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We are living a life storing lots of answers about our destiny.

What we want to know seem endless.

In order to gain insight into your possibilities and questions, you do need the guidance from someone who is skilled and talented enough at finding clarity in the psychic realm.

Don’t stay confused anymore!

At Psychic Source, the slogan: ?Life Possibilities. Revealed.? is the primary mission that each advisor there will help you achieve.

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Face your future with empowered psychic readings by phone. With just one call away, you will obtain the answers to your most burning questions.

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This website is known for its longest-running psychic reading service online. Established since 1989, Psychic Source is the oldest and most respected company in the psychic industry.

Aside from psychic online chat and video readings, they also deliver phone psychic readings for more convenience. With a very good reputation, this place guarantees to give you the quality beyond your expectation.

Visit this psychic network and you’ll be offered a large selection of certified psychic experts covering many different psychic specialties.

Why Choose a Phone Psychic Reading?

a psychic reading by phone brings you many benefits

What I like most about this service is any type of reading can be done accurately over the phone. Whether you want to talk with an astrologer or look for advice from a Tarot reader, just make a call and get your problem solved.

No matter which situation you are in, Psychic Source has a full list of hundreds of gifted phone psychics to choose from.

I’m pretty sure that you can find the psychic advisor who’s right for you.

Don’t need to worry if this is your first time!

This network has the ?Call Me’ feature allowing you to start your phone reading directly from the site with ease. Simply choose the psychic you feel most drawn into for the upcoming session, click ?Call Me’ and you’ll receive the guidance from your favored psychic on the phone.

Or when you’re on the phone system, you can tell which advisors are available due to their greeting messages. In case you’re a regular client of one certain advisor, then save your time by dial the number they gave you before.

Look for Psychic Source phone number?

Call 1-844-240-2471 for quick answers!

Is Psychic Source phone readings absolutely trustworthy?

Compared to other networks, Psychic Source is the oldest and most experienced psychic website. Undoubtedly, this place is highly recommended if you are seeking out the psychic’s advice and answer.

I’ve tried the service at Psychic Source several times and I have to say that it’s the quality setting them apart from the rest.

Thanks to the extensive advisor screening and ongoing quality assurance process, you’ll either gain authentic phone readings or get the refund.

Yup, this network has the 100% satisfaction guaranteed letting you to ask for your money if everything cannot satisfy you at all. By always upholding their Code of Ethics, Psychic Source commits their reading service on the phone is safe, risk-free, insightful, and enjoyable.

The company has 30 years of experience in doing psychic readings as well as offering enlightened advice for life changing. Over three decades, thousands of people have put their faith upon Psychic Source whenever in need of guidance, insight, and predictions.

Maybe it’s now your time to begin your personal growth journey.

Types of psychic readings work best on the phone

Actually all types of readings can be performed genuinely through phone, from an empath to a skill dream interpreter.

If you don’t really like to type or are too shy to make the video call, then the phone reading is the most ideal option. Not yet, you can contact with a psychic anytime and anywhere for your convenience.

Now you can receive your advisor’s spiritual advice while enjoying the comfort on your sofa. In addition, the phone psychic won’t take much time in giving important insights and answers to things you want to know most.

What if you feel not compatible well with an advisor?

It’s completely okay if you and your psychic don’t have a good connection. During a session, be honest and politely tell your feelings before end the call. Don’t mind continuing browsing until you find someone that can truly tune in to your energy.

In the first-paid reading, each of them will come with free minutes no credit card.

Psychic Source is the home of nearly 400 gifted phone psychics; thus, I believe that you can easily meet the one who’s right for you!

Things to know about phone psychic readings

For those who’ve never had a reading over the phone before, there’s nothing to anxious.

When accessing Psychic Source, the advisors make sure to keep the spiritual session straightforward, simple, and satisfying. The certain thing is you will achieve empowered experience every time.

Below, I come up with a few things that you should keep in mind whenever planning for a psychic reading:

  • Feel free to hang up at any time if you are not satisfied with the service
  • The psychic will only charge the number of minutes spent talking to you on the phone
  • You can only ask for a phone psychic reading if you have enough money in the registered account
  • The Psychic Source system will give you a notice of adding more dollars whenever your account does not have enough money to proceed a phone reading
  • You will never get charged more than what you have in your account
  • No need to worry about hidden fees or extra charges
  • Authentic psychics in this network offer the 100% money back guaranteed
  • It’s completely free if you are unhappy with your last live phone psychic reading

Things to expect from the first psychic phone reading

Here are some tips for individuals who are going to get the first psychic phone reading:

  • Browse through the psychic list and you will get to know all gifted phone psychics active on Psychic Source. Each has a profile page in which you can easily find any sort of information regarding their background, ability, specialty, and experience, as well as their schedules, ratings and reviews.
  • Let’s see what other customers talk about their psychic telephone readings.
  • Select several phone psychics whom you’d like to receive the insight from. At this network, you can create a ?Wish List’ of your own by gathering the ones you favored most.
  • Prepare a list of questions that you really need to ask during the phone session.
  • Enjoy your very first psychic reading over the telephone.

