2024 Capricorn Birth Dates, Facts, Traits, and Compatibility

Learn everything about Capricorn zodiac sign in this article!


People born under this sign are intelligent, hardworking, and detail oriented.

in depth insight into capricorn zodiac sign

Symbol: Sea Goat
Element: Earth
Quality: Cardinal
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Ruling House: Tenth
Polarity: Negative
Color: Dark Blue
Lucky Gem: Lapis Lazuli
Flower: Pansy
Best Love Compatibility: Virgo

Capricorn is very smart, independent, and hardworking; due to the sign?s characteristics, they are fully in control of their life and determined in setting their mind to what they want.

Whether the purpose is personal or professional, Capricorn does not accept excuses.

Many claim people with Capricorn zodiac sign are composed and pretty stubborn. Indeed, they just simply work toward their goals and also wish those surrounding them would behave.

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Overview of Capricorn Eminent Personalities

You can tell Capricorn is amazing just by looking at their name:



















The birth dates of a Capricorn range from December 22 to January 19.

discover the personality traits of a capricorn

If you know someone having Capricorn as their zodiac sign, then don?t be surprised when they seem traditional and conservative. Additionally, they are the rule-follower in nature; no matter what they do, they tend stick to strict rules, order as well as hierarchies.

Can a Capricorn individual think outside the box?

Of course they can, but they still prefer to handle things under strict boundaries. Since they are quite indecisive, they find it hard with works requiring them to make choice.

Extremely ambitious, they always strive for prosperity in life and are also great when it comes to investing money. One thing for sure, most Capricornians will have bring, successful career.

Known as family-oriented individuals, Capricorn has a huge love for their family. Traditions cannot lack in their life. They are frequently found stressed and intense because they try to force themselves do everything perfectly.

These people focus much on what things look like instead of how they actually feel about things around them ? this makes them a cold, unhappy person.

Striving for achievements is only a small part of the Sea Goat?s personality.

In a friendship, Capricorn is considered as a good and loyal friend who has a great sense of humor and always comes up with funny stories.

A Capricorn in love is amazing overall ? they are true partners that will support and help their loved one gain both success and happiness. When the Cappy is truly into someone, they will be dedicated and devoted to strengthen the bond.

If you are in a romantic relationship with one Capricorn, it?s good for you two to make as many conversations as possible.


What is the greatest gift of a Capricornian?

With the Capricorn soul, they are intelligent, detail-oriented, and always ready for any kind of challenge. If they crave for something, they will instantly act out to achieve. The hardworking attitude of a Cappy really inspires lots of people.

Not their intellect, it?s their hard work helping them reach toward their life goals.

Because of their hardworking quality, they never say no to new knowledge or skills. They will show their interest when seeing anything they don?t know and express their passion for learning. Capricorn believes that accepting challenges in life is what they must undertake.

This attitude makes them a master in most areas!

Due to their esoteric knowledge, they leave such a great impression to all people who know them. If you want to attract a Capricorn, then you must have a profound understanding of various topics just like they do.


Based on Capricorn attitude, I must say people of this sign are terribly hard on themselves and on others as well.

Like Virgo, Capricorn also want everything has to be perfect; if there is something already perfect, then they may think it could be better. They have a very high standard in all aspects, especially in career.

Sometimes they have a narrow way of thinking when doing something.

Do you think these people hold grudges?

The answer is yes ? they do remember what others did to them and will not forgive.

It?s incredibly helpful if Capricornians can broaden their horizons and perspective ? they should give a break to their mind and individuals surrounding.

Why Capricorn is the best sign of the zodiac?

Here are top 5 reasons:

  1. Good at investing and saving, Capricorn don?t easily get tempted by purchases; thus, their bank account is enviable.
  2. They are neat and tidy and have a good eye for design, so they know how to make their home or anywhere they are going to stay turns into an incredible place with the exact touches.
  3. As a detail-oriented person, they rarely forget anyone or anything.
  4. An expert of small talks, Capricorn is amazing when it comes to giving advice ? they know exactly what to say to make others feel better.
  5. The organized quality helps them a lot in saving time and sanity.

Famous Capricorn celebrities

Talking about well-known people with Capricorn zodiac sign, we have: Michelle Obama, John Legend, Kate Middleton, Ellen Degerenes, Liam Hemsworth, Bradley Cooper, and much more.

Check out Capricorn Friendship Compatibility

Capricorn is all about tradition, such a loyal and loving person, and full of interesting jokes. To them, friendship is extremely important and they take it seriously. Very protective, they love taking care of their companies.

Consider yourself lucky if you have a Capricorn friend.

They will try their best to make you feel pleased such as cooking for you.

They also don?t mind pushing you to the max and will be honest if they are currently disappointed in the way you act and behave. If you have any bad behavior, they won?t let them unnoticed.

As the person of details, your typical Cappy friend will never forget your birthday or significant events between you two. In case you completely not remember their birth date, they will become a reminder to ensure things like that should not happen again.

Don?t expect Capricorn to be always a funny friend!

You will be inspired and challenged a lot when being with a Capricorn buddy; at the same time, they wish the same inspirations and challenges from you in return.

Capricorn makes the best friendship with:

The one and only is Taurus!

Both are Earth signs, together they create a natural match. These friends enjoy routine and are great at striving toward goals. When being around each other, they may have instinctively found themselves as toddlers; hence, they often end up becoming siblings in their friendship.

They both love giving each other gifts; moreover, they frequent text or speak to the buddy over the phone whenever having the spare time.

Actually, they want to keep the close bond by making contact constantly.

Is there any downside of this relationship?

Taurus and Capricorn are stubborn and unforgiving; therefore, both often end up in a cold intense situation when a disagreement happens. However, they won?t hold grudges long as these two signs have big hearts. With a sincere talk, they will be willing to forgive and forget.

Sharing lots of things in common, they can totally understand their mutual stubborn streak.

A Look into Capricorn Love Compatibility

Ruled by strict Saturn, Capricorn is a person with realistic view and obviously not a romantic in a love romance. Even though they know a relationship often comes with many tough parts, they can?t help but expecting to be in a serious relationship for a long haul.

The love of a Capricorn is expansive and generous.

What you have to notice when dating a Cappy is ? they value the formality of the first stage of a relationship and completely follow their own rules.

Capricorns enjoy routine; that?s why you will usually find them stay at home on weekends: nothing but them and their lover in a private space.

Best zodiac love matches for Capricorn

  • Taurus: These two Earth signs are very compatible with each other. They can make good friends and ideal lovers. Determined, they will set up a plan immediately once having clear goals in order to achieve them. These two are passionate in love ? they may not have sex in the first date but will surely make a steamy couple in bed in the future.
  • Virgo: This is the combination of 2 serious, loyal, and committed individuals of the zodiac. The relationship of Virgo and Capricorn is all about passion. These two are pretty compatible in bed.
  • Pisces: It turns out the dreamy Pisces can go along well with the realistic Capricorn. The imagination and reality will blend perfectly and give both signs amazing experience in love. Not even a dull moment exists between them; they can be together for a very long term after the commitment.

Learn more about the best match zodiac signs for Capricorn!

That?s all about Capricorn that I want you to know!

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