What Signs are Compatible with Leo in General (Top Rankings)

Leo is known as a sign with a golden heart.

With the big lion energy, Leo-born individuals impress others with their powerful, independent, and charismatic aura. They make a nice colleague, a great friend, and an amazing lover in life.

But, who would be their best companion?

Let’s check the top ranks for what signs are compatible with Leo in this article!

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Top 7 MOST Suited Signs for a Leo

signs compatible with leo zodiac

If you’re the bright, action-oriented, and life-loving type of person, you’ll get along well with Leo. In general, astrologers claim that best matches for Leos are the air signs due to opposite attraction. There will be passion when they pair up with other fire signs but lots of problems regarding power and domination will arise as well.

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Also there are some potential matches.

Continue reading to find out the best combinations for Leo compatibility:

1. Gemini

I have to say this is a bold pick, but the spark created from this match is just magic. When Gemini and Leo get together, there’s a strong connection that no one can stand in between them.

Gemini is intelligent, adorable and flirty. Known as the carefree person, they don’t really like to control others. Therefore, they tend to leave it to Leo to take the lead anytime both hang out together. Plus, the flighty twin is easily attracted by the lion’s energy and natural charisma.

Deep down these two are free-spirited and adventurous, so it will be all about exploring exotic places or trying out new things with them as a team.

2. Sagittarius

The runner-up for best Leo compatibility is of course Sagittarius.

Once two Fire signs are together, it’s combustible. They will surely have a lot of fun and passion with each other, but then (as I said) a relationship with both fiery individuals will encounter power struggles at some point. If they can be more patient and understanding to one another, this match will always be full of harmony and fun.

When you put Sagittarius next to Leo, you’ll get double the passion. Full of charisma and confidence, they’re likely the life of the party. These two love making friends with others; while Leo enjoys the spotlight from the public, Sag watches their companion shine from afar.

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3. Aries

We have a headstrong pair here.

Despite being stubborn, they do have the same wavelength in most situations. As a fire duo, they have lots of things in common, obviously. They’re not shy when it comes to displaying affections; thus, both often shower one another many affectionate gestures as friends or partners.

Bold and confident, they respect each other’s go-getter approach in love relationships. These two individuals are always on the go, so don’t expect them spending many hours on texting. Once finding the right person, they will move fast to show their feelings.

Neither can handle subtle signs.

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4. Leo

What can be more exciting than a Leo pairs up with a Leo?

I have to say that this is the only pair in which both parties truly understand how much effort and love they have to give for their relationship. They will help bring out the true self of one another. At the end of the day, the two of them want to know each other on a deeper level, not only the appearance.

As soon as they feel secured around the other half, they will open up and expect the same in return. Whether they are friends or lovers, Leos are just so protective towards each other.

5. Libra

What draws a Libra to a Leo and vice versa?

Well, it’s their good taste binding them together. They have a huge love for finer things and beauty in life, and that’s also the factor connecting them. Not just about spending money, Leo and Libra express a big interest in beauty, art and luxury. That explains why these two would roam around together whenever having free time.

It’s true that Libra is so indecisive when it comes to making decisions; but fortunately they have Leo who will step up and take the lead.

6. Aquarius

Some say that Aquarius is quite emotionally detached for the affectionate Leo. However, these two make really close friends as they share great passion for ideas. Both are curious about everything and interested in listening to opinions of each other. They enjoy having conversations as that’s their way of exchanging ideas.

They can discuss any topic. But, the old same problem always happens between two stubborn individuals. Things become intense if they believe they are right, and it’s never easy when egos step into the game.

Fortunately, Aquarius is not the type taking things too personally. Plus, they are good at communicating and able to navigate their ideas to be on the same page with Leo’s. If they open up more, this match will do well.

7. Virgo

How can an introvert get along well with an extrovert?

Many have that question in mind, but trust me that this is also a potential pairing.

On the Virgo’s side, they will do their best to show how devoted they are to the other half. Meanwhile, Leo loves the feeling of being loved, pampered and cared for because these things are all they want. Virgo is never good at self-promoting, but then we have Leo who will stand behind and shout out to the world about how amazing and supportive their friend or partner is.

Though Virgo may act embarrassed with the other’s flattery, deep down we all know that they do like it.

Final Words

So, what signs are compatible with Leo?

I hope that you all have had the answer after reading this article.

When it comes to choosing the best match, Leo has several choices. In case you want to check in-depth compatibility between you and a Leo, just info about sun signs is not enough. The astrologer will analyze the whole natal charts of you two to determine if there’s any possibility.

For more questions about Leo zodiac sign, leave your comment here.

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