Top 15 Psychic Reading Apps for iOS 2024 – (Free Download from App Store)

Are you interested in future predictions?

If you really want to know what the future has in store for you, then you have to visit online psychic advisors.

Nowadays there are many networks offering psychic readings via online chat or email, or over the phone. Of course you have to pay an amount of money for a private session, and talking to a real expert probably costs you a lot.

However, you don’t need to ask for the psychic’s assistance if having a smartphone.


Living in the modern days brings you much convenience. Just by assembling a psychic reading app on your iOS device, you will easily receive a report of forecasting your future.

Which is the best free psychic reading app currently?

In this article, I’m going to list out top 15 psychic reading apps for iOS users in general. You can install any of them on iPhone or iPad without any difficulty and get a chance of receiving a free daily horoscope per day.

15 BEST Free Psychic Apps for Download

Who aren’t curious about whether or not they will become success in life, right?

We all want to find out if we could accomplish our goals with less effort or if our lives are granted with luck.

If you yearn for an insight into your future, then you must get the best psychic app for your phone device. The birth chart app will provide detailed information regarding your future ? it gives a glimpse into different aspects of your life, such as love & relationships, career, health, finance, and more.

By using the psychic reading app, you will gain future predictions and forecasts immediately with just a click.

#1: Oranum Live Esoteric Chat

Oranum Live Esoteric Chat
Download from iTunes
Reasons to install:
  • Free live stream and chat with real Oranum psychics
  • Live private sessions from your mobile phone
  • A large selection of experienced psychics is available
  • 30+ different esoteric services: Vedic astrology, Gipsy card readings, Angel card readings, Tarot readings, palmistry, I Ching, dream interpretation, etc.
  • Many esoteric articles
  • 24/7 customer support via online chat, e-mail, and phone; plus an extended FAQ report

Oranum is a very familiar psychic network!

This live esoteric chat app is developed for iOS users, especially those who are in need of free chat from Oranum psychic advisors. By using this app, you can get connected with over 200 legit psychics of different specialties: astrology, Tarot cards, healing, clairvoyance, etc.

If you are facing serious problems or challenges in life, Oranum live esoteric chat app is always ready to support you. Their answer somehow will help you find clarity and your inner strength.

#2: Kasamba Psychic Readings

Kasamba Psychic Readings
Download from iTunes
Reasons to install:
  • 20 years of experience with great reputation for client satisfaction
  • Get clear answers from top-rated, real psychic advisors
  • 24/7 real-time availability
  • Kasamba Chat+ technology with time-saving feature for a smooth reading
  • 100% anonymous and confidential
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Once using the service from Kasamba Psychic Readings app, new users will be offered 3 free minutes with each psychic. You will only get charged if asking for a private session.

No matter what your situation is, Kasamba comes with a wide array of psychic readers: love psychics, astrologers, clairvoyants, Tarot readers, palm readers, fortune tellers, past life readers, and so on.

Simply request a refund if you feel unsatisfied with your reading!

Download this Kasamba app for your iOS device and keep track on latest updates and more special offers.

#3: KEEN Psychic Reading & Tarot

Download from iTunes
Reasons to install:
  • Talk to KEEN psychics whenever you need as they are available 24/7
  • Over 1,700 trusted psychic advisors to choose from
  • Your psychic readings at KEEN will be private, secure, and safe
  • Established in 1999, this company is a trusted, reliable place for insight and guidance as they have 20 years of experience
  • A 10-minute reading for $1.99 + satisfaction guarantee for newcomers

Considered as the best psychic app, KEEN can help you solve most of your pressing matters. Talk to a genuine advisor on this app for psychic predictions, medium connections, astrological insights, and more spiritual illuminations.

Sign up and you can get a reading by chat or phone at any time. Be assured that all of your conversations with the reader will be 100% anonymous and risk free.

