How Does a Virgo Man Test You? (4 Noticeable Ways)

When you start dating someone, it’s a must to learn about that person.

How does a Virgo man test you?

You may get freaked out when knowing your date is a Virgo because you don’t know enough about them. In fact, this guy is one of the most loyal lovers and has the potential to get married with.

However, it is not THAT easy to start a relationship with him due to his perfectionism and unrealistic expectations for his partner.

But, no need to worry as I’m here to help!

4 Ways a Virgo Man is Testing You

when a virgo man testing you

Of all zodiac signs, Virgo is one of the few signs that are difficult to get along with.

Because of their insecurity, it’s hard for them to let anyone into their lives, but when they really open up, they keep you close and tight. 

To a Virgo man, love is not something that he will take lightly; instead, he will be serious and in it for the long haul. It’s not surprised when many women choose him as their ideal life partner. If you’re expecting a relationship with the male Virgo, then you need to be patient.

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Before opening his heart to anyone, he tends to build walls and fences around himself to avoid getting hurt. He wants to test his potential lover to see whether or not they are worthy of his investment of feelings.

Here are 10 ways a Virgo man will test you:

1. He will go with deep questions

As a mutable sign, Virgo man always likes to learn more about people by negotiating with them.

Deep questions are a great way letting him do this, so prepare yourself.

He could ask you everything, from your thoughts on politics to your favorite movies. Don’t think that he’s nosy; instead, he just wants to know everything about the woman he likes so he can understand you better and do his best to support you.

If you want to handle this well, make sure your answers have to be simple and honest. You may fail if trying so hard to impress him. In case you feel pressured by all of his questions, my suggestion is that you should try to ask him as well. He will see it as a mutual process and surely be happy to share his thoughts to you.

2. He wants to see your emotional support

Many say that Virgo is emotionally detached or emotionally reserved. Despite of that, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about others. When it comes to love relationships, he always prioritizes traditional family structures, and committing to someone he loves will help him feel complete at some perspectives.

The Virgo male expects you to be there for him emotionally, especially when he needs it most. This is why he will come up with this test at the beginning of a relationship so that he can find out how much you care for him during his vulnerable time.

All you need to do in this situation is to listen.

Show up next to him and patiently listen to his story instead of trying to solve the problems for him. Once passing this test, he will see you as a trustworthy and loyal partner.

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3. He loves consistency

When a Virgo man is in a new relationship with someone, he’s likely to show his best side to that person and he expects the same in return.

In love, he values consistency.

And this is what he’s gonna test you! The guy finds it difficult to stay in a relationship with someone whose moods change constantly. As he is very loyal to his partners, he has to know that whether or not you feel the same way. 
Consistency is important, not only for Virgo men but also for men in general. It would be good if you two share a great chemistry because it can create desire and strengthen the connection shared. Nonetheless, consistency is the key bringing success and happiness to your relationship.

4. He is curious about your future plans

What do you mean about dating a Virgo guy without planning in detail for your future?

Then, he is never your good match!

Ambitious and practical, this man has figured out what exactly he wants to do in his life already. He also knows what to expect from his future partner. Like other earth signs – Capricorn and Taurus, Virgo is a family-oriented person who looks for a life where he can take care of his loved ones.

To him, actions speak louder than words, and the most powerful love language is his acts of service. 

He is not the type too easygoing when dating; then, it’s understandable why he’ll ask you about your future plans. If he really likes you, he will try to compromise with you in case your plans sound a bit off. But, he doesn’t mind moving on once determining you are not the right option for him.

The moment he stops asking about your plans, tell yourself that’s when he has lost his interest in you.

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In a Nutshell

So, how does a Virgo man test you? Can you get into his heart bit by bit?

Before engaging in a relationship, he needs to know exactly what he’s getting himself into. He will try so hard to find something wrong in your behavior. Though he doesn’t want to, he has to do to avoid himself getting hurt.

Presenting the best version of yourself is a great way to keep Virgo man by your side forever. Once truly falling in love, he will be loyal and devoted in fulfilling all of your desires.

Never break his heart!

These tests may come up while you two are dating or when both want to take the relationship to the next level. 

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