FREE 12 Best Tarot Apps 2024 for Android & iOS

What to do when your future become more uncertain?

Nowadays lots of people turn to tarot cards whenever they?re in need of guidance and peace. However, sometimes you are busy and unable to schedule for yourself a full-length reading ? that?s where tarot apps come in.

You?re living in the era in which you can gain much clarity and insights through a cell phone. For example, a simple psychic reading app will help you connect to spiritual experts with ease, or a real astrology app allows you to understand your birth sign better.

Of course tarot is not an exception!

The best tarot app offers you quick and genuine answers anytime to cope with the intensity in this world.

12 Most Fantastic Tarot Apps for Your Phone

Whether you want to enhance your tarot reading skills or just look for a reliable tool providing the daily advice, there are dozens of apps to serve you right away.

Log into the app store on your phone and search for top-rated tarot apps 2024, and you will find plenty of them for selection. Nevertheless, as all claim to be the world?s #1 tarot reading app, it?s confusing to determine exactly which one is excellent for you.

Each great in their own way; here, we?re going to introduce some tarot card apps worth for an experience.

1. Classic Rider-Waite Deck ? #1 Tarot app to better your life

Classic Rider Waite Deck
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When it comes to tarot guidance, the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck is a must-have app for your smartphone. Spiritual advice is now at your fingertips; just a few taps and you can get wise words for any of your issues. This app also helps you with life-changing and empowering decisions.

Start a day with one-card tarot spread ? pick randomly a specific card and the app will interpret its meaning as well as reveal how it impacts on you.

Reasons to install:

  • Multiple tarot spreads for all of your needs
  • Tarot reading results are savable
  • Daily tarot featuring a card of the day
  • Beautiful images from the classic Rider-Waite deck
  • Custom card back for your preference

2. Golden Thread ? Inspiring Tarot app for personal growth

Golden Thread
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Searching for an app that can tap into your innate? Then install Golden Thread and you?ll obtain great insights into your future and other life facets. It?s designed with the intention of offering intuitive guidance so that you can make the best decisions and achieve your dreams.

Honest and direct tarot meanings found here will be beneficial to one?s personal growth. This app is perfect for those who have been through a lot of changes in life and are yearning for a tool for self-reflection.

Reasons to install:

  • Log and save all of your previous readings
  • Free guidebook full of tarot card meanings
  • Illustrated lessons make it easier to learn tarot
  • The key to a brighter path and a better future

3. Tarot Sampler ? Truly unique Tarot reading experience

Tarot Sampler
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For individuals who?re into tarot readings, you should get Tarot Sampler 2024 from your phone?s app store. Not only delivering in-depth card meanings, it also gives detailed explanation for all spreads which surely satisfies users. Using different decks, the app ensures you can enjoy the variety of cards and interpretations.

Keep in mind that choosing the right spread for your situation will earn you thorough and profound clarity into your fate. Ask Tarot Sampler whenever you want to unlock new opportunities in life!

Reasons to install:

  • A total of 19 built-in layout options available
  • Online readings can be shared
  • Sophisticated journal with past readings
  • Reversed cards are allowed

4. Gypsy Palace ? A Tarot app with revolution vision

Gypsy Palace
Download on Google Play

Unlike a free horoscope app telling about your true characteristics, Gypsy Palace app will focus more on wisdom and inspiration. Availing the unique and artistic tarot deck of Nora Huszka, this cartomancy app provides totally 78 inspiring images holding deep messages that will help you clear up all problems and guide you toward the path of peace and happiness.

Ask Gypsy Palace Tarot if having any question related to love, career, money, family, or simply about gaining a fulfilling life. Be sure you open both your mind and heart when receiving the guidance!

Reasons to install:

  • 78 Gypsy Palace cards with beautiful images and gorgeous details
  • 16 special tarot spreads for different purposes
  • Intuitive and wise interpretations
  • Free guideline for beginners
  • Readings are savable and shareable

5. Luminous Spirit ? Best Tarot app to explore your potential

Luminous Spirit
Download on Google Play Download on AppStore

If you want to understand yourself better and gain a glimpse into your potential using tarot cards, quickly download Luminous Spirit Tarot app for free.

This wonder app works as a companion of the physical deck allowing you to learn the cards? meaning and how to interpret certain spreads with ease. It primarily focuses on the phases of the moon to help you shape your intentions so that you can move towards a brighter path. In addition, Luminous Spirit also provides insights on channeling your inner will into action.

The guidance and advice earned from the tarot reading are very beneficial for self reflection and mind relaxing.

Reasons to install:

  • Tracking your progress easily
  • Getting readings for every phase is possible
  • Tarot database including full information of each card
  • No ads and completely free

6. Tarot Life ? Offering accurate virtual Tarot readings

Tarot Life
Download on Google Play Download on AppStore

Considered as one of the most accurate tarot apps of 2024, Tarot Life is definitely a great option to gain spiritual insights. Aside from knowing the detailed meaning of each card, you can also chat with tarot experts for precise predictions and guidance on love, career, health, finance, and more.

The reading featuring tarot spreads will uncover feelings you are probably suffering through. Follow Tarot Life if you?re interested in interpreting tarot cards as well as layouts, additionally.

This app also delivers numerology readings and birth chart astrology.

