#1 Free Psychic Text Chat Readings (With 3 BEST Networks)

Looking for a psychic reading with no risk?

Or, are you in a hurry for a full-length session?

If you don’t want to lose your money on the first reading, then maybe you can consider trying free psychic text chat. This service helps you test a psychic’s ability and determine whether you want to continue the reading.

You will only get charged once you used all the free minutes.

Sound good so far?

Then read on:

Where Offering Live Psychic Chat for Real?

1. CaliforniaPsychics.com: Phone readings with high accuracy rate done by over hundreds of trusted psychic advisors. Real reviews and satisfaction guaranteed!
Current special introductory offer: First reading at a very low price – $1 per min.

Call NOW: (866) 552-3943

Visit California Psychics site!

2. Kasamba.com: The longest running online psychic network to date. Talk with only experienced and gifted psychics who’ve spent decades serving the spiritual reading service.

Current special introductory offer: First 3 minutes FREE and 50% OFF discount

Visit Kasamba site!

3. Oranum.com: Real-time video chat readings offered by more than 2000 tested, accurate psychic advisors from all over the globe. Just log in and chat with any of them for 100% FREE!

Current special introductory offer: Free unlimited live chat

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Nowadays there are plenty of psychic networks offering the free trial in the beginning of a reading for their new customers.

In this article, not wasting your time for the research, I come up with two best online psychic sites in which you can get one affordable psychic chat reading + free minutes.

Gain Clarity of 3 Top-Rated Free Psychic Text Chat Networks

1. CALIFORNIA PSYCHICS ? Psychic Text Chat at a Low Rate


Finding a reliable psychic network online is always tricky.

For individuals who just start searching for psychic readings online, our first choice is undoubtedly California Psychics. This network is one of leading sites well known for offering best phone readings, but how about the text chat services?

Is CA Psychics really the real deal where you can trust when it comes to providing honest readings?

Keep track of the following review to make sure you won’t end up losing both money and time!

What is California Psychics?

Established in 1995, California Psychics is one of reputable psychic sites guaranteeing to connect you with only premier spiritual advisors. With 25 years of experience in this industry, the company has served more than 6 million clients.

Not that all are satisfied; however, this is still a reliable place for anyone looking for a legit, trustworthy psychic reading over the phone and by text chat.

Feel skeptical about their psychics’ abilities?

Before hiring a reader, California Psychics will test their abilities ? all must pass through the screening process with multiple interviews if wanting to work for this site officially.

California Psychics is different from other sites

Don’t know if you can trust CA Psychics absolutely?

I’ve many experiences with this network, and I ensure you (despite some shortcomings which I’ll mention later) CA Psychics does have honest and trustworthy elements that you can feel at ease whenever planning to use the service there.

  • Long reputation (since 1995)
  • Outstanding and profound readers who’ve done over 10,000 readings
  • Special introductory offer starts at $1 per minute
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Thorough and rigorous screening process
  • Payment methods are secure and private
  • Client support is available 24/7

So far, you don’t need to worry about rip-offs or scams because those circumstances rarely occur at California Psychics. If you encounter a fraud on this site, quickly report them by calling the hotline: (866) 552-3943!

Tips to find BEST advisors at California Psychics

Due to their strict screening process and multiple interviews, it’s not hard to meet certified advisors at California Psychics. The network has a large selection of psychics sorted into different categories; thanks to that, you can select an accurate one for your situation.

Talking about choosing the best psychic, you must trust your intuition.

Access the main page and start browsing through the profile of all available psychic advisors. Have a close glance at all the faces and pick the person you’re most drawn to; on the other hand, simply ignore those whom you feel off.

Each psychic’s profile includes many details that reveal the number of readings they’ve done on California Psychics, their reading style and tools, their abilities, their schedule, the kind of reading they provide, testimonial from previous customers, and other background information.

There are 3 different classifications for readers working on CA Psychics based on their experience and feedback: Popular, Preferred, and Premium.

Top 3 best readers at California Psychics

Wonder who are currently the best on this psychic reading site?

