What To Do When A Leo Man Ignores You (5 Things To Know)

Keeping up with a Leo man is never an easy.

Despite of his generosity, this guy sometimes gets eaten up by his big ego. The moment he feels hurt, he will immediately shut you off. Or probably he ignores you because he finds no longer interested in you.

Whatever his reason is, the possibility of you being in his ‘to-be-ignored’ list may happen some days.

What to do when a Leo man ignores you?

For those who are having a hard time in gaining his attention again, lucky you that we’re here to help. In fact, your lion king is not too difficult to read; hence, check out the following information for better understanding.

#1: What Does It Mean When Leo Man Ignores You?

when leo man suddenly ignores you

Leo is an extroverted person; and if he stops talking to you and others out of the blue, things seem strange. Everything has its reason, and of course there’s no exception for his weird behavior.

No matter how mature a Leo male is, his sensitive ego is incomparable; thus, it’s essential to learn how to solve this dilemma.

In case he becomes distant, probably it’s you messing up with his pride.

Dig deep into your memory and ask yourself if you did something wrong to him that might wound his feelings. You may not do it intentionally but Leo man does take that to heart. Or, he could upset because you pay no or less attention to him lately. Known as a guy yearning for the spotlight, he can’t accept the fact he’s ignored. As a result, he treats you the same way.

I don’t mean you are to blame for his withdrawal. If he seems cold to you, try to find an ideal time and have a serious talk about it. Your Leo is honest and direct, so just explain the situation and how you actually feel straightforwardly to him.

The Leo male in love is extremely loyal to his loved one.

If you’ve hurt him terribly, then expect a cold shoulder. Rather than waiting, it’s better to amend with him as soon as possible. Since the man of this zodiac sign needs everything to be exciting, make sure your conversation doesn’t bore him.

We advise you not to try to please him all the time; instead, give him his private space when he feels uncomfortable during the talk. Pursuing or forcing him only makes things worse and can’t help you in the long run.

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#2: What to Do If Leo Man is Ignoring You?

You already know the reasons for a Leo man ignoring you; now let’s learn about how to handle that. You can clear this issue with ease if you know exactly what he needs!

Yes, most of you probably figure out the answer ? he loves attention!

Therefore, you should pamper him and give him all the attention that he wants if suddenly this guy acts cold and distant from you. This is the simplest solution if the core of your problem with him is the lack of attention.

Even when the reason for his disappearing acts is not because of that, your caring and concerning behaviors will make him realize how important he is to you. It’s not wise if you rush into his arms and apology at the time he’s confused with his emotions.

Choose the right time or his response will not be rational.

Actions speak louder than words to the Leo male, so you should express your emotions more through gestures and behaviors. Rather than sitting still when he’s mad, you’re suggested to act. Verbal apology won’t work in this case! Do the research and find out what can make him excited.

He’s supposed to be the one breaking the silence between the two of you. If this guy truly cares for you, then he won’t ignore you for too long. He will try to reach out to you once his anger is cooled off.

Significantly, never be rude or arrogant to him when he approaches you together, you two can get over this dilemma with a mature manner.

#3: When a Leo Man Ignores Your Text?

Did he not respond to your text messages?

What we’ve told you above is just about Leo man ignoring you in person. However, it’s unexpected if he also takes no notice of your texts. The first thing you should do in this circumstance is not going paranoid ? maybe your boyfriend is just too busy to look at his phone.

If he has yet replied to one message, it could be because he’s unable to text you immediately at that moment. So no need to worry!

Nevertheless, things are different if he ignores your texts or calls from time to time, almost constantly. Despite of that, you shouldn’t bombard him and incessantly ask for an explanation; otherwise, it will backfire for sure. He will find you irritating and soon lose his interest.

Try to put yourself in his shoes!

No matter how desperate you are wanting to talk to him, be subtle about that. If he knows that you crave for his attention, he will use it to mess with you around. Show him you do care, but not that you can’t live without seeing him.

In order to make up with Leo man, train your patience. You cannot control or force him to text you ? all you need is to wait in this case.

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#4: When Leo Man is SO Done with You?

Is it true that he wants to end this relationship? That explains why he unreasonably ignores you, right? Well, it’s correct in some cases; nonetheless, him ignoring you indicates lots of matters, not only wanting to break up.

Here are a few signs letting you identify the true meaning for his behavior:

  • He has no longer interested in this relationship
  • He feels burdensome about the affair with you
  • His ego is wounded because of your criticisms
  • His big pride doesn’t allow you to remind his weakness or fault repeatedly
  • He can’t stand of being embarrassed unknowingly in public

In case he tries to avoid you as getting bored at you, chances he would let you know so that you don’t have to waste your precious time on him. He is not the type easily being shy about his feelings, so he won’t hide the fact of him not loving you anymore.

Leo man will walk away if his intuition tells him that the relationship between you two doesn’t work. No if or but, you can expect the frankness from the lion!

Another reason leading to his distant behavior is that both start having many confrontations. How can a relationship be happy if fights between two involved individuals keep increasing? The same issue but he approaches it with anger now while being more mild back then.

He will lash out if you hurt him badly, so don’t try to explain anything at that time for your best. Restraining yourself is tough; however, it’ll be much worse if you seem to push or force a Leo man.

#5: Should You Wait for a Leo Man?

Please note that your Leo partner is not the type that will make a move if you ignore him or stay quiet. Don’t expect the lion to chase after you because you seem busy and have no time for him.

In fact, he will do the opposite!

If you ignore him back when he ignores you, then he has no problem moving on with another person.

It’s okay to give him the personal space, but not too long. In case you don’t contact him for a long period, he will think that you don’t really care much and later will decide to put himself available again. Don’t be mad if seeing him flirting with other ladies ? this is his way of warning you to add more effort into the relationship.

Leo man will not be afraid of losing you as he always has back-up plans if nothing works between the two of you.

All he wants from you are just your time, loyalty, and attention!

Final Thoughts

So now you already have the answer for what to do when a Leo man ignores you. It’s actually not that hard to figure out reasons behind his act and what this guy wants from you.

Optimistic messages are the must; also, remind him how much you care and want the relationship to be better again. It’s a good idea to give him something interesting to lighten his mood and prove your love to him.

Be sincere and attentive if a Leo man ignores you!

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