5 Common Signs A Capricorn Man Is Using You (All REVEALED!)

iAre you having doubts about your current relationship?

You may wonder about your Capricorn boyfriend?s feelings for you ? whether it?s genuine or you?re just treated unfairly.

There?s probably a thought of your partner using you, intentionally or unintentionally.

But why does he do that?

When someone takes advantage of you, it?s because they are afraid of being alone, dealing with a breakup, or seeking romantic stability from others. Put it simply, if you find any signs a Capricorn man is using you, then you?re in a complicated situation.

No one deserves to be in such an unhealthy relationship.

That?s why you should read on to figure out signs of being mistreated!

Capricorn Male Behaviors You Should Look for?

when a capricorn man has no interest in you

When it comes to love, Capricorn man is quite picky and has his own set of morals and standards. Have a look at the following information for the answer about if he is messing with you around or not.

By analyzing his behavior, you can tell easily either he truly loves you or he is simply using you:

#1: He doesn’t include you to his life

A typical Capricorn man takes love very serious. While finding the right partner of his life, he might play around just like any other guy. If he truly has feelings for you, then he will surely introduce you with people close to him, like friends, colleagues, and family.

The moment he sees you as a part of his life, he really wants you to hang out and spend time with his other important persons.

In case he does not do this with you, the answer is either he?s not ready to get involved in a committed relationship or he?s just messing with you around. Usually this guy is quite flat-out about whether he wants you romantically or just sees you as a friend.

If you find him not so honest in his actions and words, then the possibility he is using you.

In some cases, Capricorn man may test you with this method at the initial stages of a relationship.

#2: He reveals nothing

Another sign telling a Capricorn not really interested is that he won’t tell you anything.

Due to his insecure issue, he has a hard time to open up and talk comfortably. This man will not express his thoughts and feelings so fully unless he feels safe and secure with the one having conversations with him.

In short, it takes time for Capricorn man to loosen up himself!

As a slow-paced person, all of his dates end up in a serious situation. Before thinking of a commitment, he wants to make sure you?re the right choice. Without feeling certain with his decision, the Capricorn male will refrain from telling you his deepest secrets.

When he just wants to use you or play around, he will not speak a word about his personal life to you. There?s no reason for him to share much of his private stuff to someone whom he has no plan to spend time with forever.

Find yourself in this situation? Then you?re probably being played!

#3: He introduces you as a friend

How to know a Capricorn man having no intention of making an actual relationship with you? Let?s see what he?ll introduce you to his friends if you all accidentally encounter on the street.

Not only hiding you away from people he knows, he also doesn?t want to admit you?re his girlfriend in the public. If he and you suddenly bump into his buddies, you will certainly become his friend.

When hearing he presents you as a friend, then he?s either not willing for an actual relationship or just a friend with benefits. Watch out for your Cappy love interest and check if he claims you?re his friend or not.

If he says that you are just a good friend, then it?s time to stop for your better.

#4: He feels no romance at all

Wonder why your Capricorn guy is not romantic?

Well, if he doesn?t make you feel like you?re the most important person of his life, the answer is probably that he?s not really into you. Though he seems cold and emotionless, this guy has his own ways to make you feel special once he truly falls for you.

A Capricorn man in love can?t help buying nice things for his lady, starting intimate talks, and taking her to romantic places. There?s not a moment he stops thinking about his true beloved.

Nevertheless, to the woman of his affair, he won?t spend much of his valuable time getting to know about her because that?s not necessary. He also keeps the conversation limited and gives no hint about his personal life. No romantic responses, his tone when talking to you is cold and unresponsive.

Romance does not exist in this case!

#5: He doesn?t want to take further moves

You are investing much of your heart for this relationship but he shows no effort in return. A Cappy man is happy to see you but then there?s nothing more ? he seems not really into you as much as you do.

He still has sex with you (not so often) yet emotional detachment does exist between the two of you; thus, it?s hard for him to develop any feelings further.

Normally the Capricorn male only engages in the bedroom with someone whom he?s really in love with. If you keep getting nothing in response no matter how hard you try to adapt to his life, then simply move on.

He has no intention in forming a bond with you!


There are many ways to find out if your Capricorn is using you. No need to dig for the answer, you will get insight into your current situation with all the signs above. If the man you?re spending time with is showing these similar treatments, then he is taking advantage of the relationship for his own purpose.

Don?t hesitate to tell him about his behavior towards you. The relationship still can be saved if he?s willing to change; nonetheless, you must break it off if he shows no effort.

It?s necessary to know signs a Capricorn man is using you because you deserve to be treated better with love and care.


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