How to Text a Cancer Man: 4 Tips to Make Him Fall Hard

You find yourself have some trouble in texting your Cancer date?

How to text a Cancer man? How to make him think of you all day?

If your mind is full of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place. Many say that it’s quite hard to text this guy. In fact, texting the Cancer male is not something that you have to be stressful about.

You must be fun and flirty through your text messages to keep him interesting throughout the day until you two see each other again.

Learn about texting a Cancer man in the following…

4 Ways to Win a Cancer Man with Your Texts

How to Text a Cancer Man

Here are quick tips on how to connect to your Cancer man via text messages:

  • Say sweet things to him
  • Give him cute compliments
  • Remind him all the fun, happy moments that you two shared together
  • Keep flirting with him in a simple, attractive way
  • Don’t use vulgar words or you will turn him off

Keep in mind that this guy feels closer to you when reading your messages. With his vivid imagination, it’s like you really stay next to him and send him encouragements to get through a hard day. This explains why texting to Cancer man is an important part in keeping him interested.

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A Cancer man in love can’t stop himself contacting and getting in touch often with you.

Whether the two of you are in a committed relationship or just start dating for a short period of time, he surely loves seeing a text from you each day. The more messages you send him, the more he craves for you.

Want advice to win over a Cancer man via text messages?

Now, let’s check out some tips to know how to make yourself irresistible to him:

1. Never leave him on read

We all know that a typical Cancer man is sensitive and easily influenced by emotions. So, it’s understandable that he can get moody if he feels that others don’t care or love him as much as he does. Due to this, you shouldn’t leave him on read for many hours or even days.

This emotional guy could think that you don’t really care about him or what he says is not interesting to you. Later this makes him insecure and lose confident, but of course he chooses to keep it for himself.

If both of you are not officially in a relationship, he could take this as a sign of disinterest; put it simply, he feels that you don’t really want to be with him. When he replies your text quickly, he expects the same from you. In general, make sure you always respond to his messages right after seeing the notification on your phone, especially when you two are getting to know each other better.

2. Shower him with compliments

For those want to start a relationship with a Cancer man, why don’t you send him some compliments through texts. This guy craves for love and affection. He loves to feel loved, and the best way to make him feel that is showering him with compliments.

Don’t be afraid or shy to express your feelings. If you have to be away for several weeks, then simply tell him how much you miss him in the text. In addition, it would be awesome if you can praise his appearance or outfit on certain days and how much he makes you feel better.

Those positive words can boost his confidence and he loves that.

Receiving your compliment messages gives him a sign that he should be more proactive in the relationship. The bond between you two will get stronger with just your sweet praising words. He will compliment you also in return if his feelings towards you are mutual.

3. Not push too much

Even though he loves affections, this doesn’t mean you can go overboard. Not only is it unnecessary, but it can also be a big turn-off to Cancer man. One thing for sure, this guy is willing to do anything for you if both are in a romantic relationship. Nevertheless, he could feel uncomfortable when you keep pushing too much.

Don’t make him feel like you putting all attention on him. Even this is just texting, but it’s more effective if you can keep your flirting concise. Maybe one or two romantic messages for him each day is enough to show him that you also feel special about him.

In the courting stage, he will probably think that you are quite clingy and needy if you bombard him with texts. Though his natural insecurity may scream for this, you shouldn’t make him feel like you seem attached. Take things slow and attract him in an old-fashioned way to maintain his interest for you.

4. Make it more personal

Did you know that Cancer man loves the exclusive feeling?

Well, this is absolutely true when he is in an official relationship. Extremely loyal in love, he has a strong passion for the one he has feelings for. So, it’s not surprising if he wants something personal with his love messages.

In his perspective, the chat box between you and him must be like a private world of only the two of you. Let’s make it more special by telling him more of your favorite moments, your future dreams and goals, and even things about him that you like.

Try to keep this space positive, exclusive, and personal and you will successfully fall in lover with you deeper.


In short, how to text a Cancer man?

Texting him can be tricky because this guy loves affection but not too much. You must know how to keep it balanced: sexy and personal but not go overboard. Hope the tips above can help you accomplish this mission easier.

For those who are in a relationship with the Cancer male, it’s necessary to understand how to text him. This helps strengthen the love bond of you two and also make him realize how much you love him.

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