How Does a Leo Man Test a Woman (6 CLEAR Signs to Tell)

Is your Leo man testing you?

If yes, then don’t worry much as it’s not that bad. When it comes to love relationships, Leo guys want to check the level of compatibility of them with their partners. They make sure that the person they love is compatible with them in many ways. You may think the whole testing thing is just a game, but no – it’s important to them.

A Leo man if liking you will want to know whether or not you are good-hearted and have pure intentions around him.

So, how does a Leo man test a woman?

Let’s discuss this in the following…

6 Signs Telling a Leo Man is Testing You

signs a leo man testing you

Some claim that only immature Leos test women in love. In this case, I have to say that it depends! Of all zodiac signs, Leo is the most chill, confident, and outgoing. Our lion takes love seriously; therefore, before dating anyone, checking the compatibility level with that person is a must.

If you’ve dated a Leo guy before, then you’ll fully aware of this. Be prepared well because he will come unexpectedly with different tricks, from being dominant and being straightforward to picking a fight. His behavior and attitude at the beginning will make you doubt his love. But, be patient and the outcome will be worth it!

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Leo is the most romantic zodiac sign!

Here are 6 ideas revealing that you’re the one he wants to form a romantic relationship with:

1. Are you jealous?

Yup, the first challenge will be testing you jealousy.

You may think that Leos are flirty due to their social, outgoing personality; however, Leo man is actually loyal in love. If you find him give attention to other ladies in front of you, it’s a sign he is testing you. He wants to see whether or not you get jealous as well as find out your true feelings.

Why making you jealous with other girls is important to him?

Sometimes we can’t understand this guy, but he believes that this way helps him realize how genuine you are toward him. As long as you don’t play games, he will give his all in return.

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2. Are you loyal?

Talking about the love of a Leo, loyalty is the first keyword.

Men born under the Leo zodiac sign are extremely loyal, and that’s the initial thing he gives you when both are together. About the loyalty test, he’ll put you in different situations to see if you also give him the same loyalty.

  • Will you have his back when things get rough?
  • Will you be willing to stay with him through thick and thin?
  • Will you show up right away when he needs you?

Once he is certain about that you’ll be there for him, he won’t hesitate to shower you with sweet words, caring gestures, and true love. No one but you!

3. Are you good at keeping secret?

This fire sign is dynamic and full of passion, so not surprising at all if Leo man is social and outgoing. The thing is that he doesn’t open up with every single person that he meets. He may have an extensive list of friends, but he is extremely selective about sharing his secrets.

Trust is not something that a Leo man can give to anyone. It’s okay to talk about daily tasks or obligations, not secrets. Therefore, once he tells you something private or personal, it means that he is serious about you.

This act is a sign of testing you to see if you’re good at keeping secrets.

4. How passionate are you?

The fire sign Leo represents the sun which means this guy is passionate. His purpose of testing your passion is to see how excited and motivated you are when talking about or doing the things you love. Show your passion through your eyes as he wants to look at that glow when you two have conversations.

Leo man will observe your behavior throughout the date. It would be a major red flag if you seem generally cold and bored while attending exciting activities. We all know Leo is the adventurous type!

In order to win the heart of your male Leo, look for the things that you love as well as tell him what you feel truly passionate about.

5. Are you supportive enough?

Leos never think low of themselves due to their high confidence. But, if a Leo man is testing you, high chances are he wanting to find out whether or not you will make a supportive girlfriend. In case you have bad opinions of him, he feels unhappy.

Did you know that Leo man loves compliments?

He is not pleased if his so-called girlfriend or partner doesn’t realize his worth. Think highly of him and avoid constant criticism, or he will soon step out of this relationship.

6. Are you clingy?

The independence of your Leo man is on another level. He loves you but he also has his own life, so it would be a big no if you show your clinginess and possessiveness. No one can make decisions for his own life but himself.

He is open-minded and welcomes all advice. But, don’t push it too far – Leo man won’t put up with a controlling nature.


In short, how does a Leo man test a woman?

With this article, I hope you can tell the difference between him testing you and playing you. Observe him carefully! You may feel unlovable at the start but trust me – once he realizes that you’re the right type for him, he will stop doing what he is doing and treat you with pure love.

In case he’s not interested or serious about you, no need to hold on to him. Rather than a false hope, it’s better to look for someone who truly loves you and treats you well. Remember that you deserve to be loved and cared for.

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