Reasons to install:

  • Thorough meanings of each of the 22 Major Arcana cards
  • Full in-depth reports savable and shareable
  • Daily tarot readings unveiling your possibilities on the daily basis
  • Numerology and birth chart readings
  • Card of the day

7. Shadowscapes ? A perfect app to learn Tarot basics

Download on Google Play Download on AppStore

Here comes the best tarot learning app ? Shadowscapes!

This is a perfect app for those who love fantasies and daydreaming. Get ready to be blown away by a dreamy world with butterflies dancing in shimmering mist and dryads humming beautiful harmony. Shadowscapes uses the famous Rider-Waite tarot deck to deliver predictions. All the images are presented in high definition and more animated for users? amusement.

Access this app and you?ll find a guidebook including tarot introduction and basics, unique interpretations of each card, and practical spreads written by Barbara Moore, a tarot professional.

Reasons to install:

  • Intuitive, accessible app for beginners
  • 11 built-in spreads
  • Free Form feature for designing your own tarot layout
  • Informative journal shareable via email
  • Many adjustable settings

8. Mystic Mondays ? Earn positivity through Tarot guidance

Mystic Mondays
Download on Google Play Download on AppStore

When it comes to Mystic Mondays, there?s a lot we want to brag about?but we will keep it short as our space is limited. This is a really awesome app for the modern mystic ? at first it started out as a special project on Kickstarter; eventually, it turned into both the physical deck and mobile app after being funded.

The app itself has a positive vibe and good energy ensuring to give only thoughtful answers to your questions. All the cards of the Mystic Mondays deck have vibrant and gorgeous images displaying its own aestheticism.

In case you want to clarify your day to day decisions and achieve the most in life, we recommend this amazing app.

Reasons to install:

  • Featuring a card of the day with brief daily guidance
  • Tarot library having descriptions of each card, both upright and reversed meanings

9. Labyrinthos Academy ? Tarot cards reveal your inner voice

Labyrinthos Academy
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Upgrade your knowledge about tarot by entering Labyrinthos Academy, where will inform you about the ancient art of tarot reading. Users get chances to discover the meaning as well as spiritual magic of all 78 divine cards. Rather than changing your future, a tarot reading comes with real guidance helping you deal with challenges ahead for a better life path.

Tarot cards can also reveal your inner voice making use of its transformational power.

100% ad-free, you can gain clarity about tarot readings and tips on reading what lies in your truest self with the assistance of Labyrinthos. Discover different in-app spreads for a solution to your situation!

Reasons to install:

  • Genuine, profound readings on the go
  • A variety of tarot spreads to explore
  • All decks are available for use
  • Tarot library provides a great database of tarot cards? meaning of all decks
  • Gain knowledge about tarot, lenormand, and more
  • Ads free

10. Galaxy Tarot ? Thoughtful Tarot app with useful features

Galaxy Tarot
Download on Google Play

Full of advanced features, Galaxy Tarot certainly helps you start your day with positive thoughts and good energy. By getting a card of the day, you will alter your perspective about life and have clear visions on things you truly desire. Open your mind to what all 78 tarot cards try to convey for a better understanding about your cosmic journey. Learn to be a tarot expert by interpreting different card layouts, from the classics to the complicated ones.

Shortly, Galaxy Tarot is a divine map of your spirit offering a chance to make changes and live a fulfilling life!

Reasons to install:

  • One-card reading featuring the card of a day assures you to start everyday with only loving, supportive messages
  • Full info about each card that can be found in tarot card encyclopedia
  • Tarot readings shed light on anything concerning you
  • A convenient, useful app for all tarot lovers

11. Daily Tarot Plus 2024 ? An ultimate app for Tarot readings

Daily Tarot Plus 2024
Download on Google Play Download on AppStore

As a free online tarot reading app, Daily Tarot Plus 2024 is the best example of providing a well-rounded experience for users. Not having a fancy interface, the app however is packed with many cool features and various tarot spreads specializing on love, spirituality, finances, and more other fields to serve you rightly.

Tarot cards may not have the power to change your future, but its guidance and insights can help you prepare better for the next steps.

Reasons to install:

  • Offering a card of the day, daily horoscopes, lucky numbers and colors
  • A vast array of tarot spreads for different aspects
  • Zodiac compatibility and astrology forecasts
  • Insightful tarot readings and instructions
  • Free spiritual games, quizzes, and personality tests

12. YES or NO Tarot ? Free instant Tarot answers

YES or NO Tarot
Download on Google Play Download on AppStore

You have no time to read a full-length psychic reading report? If so, get the YES or NO Tarot app for an instant answer to any of your questions on the go. Now accessing spiritual guidance can be done with a few taps.

Though you may approach this fun tarot app with a light-hearted attitude, it is overall still worth a try. No matter which matter you are dealing with, just select the corresponding category, ask your question, trust your intuition and pick a card, and then wait seconds for your answer shows up.

Reasons to install:

  • Simple and easy to use format
  • Delivering instant yes or no answers to all of your issues
  • No instruction requirements
  • Fun and responsive

Have you tried out any tarot app here yet?

Don?t be upset if you don?t see your favorite app in this article. Have your first reading for free with our 12 chosen picks above for new experience. We guarantee you?ll attain only accurate predictions and intuitive guidance.

Leave your feedback after about which app you feel most excited to use!

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