Leo Man In Bed And 8 Ways To Turn Him On (Discover NOW)

Are you dating a Leo man or having a keen eye on him?

Wondering how he is like in bed? Don’t know how to hook up with him and seduce him effectively? Feel curious about how to bring excitement to him in the bedroom?

If you are looking for the answer of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place.

Read on further to understand what a Leo man in bed expects from you.

How to Satisfy Leo Man in Bed?

How to Satisfy Leo Man in Bed?

#1: He enjoys the chase

Before starting the main feast, it’s important to play cat and mouse. Unlike men of other zodiac signs, the Leo guy needs more excitement instead of taking off his clothes immediately.

Let him do the chase and you just have to follow the scenario. Touch him gently and whisper to his ears and he will feel incredibly passionate.

Don’t make yourself too eager or you’ll turn him off!

#2: He loves the back massage

What should you do to make your Leo man to feel good during the lovemaking?

The key is his back!

It would be a great foreplay if you can give him a sensual massage; also, don’t miss out the chance of touching all over his spin because that for sure will bring him strong sensation.

Let me reveal you this: the back is one of Leo turn on spots so it will be awesome to have an experiment on that area. Make use of some scented oil if you want to double the pleasure as well as intense.

Keep doing the back massage throughout the whole process, and he will be completely satisfied.

#3: He wants the royal treatment

Who is Leo?

Undoubtedly he is the real king of the jungle; hence, he expects his partner to offer him the royal treatment. That means you have to go for a very long way when it comes to satisfying this man in bed.

Just two standard positions will never please him as he actually wants more from you.

Since he yearns for the excitement, you should consider doing what you have never tried before. Make sure feel comfortable when doing them with him. Before planning to bed with him, you need a recipe including a lot of experiments, body liquids and definitely orgasms.

Remember you are dealing with a passionate Leo!

#4: He loves when you do ?biting’

How to make a Leo man obsessed with you?

Leo man in love is all about passion and of course he wants to be with someone as passionate as him, plus a bit wild is much better.

Don’t mind showing him your wildness while you two are having sex. He will be blown away once you bite him in-between kisses or scratch him hardly on his back. Maybe you can suggest him joining you in a dirty game. Since he longs for intense sensuality, simply give him a lot of action and he will be pleased.

But at the same time you shouldn’t forget yourself and your needs. Tell him your wishes openly and he will try to satisfy you.

#5: He gets excited with dirty talks

What can turn on a Leo man in bed better than talking dirty?

Nothing! When you feel like there’s too much quite with your lovemaking process, it’s necessary to start a dirty talk in order to spice up the situation. I’m pretty sure your Leo mate will get turned on instantly.

Tell him what you plan to do to him and explain things in detail how you are going to do that and the whole scenario will become steamy again. He will certainly explode when hearing what is fantasized in your head sexually.

#6: He has a strong appetite for sex

When making love, he wants a lot!

Please note that the endurance of this guy is remarkable. With a strong appetite for sex, he can’t help but craving to have sex multiple times per day. The thing is that he won’t get satisfied if you don’t feel like excited doing it.

Your Leo man wants to see how much you crave for him.

Show him the desire in your eyes and let he hear your uncontrollable moans or screams so that he feels like he is your dominant. Keep up with his pace and he will be 100% satisfied.

I know the Leo dude is hard to handle in this area, but trust me he is worth your try.

#7: He wants to feel your desire for him

Are you the type of woman he likes most?

So, to completely please your Leo man in bed, the most important thing to do is to show him you want him so bad. Tell him how much you long for him and that you are almost crazy just thinking about him; those things will turn him on hardly.

Bring up your desire on the surface and he will take you to the unforgettable journey under the sheets. Once he loses his mind for you, the lovemaking is beyond incredible and may last a long time in a night.

Get ready to handle all of Leo man’s mind games! As he has a big ego, he needs to feel that you truly want to make him yours forever.

#8: He keeps seeking excitement

So, outdoor sex is essential!

Let me remind you that your Leo man is a person who could not say no to adventurous things and is unable to sit still in one place for more than a minute. Don’t get annoyed with his restless spirit as that’s just the way he is.

A Leo man in bed unsurprisingly prefers experimenting with a lot different positions; simultaneously, he does not satisfy staying in the bedroom all the time. Probably you should consider having sex in public with him.

I’m not saying that you have to make love in a place full of people.

Instead, ask him to find somewhere in hidden where both of you will be pleased with the idea of trying something new. In that way, you will bring spice into the relationship making it unforgettable to the guy.

What a Leo Man Wants in Bed?

What a Leo Man Wants in Bed?

#1: He loves to show off

Due to his massive ego, he obviously loves if getting applauded for his performance in the bedroom. During the lovemaking, he will unhesitatingly display his talents to impress and make you pleased sexually.

This guy has a great desire of being loved and complimented by his woman.

You shouldn’t pair up with a Leo if you are the emotional detached type because quiet emotions give him no satisfaction. To pamper his ego, you must let him know every time whether he was good or not in bed.

Always appear genuinely pleased when you are in bed with your Leo partner.

#2: He wants to be flattered

Another must-do thing when bedding with the egoistic Leo man!

You will win his heart in bed by flattery but what you said has to be sincere and genuine. This guy can sense if you just falsely flatter him or really mean it. Give him the compliments for his looks, his performance while making love, and the way he makes you feel.

Honestly let him know your feelings when you are with him.

Pleasing him actually brings benefits: he will try to satisfy you more in the relationship.

#3: He wants to take the lead in bed

As mentioned earlier, you should let your Leo man set the pace in bed. No matter what happens, he will be in charge of the responsibility in any situation and will take the initiative sexually.

Don’t be so eager at the beginning!

Please patiently wait for him to kiss you or ask you to do striptease for him first. He will be the one coming up with role-playing ideas and will get excited if being the dominant one in the relationship.

You may think that it’s a bit unfair, right? However, his incredible technique in bed will blow your mind away and you won’t even mind him taking the lead.

In Conclusion

Everything I’ve shared with you in this article is the real deal on satisfying your Leo man in the bedroom. This relationship is all about emotion, passion and desire.

He is, after all, the king of the jungle.

Remember the above listed 8 tips of how to turn on a Leo man in bed and 3 secret things he wants from his partner so that you will be able to have him stuck on you forever.

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