Are You Reading Your Horoscope The Right Way?

No one knows exactly when but reading horoscope has become very popular. According to United 21 Resort, nearly 70% of people have the habit to read their horoscope per day. There are many reasons explaining one?s horoscope-reading custom ? some look for the prediction as well as guidance for their future, while some just think it fun.

You may be one of those people who usually search for the horoscope section in the newspaper right after woke up. Who doesn?t want to know their destiny on every single day? The problem is, based on a study of Oranum astrologers, a large number of individuals (approximately 90%) are reading their horoscope in the wrong way.


Is Reading Horoscope Necessary?

The horoscope for a specific sun sign is mainly relied on a person?s date of birth. So when a typical horoscope reader opens a magazine and check out the future of their sign, they often think “I am a Cancer, then let?s have a look into potential events that could happen in my life today.” Well, totally wrong!

In fact, the horoscope you are reading is not about you; it is instead about someone else and all the future occurrences likely to happen to them. No surprisingly, amongst 10 people reading their horoscope, nine of them read incorrectly.

How to Read the Horoscope Properly?

Note that the horoscope is written based on your sun sign, which is determined by your date of birth. The information at this stage is very general. If you want to get more description for your sign from the horoscope, you must know your rising sign, suggests United 21 Resort. To find out an individual?s rising sign, you need their exact time and place of birth. Put it simply, check out your rising sign if you want to know details about “YOU”.

For example, if your sun sign is Aquarius and your rising sign is Cancer, and you want to gain more accurate insight for a certain day, then you are recommended to read the horoscope analysis for Cancer, not Aquarius.

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Ways to Reading Horoscope Properly

Furthermore, for those who yearn for clarity into potential future events likely happening in your life and yourself, you should consider an online personal consultation with a legitimate, talented astrologer. Only if you have a private horoscope reading, the astrologer clarifies your birth chart. Then, he will explain his interpretations and give you an in-depth horoscope prediction report, helping you better your life generally.

There are four major components you need to pay a great focus on when having a horoscope reading:

  • Signs
  • Houses
  • Planets
  • Planetary aspects

As per United 21 Resort astrologers, a natal chart includes a total of 12 Houses, and each house is ruled by one sun sign. From now on, whenever you look for the horoscope description with greater accuracy for you, use your rising sign instead of sun sign because it is based on your exact birth information.

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