Is there any special offer for new customer?

People who have never purchased a specific reading on Psychic Source will get the free guide to psychic reading services. Moreover, 3 free minutes are available for those who already pay for the first reading.

If you have previously been provided a free trial, then you’ll get charged from the beginning in the second visit.

Remember that free minutes have no cash value.

How is Psychic Source’s Screening Process?

In order to gain the most from a reading, you need the assistance from a legitimate and intuitive psychic advisor.

psychic source only recruits best of the best

With a network having a large base of advisors like Psychic Source, the screening process is necessary. This helps you avoid getting involved in cold readings or losing money from scammers.

This psychic site puts all of their psychics through rigorous screening before allowing them to serve their ability on the site. If one wants to work on Psychic Source, they have to fill out a detailed application firstly in which they are required to list their experience as a psychic.

After they succeed with the initial test, they have to deliver one or two psychic readings (the length is about 10-15 minutes for each) to a representative of the network.

The thorough screening process reassures you one thing: you only find authentic psychic advisors on the site. They are all talented and full of experience. By accessing to the user reviews of each (both good and bad), you can be more confident with your selection.

All readers from Psychic Source are trustworthy and reliable.

What Makes Psychic Source Stand out?

Qualified, thoroughly screened psychics

Unlike other psychic networks where anybody can roll in and start offering the reading service online, Psychic Source tests and screens their applicants rigorously.

As I just told earlier, those who work for this psychic company had to go through a strict test; therefore, be assured that all the readers on the site are legit. You will never encounter a scammer there, for sure.

A wide range of psychic specialties

Come to Psychic Source and you can find the reading covering all kinds of topics, from relationship counseling to Tarot card reading?and more.

So, depending on your situation, you’ll definitely meet a psychic suitable for your needs and enabling to serve what you’re looking for.

Great introductory rate and affordable pricing

If you are new to phone psychic readings and looking for a place offering great introductory rates, then Psychic Source is my recommendation.

They have some incredible introductory packages for new clients only.

Normally the advisors will set their own prices. Be patient to do the research as there are some readings available to fit any budget. Much greater, the site also does the refund or saves your credits if you aren’t happy with a reading.

A vast array of communication options

How to contact with a psychic on Psychic Source?

You can get in touch with them via 3 main ways: live chat room readings, video chat, or over the phone. Not all people are comfortable with the same style of reading; hence, this network gives you the chance to pick what you prefer most.

How Much a Reading Costs?

For those wondering about the pricing and special offers at Psychic Source, I already have the answer for you.

On this site, you’ll see some very attractive introductory specials during the registration process. Choose one among 3 different packages and you’ll gain 3 free minutes at the beginning of your phone reading.

Minutes Introductory Offer
30 $30.00
20 $20.00
10 $10.00

(Last updated: December 2018)

The best value of all 3 packages is 3 minutes free included to each.

You will get discounted if having the promo code, additionally.

There are lots of psychics delivering the reading with a cheap price ($0.66 per minute), while some just charge expensively ($10-15 per minute).

It’s up to you to select the reader appropriate to your budget. Nothing is certain ? for example, a reading with a higher price doesn’t mean the service provided is better. So before asking for a reading, you’re advised to read all customer reviews.

Consider what exactly you’re in need of and let your intuition guide you.

Importantly, Psychic Source does NOT have the?free psychic mediums reading over the phone program, so don’t mistaken.

Bottom Line

Caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable, psychics on Psychic Source can shed light into your problem from different perspectives.

With a rich selection of specialties, affordable pricing, and 100% satisfaction guarantee, Psychic Source really raises the bar of a psychic website. Compared to other places, its phone psychic readings are offered in a high standard.

Are you ready to try out your first phone reading?

Don’t forget to leave your feedback after!

Visit Psychic Source for a check on phone psychic readings now!

CALL NOW: 1-844-240-2471

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