Psychic Phone Readings for FREE – (Top 2 Networks 2024)

Look for places offering psychic phone readings for free?

Not that impossible; indeed, it?s no longer a risk as you can get a peek into your future without risking a penny these days! However, people often feel skeptical with the quality of a free phone reading.

I completely understand!

With just a simple search on the Internet, you can easily contact with a psychic who offers the phone reading service.

The thing is: how can you tell which psychic is the best among multiple results, especially all claim themselves to possess the most genuine extraordinary ability?

In this article, I?m glad to introduce you only the best psychic networks of 2024 where you can try one free reading before asking for an actual session.

Get Yourself One Free Psychic Reading by Phone (Quick Picks)

If you are in a hurry, don’t worry as I’ve picked out two most reputable networks offering real phone psychic readings that you should have an experience:

1. ? Connect with the best phone psychics in minutes for most genuine guidance.

Call NOW: (866) 552-3943

Visit California Psychics

2. Real, authentic live readers available 24/7 to give you guidance for your most pressing questions.

Visit Kasamba

Now getting profound spiritual guidance and advice from a phone psychic makes everything more convenient and insightful.

But, is it possible to ask for psychic phone readings for free?

Truthfully it?s impossible to gain a free 24 hour psychic reading over the phone.

If you are a newcomer to any of three spiritual networks above, you can use special introductory offers. Kasamba offers absolutely free 3-minute phone reading the first-time callers without any commitment. In case of California Psychics, new clients will be charged at a low rate ($1/min.)

So, by getting a phone reading, you will instantly get connected to a psychic, Tarot reader, or astrologer of your choice or situation; and, free trials are a good way helping you find the best match!

BEST 2 Accurate Phone Psychic Networks

As I told earlier, there are plenty psychic networks out there, and this undoubtedly makes people confused to determine. Yet, no need to worry as I?m going to do a review of the highly recommended sites.

This means United21 already eliminated all the shady places you should avoid.

Here I only mention the real deals!

In this article, I inform you best two psychic hotlines delivering phone readings and other services as well. You should carefully consider the pros and cons of each site before planning your first reading.

1. California Psychics ? #1 Choice for Phone Reading Services

California  Psychics

Founded in 1995, California Psychics is a psychic network online that has done over 2 million readings for people around the globe. They have recruited 300+ advisors professional in a variety of areas in life: love & relationships, career & finances, health, past lives, etc.

Overall, the CA Psychics is seen as a legitimate psychic service.

How California Psychics can help you?

If you?re looking for the spiritual help, this psychic hotline surely serves you right.

A talk with the advisor from California Psychics provides you the genuine guidance that can assist you in discovering your true potential and following your dreams.

Over 25 years of experience, the psychic hotline has helped more than 7 million people gain insight into the core of different significant matters. So no matter which situation you?re stuck in (love, relationships, life path, etc.), the readers from the CA Psychics surely can shed light on that.

Learn about reasons why many trust this network below:

Communication methods

All of reading sessions on California Psychics are delivered exclusively through phone. Guess what? By installing the mobile app directly on your phone, you will receive chat and direct message readings with much convenience.

With a great reputation for offering genuine and confidential guidance, phone psychics make sure you?ll gain real answers for your questions.

Types of readings

This legitimate network offers a wide range of psychic readings, such as love & relationships, clairvoyants, mediums, Tarot readings, and empath. In addition, they also promote dream analysis which is a rare service on other psychic sites.

What I feel most impressed with the advisors of this company is their level of professionalism. They really stand out, undoubtedly. Via their readings over the telephone, they show their true talents and prove why they are top notch.

Some of the most common kinds of readings include:

Love & Relationships

This kind of reading will solve all heart matters as well as problems related to your relationships. For those looking for a true love, love psychics will reveal reasons why you?ve yet fallen in love. Then, they will come up with advice on how to find the soulmate of your life.

