio, you can be sure that they truly love you and love you a lot.

5. Trying to get your attention

A Scorpio having a crush on you will be no longer cold and distant.

Typically, they are strict, intense, and secretive in all aspects. However, once falling in love with someone, they always come up with surprises to attract that person’s attention. In fact, love will make people of this sign change – they won’t be cold and distant as usual, but instead you’ll find a cheerful, friendly person who tries to make you laugh or to get your interest.

If there’s a Scorpio behaving like that around you, I must say they have special feelings for you. Everything they do is meant to win your attention.

6. Taking the initiative

Scorpio will take the initiative and start a conversation if they like you.

As soon as determining their feeling for you is true, Scorpio always looks for any chances to approach you. They will initially create a situation to have a conversation with you naturally and go out with you.

If one day you get invited by a Scorpio, such as eating out or going for a walk, this is a sign to be happy. If you also have feelings for them, turn on the "green light" so that you both can get to know each other and build a long-term relationship.

7. Sharing everything with you

Once truly having interest in someone, Scorpio doesn’t think too much.

They are willing to open up and confide in everything they encounter from their work to private life. Most of Scorpios share with you their stories, and this proves that they consider you as a companion.

How to Know a Scorpio Doesn’t Like You?

Scorpio personality is very unpredictable, and these individuals only like what they want. No one can force them; therefore, once they don’t have feelings for you romantically, it’s easy to tell.

Here are signs Scorpio doesn’t like you:

  • Ignoring you even though you try to communicate
  • No matter what you do, it all makes Scorpio uncomfortable and irritated
  • Always showing displeasure
  • Getting annoyed with your presence

Final Words

Both Scorpio male and female are often quite mysterious. Very attractive, they always have an underlying fear of being abandoned or getting hurt deep inside. Scorpio loves deeply and passionately, but they will never make you think that you can really control or possess them.

So, what to do when a Scorpio has a crush on you?

If a Scorpio likes you, you’ll know it. They will make you feel like being on cloud nine with their protection, devotion and passionate love. Never treat them like you’re giving them your love, or you will lose them instantly. Scorpios once gone will never come back.

In love, a Scorpio is very sensitive and deep, but also extremely rational and not needy. As long as you don’t let them down, they will show you the real meaning of giving and taking.

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