Contact from today for the intuitive answer about love & relationships, career, money, health, and more. Free daily horoscope is also available! Find your peace of mind with just one click away.

#4: California Psychics

California Psychics
Download from iTunes
Reasons to install:
  • Live psychic chat session answers your questions in the real time
  • Call an advisor directly from the app
  • Send your message to a psychic expert and get the response within 24 hours
  • All the readings are accurate and confidential
  • Only the best psychic advisors are allowed to work on CA Psychics
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Serve all of your needs, from live psychic chat, phone readings, and horoscopes to even offline messages. Contacting an online psychic has never been easier ? you can ask for a reading anytime and anywhere.

New clients are offered a very special introductory rate: $1 per min.

The insightful guidance you earn from California Psychics app will help boost your confidence so that you can move toward and face life’s challenges. If you need support or advice, the advisors will instantly show up with clarity for peace in your mind.

Discover plenty of latest features (customer testimonials, karma rewards, new packages, etc.) in this app. See also California Psychics reviews for in-depth information!

#5: Psychic Chat Reading

Psychic Chat Reading
Download from iTunes
Reasons to install:
  • Many psychic readers online offering plenty of different specialties
  • Over 3 million clients used the service with 95% satisfaction rate
  • Real, accurate testimonials by clients
  • All psychic profiles are very detailed for consideration
  • First 3 minutes are completely free every time you are connected to a new psychic
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed

What will you obtain from this app?

All the sessions on Psychic Chat Reading are done in the real time; it means you can chat live with any specific advisor from around the globe. The process is instant, safe, and confidential.

Psychic experts in various different categories are available to deliver compassionate, honest, and intuitive readings to you. If you are having any question related to love & relationships, career, astrology, numerology, cartomancy, or other aspects, find the person that can truly assist you with your need.

Have a good reading on this astrology app and you will get advice of how to make right decisions and better your life.

#6: Psychic TXT Live Readings

Psychic TXT Live Readings
Download from iTunes
Reasons to install:
  • Get advice on your pressing issues with psychic or Tarot readings
  • One free question answered in the beginning
  • 50+ professional psychics with a wide range of specialties for selection
  • Free daily horoscopes

As soon as downloading Psychic TXT app, you can get a reading on love life, career, and future with your personal spiritual advisor. Depending on your circumstance, the app will help you connect with the one that can handle the problem well.

From palm analysts, Tarot experts, mediums to clairvoyant to relationship and compatibility advisors, trust your intuition and talk to a psychic drawing you the most.

Also, Psychic TXT is seen as the best astrology app for iPhone. Based on your date of birth, the personal horoscope of your sun sign will reveal what the future has in store for you and give a glimpse into your future love life, job opportunities, and more.

There is a tutorial guiding you how to get answers from real psychics!

#7: Psychic Reading Prediction

Psychic Reading Prediction
Download from iTunes
Reasons to install:
  • Accurate psychic predictions, no tricks or gimmicks
  • Private reading sessions will be done securely and confidentially
  • Talented, well-experienced, and honest psychic advisors
  • Friendly customer support (24/7/365)
  • The psychic’s bio has detailed information including past customers’ review and rating
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Look for relationship advice after a breakup, or for a marriage problem or maybe for a complicated love situation? Download this app and you will meet reliable love psychics offering only sincere and genuine guidance. Of course you’ll find the right advisor as well as the service you need the most.

Lots of reading types are available on Psychic Reading Prediction app, such as Tarot readings, numerology readings, astrology readings, etc. New visitors will be given 3 free minutes when trying these sections.

Utilize this free psychic reading app for a future prediction!

#8: Purple Ocean Psychic Readings

Purple Ocean Psychic Readings
Download from iTunes
Reasons to install:
  • Meet some of the highest-rated psychic experts
  • Non-judgmental, they help unlock all the secrets related to love, relationships, finance, and more
  • Live video calls with your favorite advisors
  • Get your answers within 24 hours or even sooner
  • Make the contact at any time of the day

Now having live video chat readings with a psychic reader online has never been easier thanks to Purple Ocean app.

