What Does Capricorn Like about Cancer (with 5 Reasons)

Capricorn and Cancer are against each other but strongly attracted.

What does Capricorn like about Cancer?

While the Sea Goat is known as the father of the zodiac, the Crab is the mother – this is based on their personalities. One is practical, mature and dependable, and one is caring, nurturing and emotional.

If you want to know what makes Capricorn fall for Cancer, the answer is because they see in the other what they lack themselves. By spending time together with Cancer, their restless mind can stay calm a bit and connect to their heart and soul.

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Cancer Traits that All Capricorns MUST Know

reasons capricorn likes cancer

Why Capricorn is drawn to Cancer?

Those born under Cancer are also stable, so they can match well with Capricorn’s strong desire. As soon as they realize they want the same things, they will gradually fall for each other. Together both Capricorn and Cancer can form a solid foundation and achieve big goals.

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Cancer is the combination of the water element and cardinal quality. With the flow of cardinal water, the ultimate way for the Crab to connect to the world is through emotions and feelings.

Here are some special traits of Cancer attracting Capricorn romantically:

1. Cancer is sensitive and thoughtful

What I love most about this sign?

Well, it’s definitely their sensitive and thoughtful side. They have a huge love towards babies and animals; at the same time, they enjoy the feeling of being needed and cared for by others. That’s why Cancer sometimes appears clingy and needy!

As Cancerians are strongly influenced by culture, heritage, and family roots, they are also deeply connected and have deeper understanding of those things. No wonder they are more emotional and sensitive than others.

The main desire of a Cancer in this chaotic life is emotional security. Since they love the peace and comfort of their home, they see it as their safest place.

2. Cancer is loyal

Never doubt the loyalty of a Cancer because it’s one of their most noteworthy traits.

Due to their trust issues, it’s hard for Cancer to connect with anyone at first. However, once you can make them open up, they will undoubtedly commit to you for life and show their die-hard loyalty.

When it comes to gaining their trust, my advice is that you shouldn’t rush. Put yourself in their shoes and think: “If you were a Cancer, would you leave your unending loyalty on someone you barely know after just a few meetings?”

In love, Cancer will do everything to support the person they love. With the ability of empathizing with others, they are believed to be the most devoted sign in the zodiac.

3. Cancer is protective

Aside from being loyal, Cancer has a protective side making them want to protect their loved ones from everything. They deeply value family and close friends; no matter what it costs, they won’t mind go out of their way to protect people they love.

Since the imagine of home and Cancer sign are strongly tied in astrology, people born under this sign will go to extreme lengths to make sure their loved ones safe. This is what we call ‘a parental instinct’ that all Crabs possess.

The home is the most sacred place to Cancer because it’s where they find the peace in mind and soul. Don’t be surprised if they try to protect it as hard as they can. At times they find this protective nature overbearing, but it once again proves that Cancer natives truly have a generous, devoted heart.

This act is not only for individuals in their home but also for themselves.

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4. Cancer is caring and nurturing

I’ve talked about this since the beginning; no one can beat a Cancer’s kind and caring nature. Due to their emotional personality, the quality of nurturing is an inherently extension of that. Undoubtedly, you can easily see this quality of the Crab in their protectiveness and loyalty, especially the way they act towards their loved ones.

A Cancer native in romantic love is extremely generous to their lover; however, did I tell you that they need the same care and attentiveness?

If you can satisfy them with that, they won’t feel happy.

5. Cancer is the best partner in love for Capricorn

When it comes to love relationships, Cancer is absolutely committed – well, it’s because they have qualities of devotion and loyalty. Coincidentally, those are the exact things Capricorn looks for from a partner.

In addition, Cancer is a romantic and generous lover; nevertheless, they expect to be treated in the same way in return. If you can give them selfless treatment, then don’t tell them you love them because Cancer won’t believe you. In this case, a Cancer should be with someone who also values the give and receive lifestyle.

Guess what?

Capricorn is claimed as the giver in a relationship.

We all know that Cancer is highly emotional and honest; thus, they have no trouble in expressing their feelings and showing affections. Gain their trust first and you will be showered in their love.

The Crab is happy in a stable, committed relationship. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy independence. Despite the reputation of being clingy, they need certain periods to reload their thoughts and focus on themselves. Capricorn as the partner will respect Cancer’s privacy and gives them their own space to live in their imagination.

In Conclusion

So, what does Capricorn like about Cancer?

All the reasons are listed above. But most importantly, these two signs are opposite attracted. Despite all the differences, they fall hard for each other and accept the other’s flaws; that helps this relationship survive.

Arguments and conflicts arise sometimes, and it can make both sides feel very frustrating. Fortunately, they learn to deal with all the misunderstandings and figure out the best way to work things out at the end of the day.

In general, Capricorn and Cancer is a relatively good match.

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