A love reading is also beneficial even if you are currently in a love romance. By having a glimpse into your situation, the reader can give you reassurance. They can confirm your doubt about whether or not your partner is cheating on you.

You?re advised to ask for a reading regarding love and relationships once visiting California Psychics, especially if your relationship is suffering a rough patch. Love readers always have their best way to better your love life.

Tarot readings

Want to know what your destiny holds for you?

With the help of professional Tarot readers, you?ll be able to gain an in-depth insight into your past, present, and future. They will also tell your fortune in life at the end of your reading.

Clairvoyant readings

People often ask for this type of reading whenever they yearn for a glimpse into their future. Well, a talk with clairvoyant experts is very helpful as you?ll know which events are awaiting you ahead.

A clairvoyant reading will help you gain deeper understanding about your fate, and this foster new wisdom from the inner you.


Individuals delivering empath readings are gifted with the ability of sensing your emotions and mental state. If you?re going through a depression time, talking to an empath is a great option because they can bond and connect with you on a deep, spiritual level.

This reading is perfect as it will shed light on uncertain things making them become clearer, fill your mind with only optimisms, and unveil your new possibilities.

Medium readings

Many often come to see the medium when they want to communicate with their deceased loved ones.

With the ability of channeling spirits, a medium reader can help you connect to the afterlife in which you can contact with your beloved whom has already passed away. If you feel like wanting to listen to their messages, don?t hesitate to sign up for a medium reading by phone.

Psychic screening process

Known as one of most legitimate networks delivering phone readings, all experts who want to work at California Psychics must pass through a thorough screening process beforehand. This means you don?t have to take risk with your readings!

No matter what level they are at, each person must be successful with the rigorous interview. The process is indeed difficult because not all get accepted ? of all 100 psychics, maybe only 2-4 psychics are qualified.

Since they have proven abilities and strengths, the site guarantees confidential reading services.

What I like most about California Psychics is the psychic advisors? dedication to customers? privacy and confidentiality. None of them tends to pry into your personal matters or force you to do things you don?t want to do. The conversation with your reader will be only on the professional level.

This feature ensures to provide only the best and most accurate readings to every client.

How is the Pricing at California Psychics?

First-time clients at California Psychics will be offered a $1 per minute introductory rate in the first reading.

When signing up, they also present promotional packages as follows:

  • $1 per minute for a basic introductory package
  • $2 per minute for a premier package focusing on love, relationships, and career
  • $4 per minute for an elite package which you will be served by most experienced psychic readers

It?s really great when the psychic network gives you various types for the selection which means you can try out more services without paying a lot initially.

For regular customers, the packages for a reading will range between $5, $6.50 and $8.50 per minute. The pricing rate depends mainly on the abilities, skills, and experience of the psychic you choose to work with.

California Psychics will be there to solve whatever matters to you. Whether your problems are big or small, they are available 24/7 for assistance, so don?t hold on your fear, concern, or hesitance.

The honest and direct guidance will lead you towards a brighter life path with confident behavior. Start your journey at this network and get psychic phone readings for free in 2024 for the supportive insight from today!

Call Now: (866) 552-3943

2. Kasamba ? Get Real Answers and Powerful Insights


Formerly known as LivePerson, Kasamba makes in the list at the second place.

When it comes to free psychic reading over the phone, Kasamba impresses me the most with their top-rated advisors on the list. As one of top psychic networks online of 2024, the site has helped over 4 million individuals.

Aside from the online chat room platform, this network also offers real-time psychic reading services by phone.

How Kasamba can help you?

Don?t keep frustrating yourself with all the questions in mind ? it?s time to ask for help from experienced and legit psychic advisors at Kasamba. No matter which life situation you are facing, they can come up with the exact guidance and answers you?re searching for.

Guaranteeing to provide all clients only real and reflective insights, the readers also take advantage of divination tools (such as tarot cards, astrology, crystal ball, etc.) aside from their extraordinary gift.

