FREE Birth Chart App 2024 for a Clearer Picture Of Your Life

Get ready to learn more about your zodiac sign?

All of you are familiar with reading horoscopes, but not with reading the entire birth chart which is on another level.

A glimpse into your birth chart will give you empowering insights that can be hard to figure out on your own. By analyzing the planetary positions and zodiac sign transitions, you will get a clearer picture of how astrology inspires your life.

Now, no need to ask help from astrologers online, just download several birth chart apps listed here and you can learn about your sun sign with ease.

Discover the best birth chart app and enjoy the therapy from the cosmos!

10 BEST Apps to Read Your Birth Chart Easily

How to calculate your birth chart?

Let us tell you: you must prepare your birth info exactly including the date of birth, time and place of birth. If those details are not correct, then the given results are not accurate as well.

There are various awesome apps for exploring astrology and reading your birth chart alone that you can find on the app store of your phone. Gain the guidance from the stars at your fingertips and from the comfort of your sofa from today.

Start surfing right now:

1. Co-Star Personalized Astrology ? Accurate and reflecting birth chart reports

Co-Star Personalized Astrology
Download for iOS

Talking about the #1 app for reading your birth chart, then it has to be Co-Star undoubtedly. While other apps seem clunky, this one comes with a sleek and modern-looking platform making it fresh and trendy when using.

Not only comparing your compatibility with your friends, this interactive app also connects you with people having the same zodiac sign as yours.

Pretty much ubiquitous, Co-Star provides you the birth chart info based on your date of birth for completely free. Apart from reading your sun sign, the personalized horoscope will shed light on different parts of your life by tracking the planetary movements at the exact time and place you were born.


  • Planet by planet compatibility
  • Real time updates following the movement of your planets
  • Personal analysis customized to your astrological chart
  • Predictions coupled with NASA date for more accuracy

2. TimePassages ? A breakthrough in birth chart apps

Download for iOS

Comprehensive and fully packed, TimePassages is a perfect app for astrology lovers of all ages. For an insightful view of your true self, the info and interpretations for your natal chart here is detailed and technically advanced enough. The astro perspective will give you deeper understanding about your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign as well.

Unfortunately, this app is not completely free ? only 99 cents and you can get your birth chart calculated. Not really expensive, so it?s worth using!

With the help of TimePassages, it?s much easier to access a variety of incredible astrology features and even draw birth charts for your friends. There?s a lot to explore, so don?t hesitate to unveil your fate at your fingertips.


  • In-depth descriptions for your sun, moon, and rising signs and daily horoscopes
  • Create your birth chart with beautiful graphics packed with profound interpretations
  • Personalized forecast for your unique natal chart
  • Compatibility meter helps to reveal the chemistry and potential in different facets of two people

3. AstroMatrix Horoscopes ? Easy tool for learning your birth chart

AstroMatrix Horoscopes
Download for Android Download for iOS

With the aim of helping you understand your birth chart fully, AstroMatrix is packed with many reports and features easy to learn and absolutely free. Please note that this app offers detailed descriptions on not only your sun sign but also every of your planet positions.

Learning about the transiting planets and houses in the natal chart will help you open to more opportunities in all aspects (love, career, mentality, etc.) and get healed with emotional issues. In addition to charts and horoscopes, this is also a good app for tarot readings and compatibility matching tests.

If you don?t want an app working with basic astrology, then choose AstroMatrix for more advanced information.


  • Horoscopes focusing on interpersonal planets and the path of the moon to find out its impact on your birth chart
  • Zodiacal compatibility reports for couples
  • Complete astrological calendar for all planets
  • Free daily 3-card tarot readings

4. Planetary Times ? A pro toolkit of reading birth chart for astrologers

Planetary Times
Download for Android

Here comes another worth checking app: Planetary Times!

This app will calculate true time intervals from sunrise/sunset and help tracking the ruling planetary hour correctly. It?s really useful for making the best use of time and letting you achieve the most with the current. If you?re interest in planetary hour calculation, then Planetary Times is perfect for you.

You can use the app for an occult reading based on your birth data. The displayed info provides valuable details regarding traditional planets of your zodiac ruling at the moment you were born.

Planetary Times is an exclusive astrology app for Android users.


  • Daily planetary schedule based on the real time
  • Moon Tracker is a feature tracking your personally astrological date, such as lunar age, zodiac sign, zodiac house, moon phase, sun aspect, and so on
  • Natal chart analysis
  • Congruence meter has the aim of calculating your mood

5. AstroSage Kundli ? Most used birth chart software

AstroSage Kundli
Download for Android Download for iOS

While all the above apps are created using the Western astrology system, AstroSage Kundli is one of rare software based on Vedic astrology. Just a few taps and you can gain glimpse into your birth chart using the popular astrology type of Indians. By selecting your date of birth, you will then receive a vast amount of personalized and thorough information in return.

Not wasting your time at all, this astrology app guarantees to provide instant calculations; for example, you can tell the ruling planet of the current time within a few seconds.