Below, I’ve picked out 5 reliable names that you can purchase phone or text chat readings without worrying about taking risk:

#1: Eve

Eve has been a reader for CA Psychics since 2010 and has delivered nearly 55,000 of readings throughout 10 years. Most of her sessions focusing on relationships, past lives, and communication with deceased loved ones.

About her psychic abilities, she’s known as a medium, an empath and a clairaudient.

This advisor uses no tools during a reading; instead, her method is to connect to her spirit guides for insights.

#2: Layla

With 6 years working on California Psychics, Layla has given more than 20,000 readings to all vulnerable individuals, helping them handle their love and relationships, finance, destiny and life path.

Tarot, astrology, and oracle cards are three most common tools this advisor usually uses as a way to strengthen her sessions.

Possessing a strong intuition at a young age, she is now a professional empath, as well as a clairaudient and a clairsentient.

#3: Tyler

Though she’s the one less experience in this list (since 2017), it doesn’t mean Tyler is not a good psychic. Offering over 14,000 readings means she’s help plenty of people on solving a variety of issues in their lives.

Areas she tends to concentrate on are life path, past lives, love life, relationships, and destiny. This reader is not only an empath expert but also a dream interpreter, and her reading style is compassionate.

In order to answer your questions accurately, she usually makes use of crystal balls, Tarot, and oracle cards.

Is California Psychics a scam?

After our reviews here, I think California Psychics does have some good reasons to earn a great reputation for a long period. Lots of talented and intuitive readers are at this network, so you will surely get yourself a genuine reading.

Call NOW: (866) 552-3943

Visit California Psychics site!

2. KASAMBA ? Free Online Psychic Talk + 50% OFF

Ask Kasamba psychics for clear insights into your situation

One certain thing is that getting a real, honest psychic reading online can be really challenging.

Although there are lots of psychic networks these days, not many of them are worth your expectation. Some places charge a very high price for their readings yet the quality is just average.

Luckily, the appearance of Kasamba in the psychic world has changed the mind of most skeptics.

What is Kasamba?

People heard or knew about Kasamba in 1999. Over 15 years in the psychic industry, the company has a long reputation of helping each individual find the truth in life.

Don’t be surprised if you see over tens of thousands of reviews on the profile page of some psychic advisors ? it’s the evidence for Kasamba long experience.

The operation of Kasamba is primarily seen as a chat based network, which means you have to use an instant messenger type app in order to contact with a certain psychic there. Not wasting your time at all, this is a convenient and easy way to gain a glimpse into your life whenever you need.

The website also has the privacy policy!

All the psychic advisors guarantee to keeps the conversations with their clients more private. Or, you can choose to stay anonymous so that your personal info will be completely protected.

How is Kasamba Different from Other Psychic Sites?

This is one of the longest running online psychic networks to date.

The psychic reading service at Kasamba is done mainly via online chat. Each advisor there offers a simple chat platform where they can answer your question by texting. Or, you can consider interacting with them using an easy phone app!

Knowing your need, some psychic also do email and phone readings.

Each advisor has a different rate point for charging, depending on their abilities and experience; therefore, there is a wide variety accessible for the different budgets of all people. Since this network has no prepay requirement, you won’t get asked to give your credit card information during the signing up process.

Types of Readings that Kasamba Psychics Offer

This psychic network is famous for its incredibly huge selection of psychics.

Lots of experienced and gifted psychics have been working on Kasamba for more than a decade. Their gifts and services are as unique as them; therefore, be rest-assured that you can find the real advisor of your needs.

Patiently read all the details in each psychic reader’s profile and trust your intuition and you will find the one you naturally gravitate to.

But, for those who need a particular type of psychic reading, maybe the following list will be extremely useful.

Here’s a snippet of what is currently offered at Kasamba:

1. Psychic Readings

This kind of reading means the psychic will avail their gift called ESP (extra-sensory perception) to connect to spirit guides or angels from the spirit world so that they can help you answer your questions.

They can possess clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, or claircognizance.
A typical psychic reading tunes in to your energy and mainly focuses on your current emotional state; by that, the advisor can gain insight into your potential life path from the present. They will come with advice and guidance helping you maintain your current emotions always at a good state.

