6 Signs a Scorpio Man Is Fighting His Feelings For You

It’s difficult to spot the signs that Scorpio likes you as we all know that Scorpios are private individuals and don’t like to share their feelings.
Sensual and dreamy, but a Scorpio man prefers a private life. Born under a water sign, he can go to great lengths to conceal his emotions from others. If you want to figure out why he behaves in this manner and how to decipher his cryptic attitude, this is the right place to get the answer.

Here are signs a Scorpio man is fighting his feelings for you that can help you better understand him!

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How to Know If Scorpio Man is Hiding His Feelings?

scorpios fight his feelings for you

Before delving into details, you need to beware of these things firstly…

  • Scorpio men are experts at masking their feelings. You can tell that he is having trouble of controlling his emotions if he acts awkwardly around you or fixes his gaze on you frequently.
  • A Scorpio will become envious if you pay attention to other men and he won’t be able to disguise it.
  • Scorpios are very private. If he opens up to you about his feelings or thoughts, it means he is beginning to trust you.

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1/ He displays an uneasy behavior

In case his anxiety is obvious, he will sense something he can’t control. A typical Scorpio man will carefully conceal his feelings, yet beneath that restrained demeanor is his vulnerability. If he acts awkwardly or timidly around you, the answer is that he may have a hard time to hide or control his emotions.

This guy needs some time to feel secure enough before expressing his feelings. Simply keep talking to him when he’s in the mood and remain calm when he backs off. Talking about understanding a male Scorpio, being patient will get you rewarded.

2/ He stares at you

Scorpio man is a silent observer who can’t stop himself staring what he wants.

Do you frequently feel his gaze as you pass by or catch him giving quick peeks at you during the day? Then, as you lift up your head to meet his eyes, does he abruptly turn away from you?

If yes, then Scorpio is trying to hide his emotions because he doesn’t want you to see him staring at you. Once this watery guy feels shy, he will avoid making eye contact at all cost. He is extremely sensitive to his inner feelings!

He rarely displays what he actually feels since it would go against his private nature.

3/ He shows his care with little things

Scorpio man may not express his affections directly, but his actions speak louder than anything. He might give off the frigid and emotionally distant vibe as Pluto, the icy planet, rules this sign. This guy won’t display any strong feelings while talking if he’s fighting his feelings for you.

However, as Scorpios are action-oriented individuals, he won’t be able to resist doing kind or surprising things for you.

4/ He makes an excuse to talk to you

If a male Scorpio likes you, he’ll talk to you whenever he has a chance. One thing for sure, he’ll avoid talking about sentimental or romantic things with you. This man will ponder your thoughts and stick to intellectual subjects, yet he will still be talkative. A Scorpio that is interested in you will stop at nothing to learn more about you.

Don’t get surprised if you find him flirting a lot with you while the two of you are having a conversation. But, once he recognizes he’s doing it, he’ll swiftly rein it in. He might even abruptly end the talk because he feels out of control with your presence.

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5/ He asks your opinions

If a Scorpio man has enough trust in you, he won’t hesitate to ask for your opinions. That’s how you can tell whether or not he has feelings for you.

Normally Scorpios have trust issues, we all heard about that. They are extremely independent for a variety of reasons, but one of the main reasons is because they can’t trust people. They openly feel suspicious about almost everyone, and they don’t really need others’ when it comes to making decisions. If a Scorpio shows his curiosity to your point of view, it implies that he respects your judgment, and this is a huge turning point in his relationship with you.

Searching for your opinion is even more significant because it exposes his vulnerability, which is not something a Scorpio gets used to.

6/ He is inconsistent

When a Scorpio man feels something sentimentally, he frequently blows hot and cold. You were certain about his interest in you yesterday, but today he is trying his best to avoid you. Sounds familiar?

The fact that Scorpio males can be unpredictable and moody indicates that they are vulnerable. He doesn’t want to show up in your eyes as a weak person, so he won’t communicate with you until his mood becomes better.

If you’re crushing on him, try to be understanding of his mood changes. He wants to make sure you can handle his broody nature before expressing his love and affections to you.

One major factor makes people perceive Scorpios so harshly is their extreme moodiness.

In a Nutshell

That’s all for top 6 signs a Scorpio man is fighting his feelings for you!

Is Scorpio easy to love?

The answer could be yes and no – it depends. Scorpio’s nature is mysterious, so they don’t tend to give much in love, unless they feel certain about their feelings are reciprocated.

Nonetheless, Scorpio man can become attractive and do the opposite. It’s about giving his love to the woman he has feelings for and get attached to her for life. This makes Scorpio men incredibly vulnerable, especially when his ego was hurt and his heart was broken.

Treasure this precious man!

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