Quickly get this free app for your phone and check out new yearly horoscope predictions of 2024 for your zodiac sign. Talk to professional astrologers for a real reading on your love compatibility or other matters.


  • Personalized horoscope predictions using Vedic astrology
  • Throughout moon sign forecasts
  • 16 divisional charts for better understanding about your natal chart
  • Kundli matching for 2024
  • Interesting test and video for learning astrology

6. Time Nomad ? Best free birth chart app for iPhone

Time Nomad
Download for iOS

Just like the trustworthy California Psychics app, Time Nomad is one of the top choices of astrologers; sadly, it?s still not available on Google Play yet. For iOS users, snatch it from the AppStore from today to discover your birth chart to the greatest extent.

Not only analyzing one?s natal chart, this amazing app can also draw up charts for any place and time; by that, you can gain insights and clarity into all parts of your life based on the astrological view. Time Nomad allows you to create an unlimited amount of personal astrological profiles ? you can store the data on the iCloud account without registration requirement.

Considered as a reliable psychic reading app, Time Nomad with their virtual advisors will answer all of your questions.


  • Summary of upcoming astrological events
  • Zodiac calculator of different kinds
  • Accurate astrological chart with a vast array of phases
  • Natal chart analysis in details

7. Astro Veda ? Authentic birth chart reading service

Astro Veda
Download for Android Download for iOS

Have any horoscope question? Access Astro Veda for genuine astrology answers from the real gurus there. This personalized horoscope and Vedic astrology app is totally free with no ads ? it?s such an ideal place for trusted astrological service.

Available 24/7, this app has a team of authentic and profound astrologers that can provide visitors effective yet affordable astrology readings for guidance from the stars. They draw your birth chart and continue making use of nakshatra for predictions ? feel free to have a horoscope chat with your favorite guru.

Before gaining from the service, you need to create a profile at Astro Veda and insert your personal birth info accurately.


  • Ask anything regarding different aspects of your daily life
  • Horoscope compatibility and soulmate reading to enhance your love life
  • Advanced birth chart reading for the better
  • Daily lucky colors and numbers
  • Vedic remedy

8. AstroWorx ? Ideal birth chart app for ambitious astrologers

Download for Android Download for iOS

AstroWorx is another must have application if you?re an astrology enthusiast. This software has the similar aim to TimePassages but less complicated. Its colorful chart and cool features will leave a big impression on users. With a purchase of $9.99, you can access house systems, read the solar reports, and get birth charts combined for synastry readings.

If you look for an app more readable than TimePassages, then quickly get AstroWorx from today. Not just an ordinary app, it provides more than general texts you often find in newspapers ? the horoscopes mention crucial character traits and behavior patterns.

There are two main themes to choose: dark blue and white.

You will not regret downloading AstroWorx Astrology!


  • Different chart types for consideration
  • Details on traditional planets of the solar system
  • General info about asteroids and sensitive points
  • Easily select the place of birth for exact birth chart readings
  • Multi languages

9. iLuna ? Never miss a full moon with this birth chart app

Download for Android Download for iOS

The next app in the list is iLuna, also known as an interactive astrological calendar.

What does it benefit users? By using iLuna, you can check accurate displayed information about the moon?s phase, the zodiac sign corresponding to each phase, and the interval from 2000 to 2029. Moreover, simply tap and you?ll receive in-depth descriptions and explanations as well for every piece of data.

Since the app uses the default time zone on your device, it allows you to change the time zone when moving to different locations for precision. Turn on the notification and you?ll know when the event predicted by iLuna really occurs.


  • Helpful interactive astrological calendar
  • Calculate the moon?s phase and corresponding zodiac signs at certain times
  • Custom setting for the time zone
  • Free app with no ads

10. Daily Horoscope Plus ? Perfectly packed for birth chart readings

Daily Horoscope Plus
Download for Android Download for iOS

You think that horoscope is enough when it comes to learning your zodiac sign? Well, the answer is wrong! Try Daily Horoscope Plus and you will gain in-depth information for your birth chart. Besides, this app also offers numerology reports, tarot card readings, and personality forecasts based on your blood type.

In order to learn more about your future love life, don?t miss out the compatibility feature which helps you check your compatibility rate with not only your partner but also your celebrity crush. Sounds interesting, huh?

This is the most popular app for reading birth chart in 2024 ? download it immediately if you are astrology lovers. The in-app data is delivered by well-experienced and profound astrologers, so gain insight now!


  • Highly accurate horoscope for 12 zodiac signs
  • Free, comprehensive, and informative birth chart reports
  • Love matching test
  • Trending articles about horoscope predictions
  • A variety of cool features: fortune cookie, Chinese horoscope, druid tree forecasts, etc.


If you love astrology and want to delve into intuitive insights about cosmos through the natal chart based on your birth date, then have a look at the list of informative apps for birth chart readings in this article.

Daily horoscopes usually focus on your sun sign alone; however, the birth chart app will dig into more than that. You?ll obtain the clarity into the planetary transitions and house system, as well as your moon and rising signs. These factors are very important for understanding your true self better.

Leave your comment if having any question!

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