When a Leo Man is Done with You (with 6 Clear Signs)

He will be out of your sight once the fun fades.

How to know when a Leo man is done with you?

Symbolized by the Lion in the zodiac, this guy is powerful, passionate and fierce. With his now-or-never attitude, he will go all the way to get what he wants.

A relationship with the Leo male is fun and exciting; however, once he falls out of love, he shows alarming signs. If you don’t understand why he suggests a breakup, read through this article and you will realize the reason for his act.

Now let’s find out the truth!

6 Signs Leo Man is so Done with You

When a Leo Man is Done with You

A Leo man in love is dedicated and does everything for his beloved. If you feel like your Leo boyfriend or partner no longer invests in the relationship like you are doing, then the high chance is that he already lost interest.

Despite of that, never quickly jump to the conclusion.

You shouldn’t accuse him based on your assumptions only. In this world, each person possesses a unique personality defined by not only the astrological signs but also many different factors.

Keep track of the list below to find out the fate of your relationship:

1. He puts on a sullen face

When a Leo man is done with you, he becomes sullen and sad. Yes, this is an obvious sign he no longer feels excited around you. In case you two are in a long distance relationship, obviously the passion and feeling will slowly fade away.

If the two of you don’t give much time to each other, Leo man will fall out of love soon because he’s the type that loves attention.

For women in a love romance with this guy, please be attentive to his interests and talents so that you can have affection in a long term. Join him in thrilling adventures and stimulate him with your creative mind.

2. He is overly blunt

This Leo male wants nothing but breaking up with you once he feels so done about the current relationship.

As we all know, Leo is honest and sometimes blunt. The moment he decides to break up with you, he will straightforwardly state the issues he may have with you. He never expects to hurt you; however, the way he makes his points still break your heart.

Don’t criticize him when he tries to express what he feels, or he will be upset or angry and your relationship will end up with heartbreak only.

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3. He thinks you are not loyal

Once you have got a spot in the Leo male’s heart, please shower him with the same loyalty and respect. The moment you are less loyal than he is, you will have no place with him. He may sound flirty during the courting but is one of the most faithful men in the zodiac.

If you want to be in a relationship with this regal man, keep in mind his priority is loyalty. He is rarely a cheater. Thus, if you feel him behave coldly or distant towards you, perhaps he senses that you’ve been unfaithful behind his back.

Integrity has a high value to him, and he is the type that will end the relationship after being betrayed rather than ignoring the hurtful truth. You will definitely know when a Leo man is heartbroken as he didn’t hide that.

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4. He rarely shows affection

A Leo guy in love will shower his woman all kinds of affection.

Of course he expects the same in return. If you are too stingy on showing affections in love, he can notice that instantly. He loves making skinship and a relationship that lacks attention and affection is the least thing he wants. At the end he will withdraw and avoid giving you affection as well as loving gestures as before.

If he feels that you are hindering his happiness, he won’t mind letting you know. When this giving and generous guy no longer feels special around you, he will look elsewhere to fulfill his needs.

5. He is confrontational

The moment he feels disrespected, he will confront you right away.

A Leo man is not the hot-tempered person. As he often takes time for self-reflection, it’s easy to reason with him. He is the right person for emotional support and advice; at the same time, he will be open to all thoughtful criticisms for personal growth and development.

This guy looks for relationships in which provide him safety and freedom whenever he needs to express himself. He never handles well with overly judgmental attitudes. Once you make him feel like being patronized or disrespected, he will roar as the warning that you are crossing the line.

6. He becomes quiet and distant

Leo man has no problem with spending time alone. Nevertheless, he won’t be pleased if his loved one forces him to be alone at the time he wants to have fun. This partner of yours always wants to feel loved and pampered. If you don’t invest much in him and the relationship, he will soon get bored.

As soon as he has no interest in you, he will create a space between the two of you. Don’t be surprised if your boyfriend who was so affectionate before now becomes distant and cold.

Now watch this video and you will understand his behavior better:

Final Words

If you see that a Leo man lets you into his den, then it means you already have his trust and compassion. He has many ways to show you his affections and gestures in love, but you must prove to him that you’re worth his dedication.

So how will he behave when a Leo man is done with you?

I believe you already find your answer in today’s article.

But guess what? The guy born under this zodiac sign is quick to move on. Once he’s determined about having nothing to do with you, he will think of an occasion to do the breakup. This means, for those who want to win him back, you have a very small time frame to ask for the second chance.

He is not the type unable to move on; instead, he will jump right into the next thing without displaying much expression.

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