They will also unravel your past, karmic ties, and behaviors from past lives which probably are holding you back from what you want.

2. Love Readings
  • Who will become your life partner?
  • Is your current mate your true soulmate?
  • Is he either being honest or a cheater?
  • Is your current relationship the everlasting one?
  • When will you get married?

When it comes to love relationships, I bet you have a handful of questions to ask Fortunately, Kasamba is claimed to have some very best love psychics on the web; simply contact them and you will receive the answer to your questions in real time.

3. Fortune Telling

Please keep in mind that future is never set in stone.

Nonetheless, everything does have an exception, right? Sometimes there are certain probabilities of future occurrences happening based on where you are in the current time.

Let me reveal that many Kasamba psychics specialize in fortune telling. This type of reading will shed light on your path of destiny so that you will know exactly where it leads you in the future and what to expect up ahead.

They utilize different techniques as well as divination tools to help you find your possibilities. The psychic’s precise guidance is a great big assistance for making future decisions.

4. Tarot Readings

If you are into the psychic reading field, you must know the power of Tarot cards.

Yes, Tarot readings give you insight into your past, present and future as well as offer guidance corresponding to each stage in life.

During a session, depend on your circumstance and they will do a particular spread in which they pull out a certain number of cards. An experienced Tarot reader will work through the symbolism and subconscious to interpret the story behind your chosen cards.

Trust me ? just only one card can reveal a lot of things about your life.

No matter what you want to know, Tarot readings answer all of your questions, whether it’s large or small, specific or general.

5. Career Forecasts
  • Did you make the right choices in your career?
  • Will you get the promotion?
  • What should you do to get the job promotion?
  • Should you quit your job to start your own business?

No need to worry about your career path as now you can get the assistance from Kasamba psychics at any time. Specializing in career reading predictions, they enable to point out reasons causing a lot of anxiety in your life currently.

They will instantly offer you solutions and guidance so that you can move on the right direction and achieve the most success in your career. Moreover, they will even provide you the remedy assisting you in finding peace of mind.

And much more!

Special Introductory Offers

Have you tried the Kasamba service yet?

If not, then instantly join with other clients currently receiving the spiritual guidance.
Compared to other network, Kasamba also has a reasonable introductory offer for their clients. Though there’s no free psychic readings online chat, you’ll get 3 first minutes free at the beginning of your session.

Make sure to take full advantage of this offer to find the right Kasamba psychic.

I advise you to try out a few before which one you should really commit.

For any reader you choose, they will give you first 3 minutes for absolutely free so that you can ask them one question to ensure you’re compatible with them. If you feel unsatisfied, then quickly end the free session without paying anything.

The first-time customers will get a 50% OFF discount for a paid reading, additionally.

Top 4 Most Outstanding Kasamba Psychics

When doing the research with the Kasamba psychic network, I’ve discovered some of the best psychics currently active on the web.

Check out these prominent names:

#1: David James Psychic Wisdom
David James Psychic Wisdom

He has received over 34,000 reviews with an average 5-star rating!

Considered as one of the highest-rated psychic advisors of this psychic company, he specializes in Tarot readings, rune casting, clairvoyance, astrology, and Kabbalah.

With more than 22 years of experience, his reading will not disappoint you. He will provide you concise guidance leading you toward your goals and easing your burdening feelings.

#2: Golden Eye
Golden Eye

She has earned over 24,000 reviews and an average 5-star rating!

One of top-ranked psychic expert on this network, Golden Eye is extremely professional at providing advice regarding love and relationships. She mainly focuses on performing psychic readings, numerology, Tarot readings, dating & love advice, and so on.

Her guidance is a combination of spiritual and scientific ideas.

Contact this psychic whenever you are in difficult times ? she will help you determine your decisions, make changes, and clarify goals.

#3: Psychic Reader & Healer
Psychic Reader & Healer

This psychic has gained 19,000+ reviews with an average 5-star rating!

He is one of the most Kasamba favorite psychics. Very professional, Psychic Reader & Healer has been serving the reading service for more than 23 years. Ask him any question related to relationships, marriage, finance, and business.