Millions of customers have been served with great care and honesty.

Kasamba hires only the best psychics who successfully pass the strict interview. They are available 24/7 and can be connected by phone whenever you?re in need of help.

For instant responses and more convenience, you should download the Kasamba app to your phone.

Communication Methods

They specialize in mainly phone readings and online live chat; additionally, they are one of a few places delivering the email service as well.

?The first 3 minutes of all sessions are completely free of charge.

Take advantage of demo readings to have a glimpse of your chosen readers and to feel comfortable with them before entering the real session. Make sure you also check their ratings and reviews.

Types of Readings

Kasamba psychics offer a vast array of reading types: Tarot, fortune telling, love compatibility, astrology, numerology, dream analysis, angel cards, and even fertility readings.

Many complain that most of their previous readings at other unqualified communities are muddy and too general ? not much details will leave you no clue on how to get ahead in life. This situation never occurs in Kasamba!

Varying in different specialties, Kasamba psychic experts ensure to deliver the quality reading that meets each individual?s need.

A variety of psychic readings offered at this site include:

Tarot readings

During the Tarot reading session, your advisor will use Tarot cards to form the connection between your past, present, and future. Then, they will shed light on how to achieve success on your life path.

You can easily find a legit Tarot reader through the phone app!


This kind of reading is where a professional astrologer analyzes your birth chart based on the given date, time, and location of your birth. The interpretation will not only give you in-depth insights into your past and present but also predict your life in the future.

Love advice

Love readings are very popular at Kasamba!

The deep and thoughtful guidance from your love psychics can give a positive development to your love life. Get the spiritual advice to make precise decisions and handle all the obstacles between the two of you smoothly.

For those who are still single, a call for love advice will bring you opportunities to encounter your soulmate.

Dream analysis

Your dreams can reveal lots of unexpected things that both your heart and mind truly desire. If you want an answer from the deep within, then simply have a quick call with one dream advisor.

By reading the images of your dream, they can figure out the true meaning behind it through significant dream symbols.

Fortune telling

Learn more about your fate and fortune with this staple service!

Just one call, Kasamba fortune tellers will fulfill your wish by providing you honest and direct guidance related to your future. The spiritual advice will be beneficial to your life decisions that can guide you to the path of happiness and peace.

Numerous special features

This network is well known for having a large selection of psychic advisors who are available for 24/7 services. The company ensures you will meet at least one reader that meets your need on the spiritual level.?

What I like most about Kasamba is their variety of communication methods. If you don?t like to talk over the phone, then feel free to communicate with your advisor via the chat room platform instead. Or, another way is to email your situation to the psychic and wait for 48 hours to get the answer.

For the client?s convenience, Kasamba does accept PayPal ? the core goal of this site is to deliver the best service to all users.

In this site, you can save transcripts of your online chats to re-read later. You can take advantage of this cool feature to keep all the insightful and intuitive words and revisit anytime at your need.

The spiritual guidance of your psychic won?t disappear once you close the chat box.

What is the Price of Kasamba Readings?

The pricing for phone psychic readings as well as other services on this network will not fix; in fact, the fluctuation of the fee depends on each reader.

Some may charge a high price for their service (over $10/min.), while some offer you a more budget-friendly price. Usually a phone reading with Kasamba starts at a relatively low rate (about $1.99 per min.) and will gradually increase according to your choice.

Kasamba?s dedication to customer satisfaction is quite impressive!

In 2024, currently if you sign up for an in-depth personal reading by phone for the first time, Kasamba will offer 3 FREE minutes and a discount of up to 50% OFF. Keep in mind this introductory treat is available only for new customers.

This free trial allows you to test the authenticity of your chosen psychic and make sure whether or not they are worth your trust and if they can provide the guidance you?re longing for.

Though Kasamba has gained a great reputation for their online chat service, it doesn?t mean the psychic reading phone is underrated. Certainly, this trusted company is one of top picks when it comes to legit phone psychics.

