Why are Cancers so Sad (3 Vital Things to Know about Them)

What do you know about Cancers?

They are often called the big baby of the zodiac. Extremely sensitive and emotional, they easily suffer from depression if compared to other signs. They think too much, and those negative thoughts can drag them hard under.

Influenced by the water element, Cancer-born individuals with their emotional nature may feel odd in the middle of the modern life. If something bad happens, they act as if they’re okay and bury the feelings inside; however, it just makes things worse.

Why are Cancers so sad?

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3 Reasons Making Cancers Feel Sad

reasons a cancer is sad

1. They keep everything to themselves

Cancer is not a popular sign, and it’s not easy being a Cancer native as well.

Unlike the powerful Aries or Leo, Cancer is so emotional, attached to their loved ones, extremely insecure, and too hung up in the past. However, they hate when others feel pity for them. As a result, they always try hard to hide those unwanted feelings to themselves in order to being treated equally.

It’s Cancer’s moon traits making them scapegoats. Many often consider these people as neurotic ones. Like I already said, they keep stuffing their feelings, yearnings, sensitivities inside.

They need to be with someone who can help them more confident with their abilities.

Once Cancers are able to keep up with the rhythms of their life, they can cope with problems and even discover their true potential. Otherwise, they may lose tracks with the pace of life.

2. They can’t deal with external judgment

In reality, some Cancers feel so vulnerable when suffering from a lot of external judgment about their physical looks, from both their family and the society. Because of this, they have an urge to get accepted. In the end, they change themselves to fit the beauty standard of the society, completely ignoring the fact they may harm themselves.

People born under this sign could be emotional neglected or even abused.

With all the collected emotional pain, they could be more vulnerable. However, don’t just give up and choose to suffer from that. As long as you have free will, you can change your life better.

Slowly gain a sense of self and give much love to yourself than before. Make healthy choices and remember to take a break whenever you feel most tense. An act of self-care is significant in the case of Cancers.

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3. They keep recalling things in the past

A typical Cancer tends to live in the past more than the present.

Astrologically, they often wander in their own imagination world and have a very creative mind. Some experts say that living in the fantasy land is a sign you’re running away from the reality as well as in a denial state. That explains why Cancers can’t help but feeling nostalgic when thinking about the past.

The Cancer child had a memorable past where they are showered with love from their parents. Recalling all the moments in the Home Sweet Home allows them to again feel loved and protected. It’s truly where they belong. Because of their huge love for family, Cancerians’ ultimate goal is to get involved in a committed relationship with the person they love.

They are like a sponge absorbing everything that’s said; therefore, they end up getting upset and hurt.

When they are numb and pull away, it’s a sign telling they are depressed. For those who are in relationships with Cancer, you should make in-depth, sincere conversations to know what they think at certain times.

How is a Sad Cancer Like?

When a Cancer is feeling sad, they will think of the reason and cry hard. After that, they will act distant and start isolating themselves with people around. The severe separation can actually make them have headaches and stomachaches as well.

You may not believe but Cancers feels so much. In all kinds of relationships, they put all of her heart and effort in to make it work. Hence, they feel sad easily if someone intends to hurt them or something is not like what they expect.

Just a blink and you can see them break down.

Is it possible to make them happy?

The answer is yes!

If you want a Cancer to be happy, then all you need to do is to simply give them alone time. When a Cancer requests for some time alone, you should give it to them. They will come back feeling better. After that, it’s a must to shower them with hugs and kisses as they love cuddling and being embraced in the affections of someone they have feelings for.

Here are things you shouldn’t say to a Cancer:

How to Handle a Sad Cancer?

Why are Cancers so sad?

In general, when they are overwhelmed with all the judgments from different directions, they will naturally build up defenses and put their true feelings at the deepest corner of their heart. They just don’t want to get hurt; nevertheless, not opening up emotions can lead to depression.

The only way to heal Cancers is up to themselves. Maybe they should stop denying the natural rhythm in their lives and try to adapt themselves to support these qualities. For example, most Cancerians work well in the atmosphere that’s not too competitive or with jobs that perfectly fit their mood. They can’t deal with hectic, stressful schedules.

Mentioned earlier, these people are big kids. So, the simplest way to feel better is to be honest to your feelings. Let it be: if you want to cry, then cry; if you want to scream, then scream. Once pouring out your emotions, maybe you will feel better.

Final Words

That’s all for the topic ‘why are Cancers so sad’.

If you don’t want them to suffer sadness, never make them feel rejected. Well, rejection is their biggest fear. Emotionally sensitive, they can’t help but feeling their heart will be turned down by their loved ones.

With a large capacity to love, they can give it all to you when the two of you are in a romantic relationship. Just don’t betray them, or they will be heartbroken and hard to stand back on their own.

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