How To Know If A Cancer Woman Likes You (With 7 Obvious Signs)

Cancer is the most sensitive sign in the zodiac.

With the Moon as her ruler and water as her element, I must say the Cancer female can be very profound and passionate. Not hesitant at all, she instead will put all of her effort in whatever she wants to get it.

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Dating this lady is never a bad choice because she is understanding, caring and sympathetic.

How she acts in a relationship? Want to know?

Below, I?m going to list prominent signs on how to know if a Cancer woman likes you. By observing and noticing her behavior, you can easily figure out whether or not she has feelings for you.

Top 7 Ultimate Signs a Cancer Woman Likes You

Gain clarity into ways a cancer woman shows her love

#1: She becomes very passionate

When falling for someone, Cancer lady seems to be passionate towards that person.

She is not good at hiding her emotions; you clearly can see that she wears them on her sleeves. Thus, you will easily spot her being passionate to you (intense gaze, physical contacts, etc.) meaning she is certainly interested in you.

#2: She wants to get closer

As I just said, the Cancerian female is pretty passionate.

The moment she has interest in you, she does not want to stay away from you any moment. She will figure every way just to get close to you. Moreover, this gal does not also avoid physical contacts if she knows you too have feeling for her.

She does not mind shower you with her warm hugs like almost every day.

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#3: She enjoys personal touches

Though she may be shy and reserved, Cancer woman in love is actually quite bold.

Unlike other girls, she will not refuse any little chance when it comes to physical contacts. Of course she will do it subtly and gently as she does not want to scare you away. In general, she enjoys touching you physically.

Please notice a bit to see if she tries touching your shoulder slightly when you laugh at her jokes; if yes, then it?s the sign.

#4: She gives an excessive eye contact

How to know whether a Cancer is into you?

If you are trying to attract Cancer woman, just look the way she looks at you!

When you are both in a room and she can?t handle her overload interest in you, then she will send you a lot of eye contact. This lady enjoys staring at you in the eyes because that makes she feels connected with you.

Hence, she oftentimes laughs after looking at you.

#5: She expresses her concern to you

Not just a loving girlfriend, the Cancer female could prove that she is more than that.

In love relationships, this gal shows a great concern for her loved one. If she likes you, then she really wants to get to know more about you and also expects you to learn about her on the deeper level in return. She frequently asks you questions to make sure you feel good and happy every single moment.

Don?t mind telling her what you have been through the whole day and she will embrace you with her caring side.

#6: She acts a bit clumsy

Another interesting way to find out her feelings for you is to look at how she behaves when you?re around.

Do you feel that she is quite clumsy?

Sometimes she just looks like that she forgets how to use her body, then the big chance is she probably gets attracted to you. The Cancer female has tendency to spill and crash everything due to her extreme nervousness.

#7: She texts and calls you

This behavior often occurs when she is away or you?re not around her.

Due to her personality traits, a Cancer woman in love is caring and protective of her loved one; thus, she tends to keep her eyes on you even when she is not by your side. Get ready to be showered in tons of her calls and messages.

Rather than ignoring them, you should take a bit of your time to reply or response to her because she very cares about you and it?s also a sign letting you know she truly likes you.


Now you already can tell how to know if a Cancer woman likes you, right?

In general, you should date a lady Cancerian because she is considered as the best lover out of all zodiac signs.

Will you be a good love match for Cancer woman?

She is a good listener and very dedicated to her family. You will never see her cheating on you as she is all about faithfulness and loyalty. No matter how difficult your life is, she will be your big supporter and be with you through many ups and downs.

Soft on the outside but tender on the inside, this woman is the definition of reverse charm that will make her partner unable to resist.

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