You can find lots of positive reviews from their clients on both the site and mobile app; therefore, a reading at Kasamba is worth a try, especially if you?re in need of intuitive guidance and clarity into essential fields of your life.

FAQs about Free Psychic Phone Readings

FAQs about Free Psychic Phone Readings

1. How do I know my free phone psychic is real?

California Psychics and Kasamba guarantee to offer you genuine psychic readings; this is proven through their rigorous screening and testing process. Recruiting only the most qualified and compassionate ones, the reading at these two networks are honest and reliable.

2. How should I choose a phone psychic?

Before thinking of having a consultation with a phone psychic, relax your mind and ask yourself if you really need the spiritual guidance and advice. Most importantly, be positive and never let the negativity eat you up.

Access either of two networks mentioned above and browse the psychics? profiles to find one person that you feel most drawn to. Remember to read all the details to know fully about each; or you can contact the customer service and ask them to suggest a good match for your reading.

3. What happens during a phone reading session?

The first thing to do if you want to get a psychic phone reading is to do the registration as well as sign up as a particular network?s member. Next, you need to pick your favorite psychic, or the site can recommend an advisor suitable for your circumstance.

You then will receive the explanation about the reading process and also payment options. After that, you will get connected to your psychic reader for a spiritual session in which you can ask them some specific questions.

It?s okay to ask for a general reading if you just look for quick guidance.

Keep your mind calm so that your psychic can tune in to your energy for a connection. During the reading, they will response to everything cloudy in your head accurately and offer precise clarity. Before the call time is up, you should tell them if you want extra minutes or the conversation will be cut off automatically.

Gain the most of you reading for a positive and reassured future.

4. How to find free 10 minute psychic readings by phone?

It?s not easy to have a free talk with a spiritual advisor via the phone.

For those who are in a hurry, the free 10 minute psychic reading is the ultimate option. Within that length of time, you would get assistance with many issues. Surely, finding a free session is really a challenge as there is hardly an ad about it.

After all, time is money ? do not expect a psychic to give you a personal in-depth reading in full length.

This means you will be charged for the service once 10 free minutes are over. Unfortunately, free 10 minute psychic readings over the phone are very rare. If there is such a deal around, it only remains temporarily.

So, how can you find this kind of service?

If you are willing to do the research, you will be able to get a couple of deals available offered by some psychics from reputable networks. Especially, the most common deal involves a 10 minute reading for just $1.99.

And, the best way to search for free 10 minute phone readings is:

Taking advantage of social networks!

Here are places most ideal to find free phone psychic readings in 10 minutes:

  • Google Search
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube

5. What are the best deals on phone readings?

If you get frustrated with all the options, then United21 will put things simpler.

Here are my favorite psychic sites which some of them provide the free over the phone psychic reading service:

  • California Psychics ? The first reading with $1 per minute introductory rate
  • Oranum ? $9.99 FREE credits for the first session
  • Kasamba ? First 3 FREE three minutes
  • KEEN ? A reading within 10 minutes for only $1.99
  • Life Reader ? 4 FREE minutes + 50% OFF in the first reading

Click the links above and follow the instructions to gain your very first reading experience from today.

In Conclusion

Some often say the best psychics will not offer free readings.

However, that?s not really true.

As you can see in this article, California Psychics and Kasamba belong to the list of top reputable and popular psychic networks of 2024; and both companies have special introductory offers for their clients.

In case of genuine psychics who just started doing this spiritual service, they need such psychic phone readings for free to show off their real ability to attract customers.

Don?t expect them to give you an absolutely free reading, again.

Within 3-5 minutes, you have to be certain about the decision you are going to make; hence, trust your intuition and free will.

One last thing, be sure you don?t become dependent too much on your psychics as the future is not set in stone. They will always be there to help you deal with your most burden questions, but it?s up to you to decide when the right time to call for advice is.

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