Born with a special ability of knowing what other people are thinking, he enables to help you find out what your intentions in life are. He will also offer unique spirit healings occasionally.

He’s known for being very kind and comforting; thus, his readings will assist you in making decisions and in going through something difficult.

#4: Raven Franks
Raven Franks

This highly recommended psychic has had up to 15,000 reviews with an average 5-star rating!

Raven has over 14 years working on Kasamba. Specializing in clairvoyance, love relationships, empath, intuitive private readings, and time frames, she amazes most people with her very detailed readings, especially when it comes to questions requiring dates, timeframes and specific information.

Furthermore, Raven is able to feel and tap into your thoughts as well as intentions.

If you want to talk with a truthful, compassionate, and accurate psychic, then this Kasamba advisor is a brilliant option.

Pros and Cons

Is the Kasamba Psychic Site Truly Legit?

After I experienced the service at this site, I personally think that Kasamba is a trusted psychic network.

With the experience of almost 20 years in serving the spiritual community and a team of numerous senior psychics, the company deserves the reputation undoubtedly.

When visiting this psychic network, you’ll be offered 3 free minutes with any reader, a satisfaction guarantee, and the option to stay anonymous. A reading with one genuine Kasamba psychic helps solve most of your concerns.

Try a psychic phone reading with free minutes to make sure you’ve picked the right advisor; if not, simply get your refund.

Are you ready to try?

Visit Kasamba site!

3. ORANUM ? Best Free Psychic Chat Rooms No Credit Card

Join in Oranum for a completely free psychic chat online

Sometimes you may get frustrated or confused with all the matters in your life, like you don’t know which decisions to make in your love or relationships, or you’re having a hard time to find the path you want to do going forward.

Naturally, you tend to reach out for support in difficult times.

That’s where Oranum psychics come in!

What is Oranum?

Oranum operates as a spiritual community focusing mainly on live video chats ? this means you can see the face of your chosen psychic and watch how they perform a reading. Depending on your preference, simply select between face-to-face interaction and staying hidden.

Legit and well-experienced, psychics work on Oranum make sure to deliver only clear, accurate reading performances.

Oranum will guarantee the convenience and privacy for each client using the reading service on their website. Going nowhere, now you can seek the psychic counsel from the comfort of your home.

More fortunately, the chat reading via webcam allows the reader to gain a better sense of your energy immediately.

Oranum is Different from other Psychic Sites

Delivering the psychic reading service using the webcam platform, Oranum allows you to observe how the psychics work and interact with them live on video.

When clicking on a psychic’s picture, you’ll directly be taken to their free chat rooms where they are having the live chat with other people in the real time. In order to answer your free question, they will pull out one card or provide general info about your situation.

This demo reading helps you get a sense of your favored psychic so that you can tell certainly whether or not they are a scammer.

In general, live video psychic chat gives you an opportunity to see how a psychic interacts with people, how they solve an issue spiritually, and how insightful or honest they seem as well.

Tips to Find BEST Psychics at Oranum

In fact, finding one genuine psychic for your need is not as easy as you think.

Oranum is a home of many professional and experienced psychics coming from over the world. With the variations of psychic power, they enable to deliver all sorts of different readings and healing sessions.

Still more other categories are waiting for your exploration!

Follow these tips to talk to the best Oranum readers:

  • Trust your intuition and click on the picture of the psychics who most interest you
  • Read careful the list of specialties as well as experience and qualifications they mention in the profile
  • Check to see if they’ve won any of Oranum Awards
  • Browse through all the testimonials displaying on their profile to determine whether or not they are the best reader for your reading
  • If they are online, join in the free psychic chat rooms and start engaging with them
  • In case they are unavailable for the chat live, then make a request to go private with them
  • Take advantage of the $9.99 FREE credits

The first key element of finding the right psychic advisor is: you must know what type of reading you’re in need of. Then, simply narrow down from all psychics in that category and pick out the potential one who could really help you.

Top 5 Best Oranum Psychics

When accessing the Oranum webpage, you’ll see the picture and brief introduction of top 100 Oranum psychics on the front page. This list is based on the client feedbacks and the number of awards they received, and of readings they’ve done as well.

