5 Signs a Virgo Man is Serious about You (Click NOW)

In today’s article, let’s find out signs a Virgo man is serious about you!

No one can resist the polite, caring Virgo man. However, not everyone can win over his cold heart easily. If you are wondering what it’s like to be in love with a Virgo man or how he expresses his love once being serious, continue reading the details below.

When a Virgo Man is Serious in a Relationship…

virgo man is serious about you

1. Secretly learn about you and get closer

Astrologically, the man born under the Virgo sign is pretty reserved and quiet toward those whom he’s not close with. Even in love, he is not the type making the first move or approaching someone.

The first sign to know this guy has special feelings for you is when he silently observes you from a corner of a room. He puts effort in learning all the things about you, such as your likes and dislikes, hobbies, etc.

This guy can freely open up to the person he is in love with. He will be friendly as his intention is getting to know her better and that person will also understand a little about him in return.

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2. Become gentle with you

How to know if a Virgo man is serious about you?

He will be gentle with the person he likes. As a perfectionist, the Virgo male does not allow himself to make any mistakes in any aspect or area. Perhaps he will always act naturally when working, but once he detects any mistakes, you will immediately be criticized with his harsh words.

Nonetheless, this guy can transform into a gentle, loving person if he meets the person he likes. Once falling for someone, Virgo man will show all of his charms that have been hidden for a while.

3. Stay balanced between love and career

The next sign of a Virgo man truly likes you is that he will always be dedicated and considerate to his loved ones. If you’re luckily the person he wants to commit, this guy will take care of you with his whole heart.

Therefore, no matter how busy he is with his work or the world outside, he still always cares for, worries about and nurtures the love between the two of you. He may deal with great obstacles, but it doesn’t mean he will let that person feel neglected.

Either work or love, Virgo is always a responsible person who never let his loved one suffer from any disadvantages.

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4. Feel shy and jealous

Some reveals that Virgo man tends to be shy and jealous around you or any person whom he feels serious about. Whether it’s her private or professional lives, he is always strong and steadfast, and stands tall against all kinds of issues. This guy calmly finds a possible potential to handle them in the best way.

Virgo is really perfect in the eyes of many people.

The thing is many usually think that love is something that can change and have a great impact on someone in certain. This is even more obvious with the Virgo male. Although he is strong and resilient with everything, he becomes small in front of the person he loves. Whether it’s his assertiveness or stubbornness, all disappear – he turns into a reserved, distant guy.

The most obvious sign that a Virgo man is serious about you is that he will be so uncomfortable if seeing you close to another guy.

5. Give you all the best

Once falling hard for someone, Virgo man can’t help but wanting to give all the best to her. Despite his cold, distant look from the outside, he will become a completely different person once being in love

Virgo man in love is sweet, gentle, and loving. What I like and respect the most from this sign is that they are so considerate and willing to put the happiness of their partner on the top of their priority.

What is Virgo Man’s Ideal Type?

The ideal woman for Virgo man is someone having the stability, wisdom and composure. If you’re looking for a partner who is brave enough to lend you a shoulder to lean on and worry about as well as soothe your anxieties and sorrow, a cool and romantic man like Virgo will be the right option.

This guy’s point of view in love is easy enough for you to apply.

Virgo man has feelings for a decent woman, who can observe and handle everything from the most realistic perspectives. When dating a certain someone, he has the tendency to see whether or not the connection of his private life with professional life is smooth.

Don’t be surprised if Virgo barely says romantic words and shows loving gesture actions. In daily life, the Virgo male is someone who always values ​​"good people, good deeds", and hates acts against the law.

Therefore, as a man of integrity and courage, Virgo has developed a sense of responsibility for any of his decisions. Symbolized by the scales, he’s stuck between toughness and softness, especially always on the right side and the law.

The Virgo male is not the flirty type, so he just needs to be a neat and decent person, not necessarily gorgeous every time you meet. So, if you are secretly in love with this man, take the time to pay attention to your appearance for a bit.


In short, what are signs a Virgo man is serious about you?

With the signs from today’s article, some have helped you realize the hidden feelings of the Virgo crush. You must have reading 5 signs telling this guy truly likes you. Wish the girls soon succeed in conquering this Virgo man’s heart.

It can be seen that Virgo is a true lover of thousands of people. From personality to way of thinking, they all exude elegance and charm, right? If you are being chased by a Virgo man, cherish it because there are many girls out there who are also looking for him.

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