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Hey everybody! My name is Aron McFarland!

I have worked as the United21 staff for several years ? not too long but I do hope to be involved with this project for a long time. It?s great to get an opportunity to work on this interesting site and meet other dedicated, helpful, and knowledgeable people.

Back then in the past, I?ve worked in a couple of places about publishing online magazines, and I?ve always been a huge fan of horoscope readings. I feel so lucky that I?ve found this site: what I love most about the United21 is that its purpose of guiding people towards the brighter path in life through all articles. Not only informative, each article ensures to provide you tips and advice you?re looking for.

As a horoscope editor, my posts will focus on almost everything you may be struggling with and solutions based on your zodiac sign. Apart from horoscope and spells, I do spend time studying the compute and PC games ? it?s almost one of his hobbies.

I?m a British born but raised in the US; that?s why I often travel between the UK and the US to visit my family. Ironically, I am a homebody and really enjoy my alone time. If having any spare time, you?ll find me wander around my neighborhood for small chats or lie on my sofa and watch TV shows.

I?m so busy with my family these days; therefore, you?ll hardly see me as active as I used to be before. Oh, don?t worry! You still can read my articles as I will try to update on your demand. In case you have questions about me or our community, simply leave your comment in the chat box for an answer from our Support Team.

Surely I will give you my reply whenever I drop by!