How to Make a Taurus Man Regret Losing You? (With 6 Tips)

Have we ever regretted leaving someone?

We used to feel something like, "If only I hadn’t left them…" or "I would care for them more" after a breakup. Most of us usually have these common thoughts when facing the outcome of a relationship.

However, we won’t look at the view when we leave or break up with someone. Instead, in today’s article, let’s check out how to make a Taurus man regret losing you.

6 PRO Tips to Make a Taurus Man Regret Losing You

make a taurus man regret losing you

Taurus man always loves a glamorous life and finer things – this means attractive ladies can catch his eyes easily. He quickly falls for someone nice-looking or an interesting relationship, but then he will realize that he is financially unstable or immature enough to build a beautiful family as he imagined.

Deep inside, Taurus man looks for a long-term relationship with a woman who is responsible and goal-oriented and also has a healthy lifestyle.

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Here are some tips to help you get back to this male bull:

1. Be determined

Taurus man is well-known for his romantic nature. If he left you, then perhaps he thought you were not romantic enough. So, to make him regret, you need to change his mind. The thing is: how to change the way he thinks of you?

Put your effort in rebuilding the connection with him. Let him see that you are doing your best to take you back. He may seem a little passive about your change, but don’t quickly upset. You can send him notes, cute good morning texts, or meals every day.

Due to his stubbornness, he can ignore all the things you are doing. Here is the key: be determined and continue showing your will in mending the relationship with him. Once Taurus man feels your determination, he will regret losing you.

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2. Don’t act needy

I know you still love him, but coming off as needy is not a good move. To make him regret leaving you, try the push and pull game. Send him cute texts and make him wait when he replies. Or, you can send him funny GIFs, but…no respond.

If you text or call back immediately, he will surely think that you are waiting for his response.

Moreover, aside from putting your effort in the relationship, you also need to let him know that you can be on your own. Be independent and do things you like rather than depending on him like before. This will surely drive him crazy and make him doubt his decision of breaking up with you.

3. Be patient

Taurus man is slow-paced and usually takes a long time to make decisions or consider things.

If this guy broke up with you, he must have made that decision for months before. If he wants to take you back, he also needs the same amount of time. So, for your Taurus man to regret losing you and hurting you, it’s a must to be patient.

Don’t be unavailable because he will give up!

As the male Taurus is slow when it comes to processing his emotions, you have to wait for a long time until he is ready to start the relationship again. When he feels that you’re patient enough, he will soon get regretted.

Let him know that you will be there for him!

4. Look stunning

As I mentioned from the beginning, Taurus man has a huge love for beauty, and girls with amazing appearance can win his heart easily. Though this tip sounds cliché, (trust me) it works in most situations. Even if he thinks that he has no feelings for you, he can’t resist your attractiveness.

So, how to re-attract him?

More than basic good grooming, this time pay attention to the details; for example, not only your face and hair, but also make sure your nails look clean and nice. He’s the type noticing sensory details of a woman and appreciating them.

He really likes the woman who is feminine, so applying a natural look and staying true to yourself are the best.

5. Prove your loyalty

Taurus man in love is all about loyalty.

Yup, this quality is a valuable thing to him. If you can prove your loyalty to him, even after the breakup, he will reconsider about his decision of leaving you. Never try to make him jealous by being with someone else; otherwise, it will cause a reverse effect to what you expect him to feel.

The bull guy is super possessive and jealous in love, as we all know, so it’s just worse if you stir up his negative feelings. He is vulnerable and insecure when you do that to him. Though he may act like he doesn’t give a finger about it, he indeed feels upset. Don’t let him think that leaving you was the right decision!

6. Add no pressure

You are making him regret losing you, not forcing him to come back to you.

Remember that he’s already broken up with you, so you better not add any pressure to any of his decisions. Leave him with his feelings about you alone. He has to be the one deciding whether or not he should get you back to his life, even though it could take him forever.

Don’t keep bringing up that relationship-mending issue in every conversation, or he could be panic. Try to refrain from expressing your excessive emotions and make sure everything between the two of you is natural.

Tips to get back to a Taurus man:


That’s all for how to make a Taurus man regret losing you!

As Taurus is quite stubborn, it’s hard to get him to regret his decision of leaving you. Once he decides something, he stands firm with his choice. However, as he has some weaknesses which you can take advantage to make him regret losing you.

Be determined and serious if you really want to get back with him. However, don’t shower him with too much clinginess and neediness. While playing the push and pull game with him, you have to be patient. Don’t forget to prove your loyalty as well as upgrade your looks.

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