How To Connect With Your Angels?

Angels always surround us ? in fact, each one of us does have a guardian angel. Why do angels appear in our lives? The word “angel” means messenger; and according to United 21 Resort, angels is responsible for conveying intuitive messages from God (or the Divinity) to humans who are losing directions in the physical world.

Spiritual Angel Messengers

There are many kinds of angels. But, at the moment you were born, a guardian angel would be sent to protect you as well as be with you for eternity for assistance. It does not mean you can sense their presence easily. Whenever you want to form connection with your guardian angel, make sure to be sincere from your mind and soul. Once they hear your inner voice, they will give some tangible signs letting you know they are watching you and willing to help.

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If angles truly exist, why can’t I see them?

Well, the guardian angel is not something that you can see with your physical eyes. The most common sign of an angel’s presence is ? feathers showing up in unexpected places. However, due to the low level of spiritual awareness, a lot of individuals choose to believe in a logical explanation rather than the existence of angelic realm. For example, when seeing a feather, you’ll assume that it has fallen out of a pillow. This is a key hurdle stopping you from connecting with your guardian angel.

In order to strengthen your connection with angels, never limit your sensory awareness to the spirituality field. Ignore the distraction of surrounding environments. Focus on your inner self and your spiritual senses will be awakened.

Signs of an Angel Existence

Here are 7 ways, introduced by United 21 Resort, that will help you experience with your guardian angel:

  • Spending time in prayer everyday will open both your mind and heart
  • Doing meditation is an act of listening to angels? voice and assistance
  • Lighting a candle is also a good way to call out angels for help ? each angel has their own color and scent
  • Creating a sacred space is necessary if you want to meet your divine helpers
  • Writing letters to God or the Divine is another insightful way to gain clarity and guidance
  • Finding your favorite place in nature to heal your mind as well as connect with your Higher Self and the Divine Force
  • Getting an angel card reading online (if needed) to stay connected with your guardian angel, spirit guides and loved ones from the spirit world.

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