This is the place offering solely top-notch psychic readings focusing on Tarot, astrology, palmistry or spiritual healing. During the session, your gifted advisor will provide insight into matters you are in need of advice. They also come up with the guidance could help you make positive changes to better your life.

Trust your gut when it comes to selecting a psychic from a large community. Once the chat room pops up, quickly submit your questions or just type in your request. The advisor then will response you with a general psychic forecast or Tarot reading.

Contact Purple Ocean psychics if you have any question, comment, or suggestion.

#9: Zodiac Touch

Zodiac Touch
Download from iTunes
Reasons to install:
  • Get immediate answers about all aspects in life
  • Free 3 minutes of chat and call
  • Numerous different types of psychic readings
  • Connect with most experienced, top-rated psychics from all over the places
  • Psychic readings guarantee your privacy will be secured

Do you have any burning question?

The next psychic reading app for iOS device is Zodiac Touch; this one focuses mainly in delivering love advice and Tarot readings. Directly on your smartphone, it is packed with some great features such as free live psychic chat or phone readings with either a psychic expert or an astrologer.

Ask one free question for the answer about your love, relationships, money, career, or health without paying a penny. Do not hold back anything or even the highly experienced psychics cannot give you the response you’ve been looking for.

#10: Psychic Question

Psychic Question
Download from iTunes
Reasons to install:
  • Available 24/7, live psychic readings will be served at any time you need
  • New clients will be offered a free trial of 3 minutes
  • Most psychic advisors on this app are patient, willing, and compassionate and they are always ready to solve any question
  • Psychics are sorted out into different categories (Tarot, astrology, past life, mediumship and spirituality) so that you can easily find one for your current situation
  • Offering guidance and advice of wisdom
  • Detailed profile of each reader bio including reviews and ratings gives a big assistance in choosing a good psychic

Feel curious about your future or need advice on the daily basis?

You can make use of this Psychic Question app for guidance. It will instantly connect you to a live, available reader once you register. Ask them anything frustrating your mind and they will provide an accurate answer in return. Sometimes, they even point out the matter that is craving for your attention before you make the question.

You’ll not get charged in the first question. The free trial (within 3 minutes) is an ideal period to get to know a new psychic and see if they are worth a private session.

#11: Accurate Live Psychic Prediction

Accurate Live Psychic Prediction
Download from iTunes
Reasons to install:
  • Have a psychic reading with honest, experienced, and gifted readers
  • On-point psychic predictions, no tricks or gimmicks at all
  • Private reading sessions will be done securely and confidentially
  • Nice customer support available 24/7
  • Detailed psychic’s bio with the reviews and ratings of previous customers
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

If you are losing your track after a failure, maybe the advice from genuine, trusted psychic experts can help you find the balance to start your life again. Ask a love advisor for the spiritual remedy, especially if you are suffering from a breakup or are dealing with a complicated situation in a married relationship.

Only reliable psychics get accepted to practice the readings on this app. Thus, you will surely find one reader most suitable for your needs.

There is a variety of reading types available on Accurate Live Psychic Prediction app; and with each service, you will be offered 3 minutes for completely free.

#12: Psychic Mediums

Psychic Mediums
Download from iTunes
Reasons to install:
  • Get advice from best psychic mediums around the world
  • 3 minutes free to try out the service with each new medium
  • Intuitive live readings help you re-connect with your loved ones and find closure to all unresolved issues
  • Search the right psychic medium for your session with ease

With the Psychic Mediums app, you know can reach out the spirit world with no difficulty. Simply contact a legit psychic medium there who can resonate well with you and start a live reading. You are given 3 absolutely free minutes at the beginning to test the medium’s abilities.