The top 100 psychics list help you get an idea of where to start.

Here, I’ve picked out 5 most authentic psychics on the Oranum site:

#1: Heera123

Heera is a naturally gifted psychic as well as a channeler, healer, and energy worker. She has started working on Oranum since 2012.

100% tested, her reading is always on point; also, she is known for being considerate to her customers. During a session, she has a straightforward approach rather than sugar coating. No matter what your question is, she will provide only accurate answers, predictions, clarity and guidance.

You can easily find all the positive reviews about her readings on the profile page.

#2: Alycia Rose
Alycia Rose

Out of all top Oranum psychics, Alycia Rose is the most favored one.

If this is your first time visit her chat room, she will pull one card for you and give her quick answer to your answer in a free online psychic chat. In case you want more in-depth information, then just ask her for a private reading in which she will demonstrate her power.

Honest and completely authentic, this advisor has over 35 years of experience and has worked for Oranum for nearly 7 years.

#3: Visionary Gu
Visionary Gu

If you want to have a psychic consultation related to love matters, then visit Oranum and contact Visionary Gu ? a fortune teller and reiki master specializing in reconciling dating and relationships.

She is a highly experienced psychic with over 5 years working on Oranum and up to 16 years of delivering thousands of readings. When engaging in with Visionary Gu, you’ll receive trustworthy predictions and guidance; sometimes she even comes with time frames.

Revealing only the truth, this psychic advisor does not sugarcoat anything or give you false hope. With her new clients, she will do the one-card reading and provide a little insight.

#4: Healing Lady
Healing Lady

Healing Lady is always in the list of Oranum psychics worth the recommendation. Talented and authentic, she is currently a psychic medium, healer, and energy reader. She enables to help with any problem regarding the love life, relationships, health, career, and future prediction as well.

I’m quite impressed with her compassion. Most of her readings are accurate especially the time frames she offers are always on point. For years working as a psychic, she has given assistance to plenty of Oranum customers.

Healing Lady guarantees to help you find the peace of mind and clarity in life.

#5: Sensei

This Oranum psychic possesses all the ‘clair’ abilities.

He is a natural born psychic specializing in clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance. Rather than using tools, he tends to create a connection with the spirit world for the insight.

His reading with the accuracy rate up to 92% will guarantee to offer only spot on answers and guidance. You’ll get surprised with his friendly and positive approach during a session.

Sensei is one of the most favorite Oranum psychics.

Pros and Cons

Is the Oranum Psychic Site a Scam?

What I like most about Oranum is that they offer live video psychic chat readings so that you can observe the way a reader performs a reading in a live video. Additionally, the free trial allows you to talk to them and get to know them better before deciding which to choose.

The only downside is that no free psychic readings over the phone available at this place.

Overall, Oranum demo readings will help you find someone whom you feel most connected with. Only talking to a good psychic can bring you the best experience with a useful session.

Have a look at the Oranum tutorial in this video:

Visit Oranum site!

Final Verdict

When looking for one psychic chat reading online, you must keep in mind that there are quite a lot of factors to take into consideration.

For a satisfying and successful experience, it’s significant to know what you truly want as well as what you expect. If you are serious about getting a reading, then it’s time to set up a plan and do the research appropriately.

And, a reputable and trustworthy psychic network is the foremost thing you need.

In this article, I’ve strongly recommended California Psychics, Kasamba, and Oranum.

These sites are infamous for engaging in the psychic reading industry for a very long time and providing a list of many legitimate online psychic advisors who enable to find the path of happiness and peace.

While California Psychics offers only the best phone readings, Oranum is the first community delivering live video chat, and Kasamba impresses most people with their honest, intuitive phone reading service.

Believe in your free will and go with the site that you believe you can earn a potentially life-changing experience. Don’t hesitate to let us know which place you decide to try out and share what you’ve been through in a session.

The genuine guidance will give clarity about yourself and your life.

Don’t forget to give us feedback after!

Visit all three networks for your free psychic text chat from today!

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