When a Capricorn Man is Done with You (6 Signs to Spot)

What happens when a Capricorn man is done with you?

You feel like recently his feelings for you have changed. Does he seem to distance himself from you for no reason? Does that mean he is no longer interested in you? No need to wonder, we will help you get the answer to all of your questions in this article.

As you are at the right place, today we’re going to give you signs of a Capricorn man is done with you and wants to end a partnership.

Has your Capricorn partner fallen out of love?

Here is what astrology reveals about his personality once he’s so done in a love relationship.

How to Know Capricorn Man is Done with You?

capricorn man is done with you

1. He wraps himself in his own shell

Once he withdraws from you, Capricorn man will cocoon himself. In fact this is quite natural because he only feels secure within his shell. He usually wears a cold face when meeting people and only puts it down if there’s a person understanding him on a deeper emotional level.

When he is interested in you, he will try his best to fulfill your needs. Seeing you happy brings him smile because he loves hard. This guy is determined with commitment if he feels you are the right person; therefore, it’s easy to realize his weird behavior if he suddenly creates a wide gap towards you.

Perhaps you’ve done something hurting him badly to the point he chooses to crawl back to his own shell.

2. He stays away from you

Indeed Capricorn man will isolate you once he’s so done with everything.

You can never force this guy to commit because he’s picky. When it comes to choosing the partner of his life, he takes a long time to analyze the person whom he has a keen eye on. He will make a move only if he sees the potential between the two of you.

In case he truly cares about you, Capricorn will introduce you his family and friends, invite you to gatherings of people he’s close with, and claim you as his only. Also, you know you are very special to him if this man behaves protective of you in most situations.

However, the moment he gets tired of you, he will see you less. You won’t find him around you all the time, plus he has no urge to make you feel special with surprising events.

3. He doesn’t contact you at all

Things get worse if you receive no call or text from him.

Capricorn man is infamously ambitious; thus, he more prefers spending time on chasing his life goals to texting or chatting nonsense. He is like a business person due to his workaholic attitude all the time.

Don’t expect him to impress people or get involved in others’ dramas because your Capricorn partner is not that type of guy. He won’t waste his time and energy on useless things. Not a social person also, he has his own way to display his care and feelings when he truly invests in someone.

If your man out of the blue stops sending messages or calling you to ask how your day was in general, then it seems like he doesn’t want to care or involve himself in your life anymore.

4. He becomes a busy person

You find your Capricorn man gets busier these days?

Now think about the first day he started chasing after you, he is quite attentive, right? For sure, when the Capricorn male is into a lady, he really pays a lot of attention to her needs. No matter how busy he is, this guy will reschedule his plans or even cancel the current ones to see her at least once.

Back then he would meet you after work or dedicate his spare time to stay around you – despite his efforts of hiding it, his feelings are just too obvious. Actions speak louder than words, so his way of expressing love is direct and straightforward. This is how he balance his weakness of not being able to display his feelings verbally.

But, if one day he starts making excuses for how busy he is recently, tell yourself that his interest for you may be fading away.

When a guy no longer likes something, he finds excuses.

5. He is critical

Capricorn man is pretty intellectual and observant.

He has keen eyes so don’t think of making him a fool. No matter how hard you hide things from him, he can read you easily but do nothing. Instead, he just sits back and watches you play your games while waiting for things themselves to be unfolded.

This guy has been through hard days and gained success with just bare hands. Thus, he doesn’t trust people easily and only allows a few to enter his circle in order to save his precious time.

When he becomes critical, it’s a sign he is done with you. Sometimes this kind of his attitude is misunderstood as being too self-centered or too full of himself.

6. He doesn’t initiate sex

A Capricorn man in bed once committed is quite amazing because he will try his bed to satisfy his life partner.

He is not the guy engaging in many one night stands; hence, he often fears his woman may criticize his performance in bed. The thing is, lovemaking with your Capricorn boyfriend will feel like heaven if you win his heart.

This guy is a one-woman man and never accepts any attempt at cheating on him. Once you break his trust, never expect him to come back. He will not initiate sex with someone who’s betrayed him in love. Don’t force him to have sex with you because it only drives him away from you.

Avoiding making love with you is a sign telling that he wants to cut off the intimate connection between you two.

The Bottom Line

His honesty may be painful for you to suffer; however, I hope that you can take it positively. It’s better for him to be clear with his feelings rather than pretending to be still interested with you when in fact he isn’t anymore.

When a Capricorn man is done with you, he would show you obvious signs to let you know. It’s impossible for him to watch you living in doubts – if he says something, this guy really means it.

Your Capricorn partner will open up about his feelings and emotions once he makes up his mind about ending the relationship.

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