Taurus and Cancer Love at First Sight (Things to Know)

Wondering why some fall in love instantly?

While others need a long time before entering a romantic relationship, some just can’t help it. If they love, it means love. No need many dates, just a simple conversation and they get hooked completely.

When it comes to zodiac signs, people often claim that Taurus and Cancer love at first sight. Is it true? Well, the chemistry of these two is no joke in reality. If you’re a Cancer, you can easily feel the way Taurus’s eyes sparkled at the first time seeing you.

Love at first sight is like you can see sparks flying when that person smiles at you and you even think of the wedding though it’s just your first meeting.

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Taurus and Cancer Always Fall in Love at First Sight

taurus and cancer in love

Both Taurus and Cancer are romantics in love, so they can’t say no to little sweet acts and gestures from the other. Singing a love song or do anything simple yet loving to them and their hearts already feel full.

These two signs are quick to fall in love.

One of their life goals is to search for their true soulmate. From the moment they know what love is to this date, they’ve met a handful of people whom they may have feelings for. When Taurus and Cancer see each other for the first time, they can instantly feel the connection and passion.

Let’s have a look at these following zodiac signs and see if they always love at first sight:

1. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancer individuals literally feel everything due to their sensitive and emotional nature. Therefore, the moment they see their love interest wandering around or in front of their sight, they will fall immediately.

Not really dependent, but a Cancer tends to develop emotional attachment towards people spending much time with them. If they are in a relationship with a Taurus, they make sure to listen attentively and take their lover’s opinions seriously.

Sometimes most Cancerians feel pressured in love. Why? These people always want to impress the person they love and to make them happy all the time; as a result, they try so hard and end up putting much burden on themselves.

Cancers in love are caring and loving towards their loved one.

Insecure and self-doubting, people born under this zodiac sign appear shyly. They need a moment to get used to the situation and open up their feelings. Once finding the right person, Cancer will become the most loyal and devoted lover in both love romance and marriage.

2. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Talking about Taurus, well this sign is so sensual and sexy. If they are in a relationship with you or someone else, touch is a must. Making skinships is incredibly important to them. In case a Taurus is standing next to their crush and their arm brushes up against theirs, they will surely fall hard.

People with the symbol of the Bull in the birth chart are supposed to be tough and distant. However, they are easy to fall in love; sometimes all you need is to hold their wrist or hand and they already dream about the marriage with you.

Why Cancers are attracted to Taurus?

These individuals are reliable and consistent, sometimes very stubborn, but they will melt like an ice cream when seeing the person they really like. Compared to other zodiac signs, Taurus is the most romantic and can’t resist of sweet surprises from the other, such as bouquets, a dinner with candles around, cuddling time, as well as holding hands and walking on the beach.

The first glance it seems like Taureans are good at controlling their emotions. In fact, they will drop their hard attitude and swoon over you as soon as seeing your smile.

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Taurus and Cancer Love Compatibility

These two signs undeniably will make an excellent match. 

Once Taurus falls in love with Cancer, there will be an emotional connection created between them.

Communication is the key of a relationship, so they usually give each other time to talk about their likes and dislikes mutually. The bond of these two will be unbreakable if they get to know each other better. When both are together, they feel so comfortable and never a dull moment can sneak in between them. With the mutual respect, they can stay in love forever.

Though they are shy individually, that won’t happen when it comes to love. They don’t hesitate to expressing their feelings, even the reserved Cancer. Rather than being quiet and keeping things to themselves alone, they will let each other know when they are in a bad mood. They will explain if they feel angry. I think this is a good way to avoid misunderstandings between two persons in love.

As they are open and direct in how they feel towards each other, definitely there won’t be any miscommunication in the Taurus – Cancer relationship. Even if it’s love at first sight, they are able to read what is going on in the other person’s mind. The compatibility rate of this couple is high because together they can help each other get through any problem in life.

Talking is the key to success of this relationship.


The love match of Taurus and Cancer is most likely the best one in the zodiac. Undoubtedly, they make a strong pair romantically. When earth and water are together, it’s possible for Taurus and Cancer love at first sight. In general, this is a couple made in heaven based on their communicating and understanding levels.

Problems may arise in the future, but it won’t be too serious for both to find the compromise later. They get along well for the goal of building a stable, loyal, and long lasting relationship.

Hope this article helps you know the personalities in love of these two signs better and see how compatible they indeed are.

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