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For those who are looking for real, accurate psychic readings, you?re recommended to pay CA Psychics a visit because this network is trustworthy and has a very good reputation.

Offering live psychic chat and phone readings, best advisors on California Psychics is available 24/7 and can help you get the answer to your question precisely at an affordable price.

However, is this psychic site truly real deal or just another scam?

Keep reading for more information!

Overview of California Psychics

brief things to know about ca psychics
  • Special introductory offer: $2 per minute with preferred psychics
  • Preferential rate in the first reading: $1 per minute
  • Pricing range: $1 – $15 per minute depending on the advisor?s level
  • Best for new clients

Today, we?re going to discuss about the largest psychic reading network.

Founded in 1995, California Psychics is one of the most premier companies serving psychic readings and has delivered over 6 million clients to date. Advisors on this site are intuitive and talented ? they all have overcome the most rigorous screening process and background testimony.

Not over yet, they will have multiple test readings regularly to ensure they provide only the best for clients. If this is your first time visiting the CA Psychics network, you?ll be offered a reading at a low rate: just $1/min.

Key features:

  • Phone readings, live psychic chat, and direct messaging
  • A vast selection of online psychic readings, such as love & relationship advice, Tarot readings, horoscope readings, past life experiences, and dream analysis
  • Psychic readers are sorted into 3 main levels: Popular, Preferred, and Premium
  • Variety of reading types for diverse selection
  • Detailed profile for each psychic
  • The ?Direct Messaging? feature allows clients to reschedule in advance
  • No video chat reading
  • Website is a bit confusing for self navigation

For more than 2 decades, California Psychics has assisted plenty of vulnerable individuals in searching for answers to their life?s questions. Not only revealing what the future has in store for you, but this psychic site also helps you make decisions and guides you to the right path.

Hotline: (866) 552 3943

How Accurate is California Psychics?

readers from california psychics are legit and trusted

No need to doubt the accuracy of the California Psychics network because they?re extremely prideful of having a very rigorous, thorough screening process compared to other platforms in the industry.

All applicants must go through a whole process containing 4 distinct stages taking one month totally before officially working on CA Psychics.

For those who want to become a reader at this company, firstly you need to send an application listing your skills and experience entirely. Once approved, you will then have to go through the evaluation stage ? there are two rounds that you?re required to pass; at the same time, the California Psychics team will also give you a background check.

If you get accepted, then you should provide additional information for the profile and accomplish a training program online of how to handle a phone reading or a live psychic chat with the instruction of the California Psychics system.

The truth is that only 2 out of 100 individuals are passed, according to the company.

So, you risk nothing when selecting the psychic advisor there because all of them are screened comprehensively.

What Makes California Psychics Unique?

special features from california psychics

#1: 3-tiered pricing structure

The company arranges their psychics in 3 categories based on the popularity and experience ? Popular, Preferred, and Premium. The rates accordingly vary in particular groups psychics belong to; this brings the uniqueness to the pricing structure of California Psychics.

This sounds convenient as you can search the right advisor with ease ? either looking up for only the top-rated ones or finding those budget.

First-time visitors will be offered introductory packages with special rates ranging from $1 to $4 per minute.

#2: Karma rewards

Only available at CA Psychics, there?s a cool program for loyal customers called Karma Rewards. Every purchase with a psychic reading will give you points; try to gather as much points as possible for special discounts and offers in the future.

Interestingly, you can get a session without paying a penny if taking advantage of this event constantly.

Gathering points is now much easier with the California Psychics mobile app ? you should get it instantly to double the convenience.

#3: Money-back guarantee

You are not happy with the previous reading?

No need to worry! California Psychics has both the satisfaction guarantee and money-back guarantee that will ensure to refund the credit to your account once you have any complaint.

If you feel unsatisfied during the whole session, don?t hesitate to contact the California Psychics phone number within 24 hours and their customer support team will give you a refund.

They also help you search for another advisor so that you can obtain a better reading.


While they offer the top-notch screening process, it is a bit disappointing that California Psychics doesn?t make email readings available. Currently, customers can only ask for psychic services via online chat and telephone ? these two types of communication anyway are convenient enough.

If you feel quite shy or are not in an appropriate place to make a call to a psychic advisor, then it?s a good idea to chat with them. All of your personal info and conversations with the readers at CA Psychics are confidential, so no need to worry.

Again, the hiring process of this company is excellent; therefore, you may want to give them a try. They will give clients a refund if any of them is not happy with the first experience.

You will also receive a one-time 10% discount if you purchase a reading in the month of your birthday.

Aside from having the most rigorous screening amongst reputable networks, decades of experience, and satisfaction guarantee, California Psychics also leaves a big impression with an extensive variety of psychic reading services.

Contact NOW: (866) 552 3943

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