California Psychics Reviews for 2024: Is It Legitimate?or Just a Scam?

Planning for a reading at California Psychics?

However, you seem hesitant when hearing such complaints like: ?California Psychics just offer cold readings so don?t trust them? or ?they are scammers??

Does this network really rip off their customers?

There are plenty of fake reviews on the Internet nowadays; therefore, you can hardly tell whether or not the info is true if you read with no selection.

But you?ve come to the right place!

Read the real California Psychics reviews for accurate answers now!

Special Offers Available at California Psychics (Updated Jan, 2024)

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If this is your first time visiting a psychic online and you don’t want to take risk, then check out special packages this company provides:

  • Pay only $1 per minute to talk to POPULAR psychics
  • Pay $2 per minute for a reading from PREFERRED psychics
  • Pay $4 per minute to contact to PREMIUM advisors of the site

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Your journey to the psychic realm should be filled with only positive energy; thus, don?t get pressured or stressed about finding an authentic psychic advisor.

Be relaxed and you will encounter one capable of giving you a genuine reading.

Making research for the best psychic network could take ages; that?s why I decide to come up with this honest, up-front review:

Will you gain the clarity you deserve at California Psychics?

Continue reading to discover the truth!

California Psychics Service: Legit or Fraud?

California Psychics Reviews for 2024: Is It Really Legit?or Just a Scam?

When it comes to psychic networks having a very good reputation, California Psychics is always on the list of top results. This company is known for delivering only accurate phone readings since 1995.

Of course when you browse through all the results, you?ll see some kinds of questions such as if California Psychics is the real deal or simply a scam.

I?ve tested different services myself and this network seems to be one of the leading, long-running psychic sites for psychic readings over the phone.

How to engage in a reading session at California Psychics?

  • Access the verified site California Psychics and sign up for the introductory offer ($1 per minute)
  • Select your favorite reader
  • Make the call and start your first session

Who Should Get a Psychic Reading?

A psychic reading will help you find then answer to questions or issues about love, relationships, career, money as well as other aspects in life. It reflects the past and gives you clarity into the future; additionally, it offers remedy or advice helping you make positive changes in everything.

If you are in need of the guidance for your current situation, then you should get a genuine reading.

Who Should Not Get a Psychic Reading?

Don?t ask for a psychic reading if you are skeptical or close-minded.

It is fine if you have a little skepticism; however, if your mind is completely closed then it may be hard to remain a strong connection with the psychic. As a result, you cannot gain the most from the reading if not believing in what they say.

Because of that, you often feel frustrated after the session and this is such a waste of money.

A Brief Look at California Psychics

How much do you know about this network?

California Psychics is one of the premier psychic sites and has been in the business since 1995. Operating for quite a long time (24 years of experience), the company has served over 2 million psychic readings.

They recruit 300+ trustworthy psychic advisors covering a variety of topics (love, relationships, health, finances, career, etc.) for the reading session. I?ve confirmed that individuals who want to work for CA Psychics must go through a well-trusted multiple interview process.

The company will test and evaluate their psychics on a regular basis to make sure they provide high-quality readings only. Besides, the customer feedback for each psychic is a significant element to determine if they are truly trustworthy.

The process of speaking to a California Psychics advisor is easy and straight to the point.

Now the network has launched its psychic app for more convenience.

Only if you find the reader understand your circumstance and suitable to your need, you will get accurate answers and tips on how to improve your life. Please note that remaining an open mind during the session is very important. Accept the truth with a positive attitude despite the fact it may not what you are expecting to hear.

If you are not ready for a psychic reading, then just ignore it.

So far, California Psychics has helped over 6 million miserable people!

Things to Expect about Psychic Readings

How to get a California Psychics free reading?

From my experience, there are two possible ways you can try:

  1. Register for a new account and then sign up on the website. On the homepage, you will find a full list of all psychic advisors; read their profiles to learn more about them and go with the one you favor the most. Call their psychic hotline if you want purchase a reading!
  2. Or, you can make the contact to the network?s customer service and the representative will give you assistance. Tell them your situation and what type of psychic advisor you?re looking for so that they will help you select the one suited to your needs.
  • Highly experienced psychic readers offering accurate readings with care and sympathy
  • Various kinds of psychic readings
  • Contact a psychic advisor over the phone or via app for a chat reading
  • Free daily horoscope each time signing up
  • All psychics have the profile with detailed info making the searching process much ease
  • Redeem Karma rewards and bonuses for future psychic readings
  • California Psychics has an app allowing you to get readings anytime and anywhere
  • No email readings available
  • No free psychic readings offered
  • No significant discount for any purchase with the largest psychic reading package

Types of Readings California Psychics Offers

What types of readings do this company offers?

Clients can easily find a huge variety of psychic readings available on the network, but these are primary subjects:

  • Love & relationships
  • Clairvoyants
  • Mediums
  • Tarot readings
  • Empaths

Love & relationships

Are you currently in a romantic relationship or still single?