Take full advantage of the free medium reading trials until you meet a reader who completely understands you and enables to create a strong connection between you and your deceased loved ones.

Communicating with a psychic medium via app is comfortable and open. You can ask for any service at any time no matter where you are or what else you’re doing. Your chat transcripts will be saved so that you are able to log in and re-read the guidance.

Download this app and chat your way to truth!

#13: Psychic Chat Reading Advice

Psychic Chat Reading Advice
Download from iTunes
Reasons to install:
  • A psychic reading community with a large selection of readers offering various specialties
  • Have helped over 3 millions of clients over the globe with 95% satisfaction rate
  • First 3 minutes are free every time you talk to a new psychic, in any category
  • Detailed psychic profiles including ratings and reviews by past customers
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Free and easy to use, Psychic Chat Reading is also a popular psychic reading app available for iOS smartphone users. If you are finding a place offering instant and confidential psychic chat services, then don’t mind giving this option a try.

Chat and ask your experienced psychic anything burning inside you. With this app, you can easily encounter the best love & relationships advisors, career readers, numerologists, astrologers, etc.

Whenever the first-time visitor contact a psychic, they will receive a free trial of 3 minutes before entering a paid session.

#14: YES or NO Tarot for Instant Answer

YES or NO Tarot for Instant Answer
Download from iTunes
Reasons to install:
  • A total of 4 types of Tarot readings to choose from (love, career, money, and general reading)
  • Give quick answers (yes or no) with one-card Tarot reading
  • Gain the interpretation, meaning, and guidance for each card as soon as picking them out from the Tarot deck
  • Discover fun astrology and Tarot activities for free by taping on the ?Extras? tab

Do you love gaining the advice from Tarot cards?

Then the YES or NO Tarot app developed by is a great choice. You should use this app if in need of an instant, quick answer to a question. Just type your question and you will get a ?yes’ or ?no’ answer plus a detailed Tarot reading within a few seconds.

Now gaining the guidance for your life is right at your fingertips!

Before drawing out the cards, it’s important to select the category corresponding to your circumstance: love, career, money, or life in general. Next, submit your question, choose your cards and then wait for the answer to show up in an instant.

#15: Fortunica

Download from iTunes
Reasons to install:
  • Get authentic answers to your most pressing issues: love life, relationships, career, money, and health from trusted clairvoyants
  • Gain the closure from grief or difficulties with the assistance of professional psychic advisors
  • Receive daily advice and support
  • 2 first questions will be answered at an incredible price
  • 4 main areas counseled comprehensively and completely are the card reading, astrology, palmistry, and rituals.

Don’t know which decision you should make in like?

Let Fortunica help you!

This is another psychic reading app designed for iOS users giving you the opportunity to try out love or Tarot readings directly on your smart device. Free and easy to install, Fortunica will come up with daily advice every day in order to support you with your decisions.

The psychic advisors working on this app give you answers which could improve your love life, relationships, and career. Not only serving psychic readings, but it also provides you other types of readings, like astrology, palm analyzing, Tarot readings, and other option.


While others treat a psychic reading as entertainment, some people believe that they can really learn something meaningful via this spiritual practice.

Talking about psychic readings, you not only earn the answer to your questions but also get the reflection of yourself. The message of your spirit guides will shed light into your inner world so that you will realize what you truly need and then apply it in your daily life.

If you are looking for some legitimate, trusted sources for a psychic reading, I’ve already listed out top 15 psychic reading apps to use on your iOS device.

All are completely free and compatible with iPhone and iPad!

Of all psychic reading apps, there are 4 outstanding places that you must try at least once:

  • Kasamba ? Get 3 first minutes free right now
  • Oranum ? Free live chat with a wide variety of different types of readings
  • California Psychics ? Start at a very special introductory rate ($1 per min.)
  • KEEN ? A 10 minute reading session for just $1.99

Will you try out a free psychic reading app from the list above?

Don’t forget to give us feedback after use!

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