Best Astrology App To Stay Positive Every Day (Top 10 Picks)

Do you believe in what?s written in the stars?

If yes, then this article is definitely made for you!

Nowadays it?s very convenient as you can get celestial guidance anytime and wherever you go. Astrology apps have become popular ? it allows you to access astrological insights and find out what is in store for you with just a click.

Discover hundreds of astrology apps at your fingertips!

By getting yourself informed by the best astrology app, you?ll gain reassurance to confront against the unsteady world.

10 FREE Best Apps for Astrology Readings 2020

Back then, it was common for people to catch a glance at the horoscope column in magazines or newspaper. The content for each astrological sign reveals the personality traits, love compatibility, and other life facets of one.

Who would say no if they know the way help them lean much about themselves?

Double the comfort and convenience, astrology apps are customized with many functions ranging from daily, monthly, and yearly horoscopes, Chinese zodiac forecasts, and compatibility chart to personalized readings.

Don?t hesitate to gain insights based on your date of birth on the go!

Here are 10 chosen astrology apps worth checking out:

#1: AstroSage Kundli ? The #1 choice for best astrology app

AstroSage Kundli
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  • Vedic astrology with traditional features
  • Personalized future predictions
  • Moon sign horoscopes
  • Horoscope or Kundali matching
  • Video and text tutorials for learning astrology
  • North and South Indian birth chart style in colors

The famous website about Vedic horoscope is now available on Google Play and App Store. Download it for your smartphone from today and the fate of your life will be on your hand.

Compared to other astrology apps, AstroSage Kundli comes with tons of Hindu astrology, Indian astrology, and Vedic astrology features that will surely surprise you in the first-time using.

One of the best apps for birth chart readings, AstroSage Kundli delivers accurate personal horoscopes with detailed predictions. Not analyzing your zodiac sign alone, the system also works with your moon sign and birth chart fully for an insightful reading. Moreover, you can immediately know the ruling planet of any certain time with this astrology software.

If you want to learn about astrology, this app is considered as a great choice.

#2: AstroTalk ? Delivering accurate horoscope predictions

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  • The best app providing only accurate predictions
  • A great number of verified, most professional astrologers of India
  • Many different types of astrology
  • Contact an astrologer via chat and phone

Not any single app about astrology can beat AstroTalk when it comes to interpreting the stars for predictions. While others provide the horoscope for your zodiac sign with brief information, this app uses a series of advanced astrology mechanisms ? Vedic astrology, Hindu astrology, KP astrology, Nadi astrology, and more.

Therefore, you shouldn?t be cautious about its accuracy.

AstroTalk has long been a trustworthy name among astrology lovers. If you have any question about your zodiac sign, access this app and contact a spiritual expert for wise words. Please note that a live chat or call with astrologers online will cost you a purchase.

For those who are suffering from love, relationship, or marriage related problems, you should pay AstroTalk a visit because most of their psychics specialize in these fields.

#3: The Daily Horoscope ? Instant astrological guidance with a click

The Daily Horoscope
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  • Daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes
  • General zodiac horoscope for 2020
  • Annual Chinese zodiac forecast
  • Druid horoscope
  • Compatibility between zodiac signs

Get your horoscope readings from a top-rated astrology app on Google Play as well as App Store ? the Daily Horoscope.

Accessible fast and easily, this app not only offers the basic zodiac forecast (daily, monthly, and annually) for its users but also has other types of horoscopes, such as zodiac characteristics, compatibility readings for each two zodiac signs, and yearly horoscope for all Chinese signs.

Set up the ?Daily Reminders? feature to be the first one reading the daily horoscope per day; in addition, the app allows you to adjust the color and font size in Settings.

To date, the Daily Horoscope with its accuracy has gained more than 10 million users.

#4: Susan Miller?s Astrology Zone (FREE Version) ? Most recommended astrology app

Susan Miller's Astrology Zone (FREE Version)
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  • Short daily horoscopes with yesterday, today, and tomorrow predictions
  • Detailed monthly forecasts for 12 signs
  • Quick compatibility reports
  • Easy navigation

Here is one of the most recommended astrology apps ? Astrology Zone!

Provided by Susan Miller, the queen of astrology with nearly 20 years of experience in reading horoscopes, Astrology Zone will surely satisfy all users with its precise daily and monthly zodiac forecasts as well as other astrological life predictions. Don?t hesitate to get assistance from this award-winning app if you?re in need of wisdom to plan your future.

Astrology Zone indeed has two versions: the FREE and the PREMIUM.

With the free version, you?ll find Miller?s daily horoscopes in short descriptions, planetary news, and detailed monthly forecasts with nearly 3,500 words long.

Due to her health issues, Miller is unable to update the horoscope reports as frequent as before; that explains why the app has negative reviews. However, it?s her quality and accuracy making Astrology Zone still stand out amongst other astrology apps.

If you expect more advanced and intuitive information with no advertisement, get yourself the premium version.

#5: iHoroscope ? Comprehensive horoscopes with live chat

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  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes
  • Seasonal horoscopes
  • Love compatibility
  • Live forecast readings

Get iHoroscope for your phone and start your day with positive vibes only.

Like how an astrology app works, iHoroscope is a relatively good option for tracking your unique horoscope and figuring out what the stars hold for you for free. It gives you chances to gain insights into the near future via forecasts for today, tomorrow, the week, month, and a whole year.

The offered predictions based on your zodiac sign unveil a lot about your life; for example, you?ll have a glimpse on whether your career will earn success or you will encounter your true love.