Whenever having questions related to heart matters, you should talk to psychics specializing in love and relationships. In case you are single, the reading will give you clarity about your true mate and his/her personality. If you are in love, your psychic will reveal whether or not your partner is faithful, etc.

The guidance of a love psychic will lead you through the rough path of your love life and bring peace to your mind as well. Accurate and trusted, their honest relationship advice will really give your relationships great improvement.


Clairvoyants are claimed to be persons possessing the amazing ability of gaining vision about future events.

Thus, by asking for a clairvoyant psychic reading, you will get a glimpse into your destiny and understand your personality on a deeper level. The vision help open the doorway so that you can reach the new wisdom.


How can a psychic medium help you?

So-called mediums are those enabling to communicate with any kind of entity from the spirit world including the dead. If you want to make a connection with your loved ones who have passed away, then signing up for a medium reading is the best option.

Once the medium tunes into your energy, they will be capable of getting insight into your past, present and even future.

Tarot readings

Are you interested in Tarot cards?

If the answer is yes, then don?t mind engaging in a Tarot reading. The CA Psychics advisor will divine your future just by looking through the cards. Rather than predictions, this type of reading will reflect your past, present and future as well as provide guidance to get over daily life challenges.


Feel stressed or frustrated?

I advise you to meet empaths for a healing session. They are believed to have the innate ability of sensing your mental or emotional state.

This spirituality reading is great as you will be able to build a deep, strong connection with every piece of yourself. For those who are suffering from a difficult time, a session with the empath is good for the bonding and helps you explore your possibilities and gain back your optimism.

How Good are the Readers at California Psychics?

According to website, they do have the psychic screening process which is very thorough and rigorous. Only 2 out of 100 applicants are accepted to work on the network.

To become the advisor of this psychic network, each individual firstly needs to pass the phone interview, and then must do several psychic readings for test. The purpose of the screening process is to make sure the applicants are truly gifted with real abilities.

They will be re-evaluated regularly to ensure no risk when clients use the service.

Hence, psychics delivering the service on California Psychics network are capable of identifying the past, present, and future aspects of a person accurately. Make a call with California Psychic phone number for a high level of performance and customer satisfaction.

Two BEST Advisors of CA Psychics Network

1. Psychic Eve

Psychic Eve
  • Total readings: 51,200+
  • Started at California Psychics: 2010
  • Specialty: Deceased loved ones, love & relationships, past lives
  • Psychic abilities: clairaudient, medium, empath

Eve has known about her ability since she was just a young child because she often got the vision of future events. Over 15 years in the business, she is now the professional in tuning into one using only their first name and date of birth.

During the session, she won?t ask you much yet will still have a touch to your emotions.

In addition, Eve will tell exactly the insight she gains for you by asking the assistance from her Spirit Guides. She does not make use of divination tools at all.

Do not hide anything when talking to Psychic Eve as she is unable to gain clarity if you refuse to open up about true reasons for what occurred to you. Very compassionate, she offers the reading focusing on the past and present lives.

Her healing reading can also be taken into consideration if you look for a psychic able to help you relieve stress and ease sadness. She will make you feel better with an uplifting perspective.

2. Psychic Pauline

Psychic Pauline
  • Total readings: 26,000+
  • Started at California Psychics: 2012
  • Specialty: Love & relationships, career
  • Psychic abilities: dream interpreter, clairvoyant, empath

Pauline has practiced doing psychic readings with the purpose of helping people relax and ease their mind. She is the expert of utilizing oracle cards; by that, the advisor can open up her natural intuition and clairvoyance.

Psychic Pauline?s main skill is to read the energy. The session allows her to have a sense and understand one person?s intentions and emotions. For 7 years of experience, she has assisted lots of people by offering answers regarding love and spirituality.

Also, she also provides a brief look into each area of your life with her strong gift of clairvoyance.

With a straightforward style of reading, she enables to empower your mind with peace and strength throughout the session.

Call her now if you are seeking a solution for your problem!

Do Readings Have A Satisfaction Guarantee?

The good thing is California Psychics has a satisfaction guarantee for all kinds of their readings. Thus, you can complaint their customer support team anytime (as they available 24/7) if you feel unsatisfied with your reading.

No matter what your reason is, they will immediately connect you to another phone psychic.

Unfortunately, this network doesn?t offer a money-back guarantee. They also do not ensure if their advisors? predictions will come true or not. But, they can guarantee to provide only the best of each reading for the visitors.

How Much Do Psychic Readings Cost?

The price for readings depends on each psychic reader.

If they are truly gifted and have much experience, then they will charge high. Most advisors at CA Psychics begin the session at the rate of $4 per minute; but of course some offer with the higher fee.

Don?t worry!

This psychic network comes with an introductory special rate which means you can engage in an in-depth session for just $1 per minute.

Contact California Psychics number (866) 552-3943 to meet more committed and professional readers of this site.

Have you ever tried the service from California Psychics network? How was your experience?

Let us know in the comments!

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