Category: Spiritual Guides

What is the role of Spiritual Guides? They are pretty much like our conscience. Spiritually, they offer proper opportunities and help our lives be way better.

Hello, I am Kelvin Wilkinson!

I am the content editor for the United21 and has been professionally researching different aspects relating to spiritual guides for over three years. I also have interest in photography and technology. Not only a spirituality enthusiast, I am an avid gamer (particularly MOBA). Frequently I have a great passion for writing and enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

Basically, I?m a writer and editor, and I usually work with Laura and other authors on a variety of content projects. On the United21, I also do the behind-the-scenes work like other authors. You may find me from time to time writing new articles or rewriting some old posts. Personally I prefer something original; thus, the content in my articles speaks for itself, mostly.

The realm of spiritual guides is never unfamiliar to me, so freely ask me any questions about that category.

As a part of the United21 staff, I?m so excited with the site?s purpose of informing everyone about not only the spirit world but also everything associated with the astrology. I?ve worked in education and spirituality before; therefore, I love how this network combines the two of them as one.

I?m originally from New Zealand, and with the eagerness of traveling around the world, I?ve successfully marked my presence in a total of 20 countries. Now, I just enjoy my single life within the US and keep myself busy with the writing stuff.

For some want to know more about me, I do have a bit of horoscope knowledge as I used to took part in a club back when I was in the universe; hence, you?ll probably see me editing articles in that area. The fact that our future can be foretold via zodiac signs always succeeds in exciting me.

Do not hesitate to contact me if needed!