Interestingly, this app is packed with the ?Live Chat Reading? feature, which means you can chat live with authentic astrologers for clear and reliable answers in a flash.

#6: Instantgo ? Unique horoscope readings with tarot

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  • Discover your spiritual path and get useful advice
  • Instant answers from most talented tarot astrologers and other psychic advisors through chat readings
  • Different horoscopes
  • Free daily tarot forecasts
  • Oracle and lucky number predictions

Trust me when I say a horoscope reading does not deal with your zodiac sign alone. Things become a bit tricky when you want to understand the real meaning; that?s why contacting a spiritual expert is very crucial.

At Instantgo, everything complicated will be sorted out with no difficulty. This like-minded community is such an ideal place to discover and freely share your opinions about the cosmos, planets, karma, and other astro predictions.

Apart from future forecasts based on date of birth, this app additionally provides other ways letting you learn about your fate. Most greatly, you can chat or call your preferred psychics immediately. Their thorough guidance plays a big role in helping you get over unexpected hurdles and make right decisions.

Sign up and you will get a personal virtual assistant that can automatically response for you with suitable answers!

#7: AstroMatrix ? Detailed astrology reports for precision

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  • Detailed birth chart reports for free
  • Daily and monthly horoscopes
  • Love compatibility
  • In-depth 3-card tarot readings
  • Featuring retrograde calendar for the next year

It?s not easy to fully understand the birth chart; fortunately, AstroMatrix can help you with that effortlessly. Free and easy to install, the app provides a variety of different forecasts and reports to help you gain clarity of your birth chart.

All the horoscope predictions are handy, accurate and serve right to your needs.

If you?re tired of the inauthenticity of some other apps, then let AstroMatrix clear away your disappointment. Not only considering your sun sign, the system also works with your time and place of birth in order to increase the precision of your future forecast as well as astrology readings.

The daily horoscope there focuses chiefly on the path of the moon and its impact on your birth planets, whereas the weekly horoscope keeps you updated on both opportunities and challenges awaiting you ahead by analyzing your personal planets.

#8: Sun Signs ? In-depth astrology insights about life aspects

Sun Signs
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  • Free horoscope for today, tomorrow, week, month, and for 2020
  • Free & premium tarot readings
  • Love compatibility for all signs
  • Full-length psychic readings in private
  • Astrology games (Mood Ring, Fortune Cookie, and Magic 8 Ball)

Feel curious about your destiny?

Visit Sun Signs and get the answer you?ve yearned for! This is one of genuine psychic reading apps comes with plenty of ways for you to solve the mystery from the stars above ? daily forecasts, love match compatibility, psychic predictions, tarot card readings, and spiritual games.

For those who are in need of in-depth insight and clarity on love, career, health, finances, and family, simply contact with expert astrologers, tarot interpreters, or psychics. New users will be offered a 10-minute premium reading from an authentic advisor for only $1.99 through the app.

If you need advanced advice and wisdom from the cosmos, stay updated with the Sun Signs app.

#9: Astrolis Horoscopes & Tarot ? Truthful, exact astrology readings

Astrolis Horoscopes & Tarot
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  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and 2020 horoscopes
  • Love forecasts
  • Love match compatibility
  • Free 3-card tarot readings (updated per day)
  • In-app customization

What is special about Astrolis Horoscopes & Tarot?

I must say this app for astrology readings is quite accurate, extensive, and of course worth your attention.

Astrolis works with planetary positions and one?s date of birth for appropriate and relevant horoscopes. Choose your zodiac sign and have quick descriptions into different aspects of your life in the future, such as love relationships, career, etc. With the Daily Outlook feature, you also receive a summary related to key issues you may need to face against later.

Don?t hesitate to take a look at daily compatibility between 12 zodiac signs available to figure out your connection with people close to you. Interestingly, Astrolis offers its users a free 3-card tarot reading every single day.

Unlike other tarot apps, this one has the Custom Settings in which you can personalize and style it in the way you prefer the most.

#10: Chaturanga Astrology ? Best horoscopes for a brighter path

Chaturanga Astrology
Download for Android Download for iOS


  • Personal relationship astrology advice
  • Compatibility check for all zodiac signs
  • Daily, weekly, monthly horoscopes and other periodical predictions
  • Astrology readings based on planetary transits
  • Compatible with Apple Watch

Right now you are so confused about your future and just wish for a compass that can lead you to a brighter path. Put your frustration aside as Chaturanga is here to advise and shed a light in your soul.

Once accessing the Chaturanga Astrology app, all you need to do is to share your birth data and ask the question in need of an answer. You?ll then get connected to a legit astrologer who will make a natal chart based on your info and do a quick horoscope reading for you.

Instead of using the basic Western astrology, all spiritual experts on this app mainly utilize Jyotish ? an ancient Vedic astrology ? combined with numerology and horary birth chart. Put it simply, your horoscope will focus on your moon sign and ascendant, not your sun sign as usual.

Chaturanga has a large selection of astrologers specializing in different topics, like career, relationships, health, and finances, so that they can deliver the most comprehensive answer to their users.

Final Thoughts

Do you have the best astrology app for yourself?

Not all of them are made for the same purposes ? some primarily focus on horoscope readings based on zodiac signs, while some emphasize on analyzing one?s personal birth chart. Indeed, the variety of info from each app can provide needed advice and decisions to different aspects of your daily reality.

Let us know whether or not you have experience with our chosen astrology apps above and also what you think!

We would love if you can share other apps regarding horoscope and astrology readings which are absent from the list here.

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