Leo Man Cancer Woman Attraction: An Ideal Match in Love

How compatible is this match in love?

Leo man and Cancer woman make an almost perfect couple.

Despite their opposite elements, one is fire and the other is water, they could create a beautiful and harmonious connection. Astrologically, this is an interesting pair whenever hanging out together.

You may think they can’t get along well because these two are quite different. However, their personality traits and characteristics complement each other well. The Leo man Cancer woman attraction is strong.

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How Well Leo Man Cancer Woman Get Together?

leo man attracting cancer woman

Our rating for this compatibility is 3.5 stars.

When it comes to the love score between a Leo man and a Cancer woman, I will give them about 70 to 80 percent. In a romantic relationship, the Lion will take the lead and the Cancer will follow the lead. Before delving into their bonding, let me first inform their individual nature in general.

The magnanimous Leo male

He is a king who lives his life to the fullest. To find words describing him best, it must be generous, passionate, affectionate, protective, and adventurous. His goal is to achieve greatness in every aspect of life.

Referring to his love life, Leo man wants to spend most of his time with a lady who can keep up with his exuberant way of living, support his decisions, and give him the assurance. Having quite lots of desires and ambitions, his partner must be someone willing to stay with him through thick and thin.

Leo is a fixed fire sign, which means Leo man hardly changes his perception about life; therefore, never expect to dominate or control him. If you want to keep him by your side for a long term, I advise you not to make him feel tied down or manipulated. Instead, he can’t help falling head over heels if you are an inspiring lover who can understand what he is thinking or needs at the moment.

Last but not least, he gets attracted to a feminine woman as he represents for masculinity.

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The sensitive Cancer female

What are prominent traits of a Cancer woman?

If I have to describe, she is a thoughtful, caring, loving, compassionate, shy, devoted, and tolerant person. Once falling in love, she falls hard and will do everything to her love interest. Maybe due to her sensitivity, she tends to be cautious when it comes to her surroundings. Nonetheless, the Cancer female got a great sense of humor making everyone excited when taking with her.

She looks for a guy whom she can rely on and comfortably express all her fears as well as worries. Lacking security, this lady expects her partner to be trustful, faithful, and honest. The moment you lie to her or cheat behind her back, she will run away and never come back.

Cancer woman can give her all to you and respect you, but she expects the same from you in return. Very emotional and sensitive, she can go back into her shell if facing any form of insults, like indifference, arrogance, or criticism.

In a relationship with a Cancer, the key is to give her love, respect, loyalty, and security.

When Leo male and Cancer female are together…

While the man craves for the limelight as well as others’ attention whenever he goes, the woman is more reserved and not interested in being with the crowd. Her hobby is probably reading books or hanging out with her close friends.

It’s the flamboyant-yet-gentle demeanor of the Leo guy attracting the Cancer lady; on the other hand, he feels captivated by her femininity and innocent charm. In his eyes, she looks like the damsel in distress or a beautiful princess who gets locked in the castle and waits for her prince charming to come to rescue her.

He thinks she is more different than other girls; perhaps her way of approaching life is unique along with her fun, bright attitude, and that’s drawn him towards her. In the meantime, she has good impressions with the Lion’s gallant and chivalrous nature; plus, his enthusiastic way of living really gives her inspiration and motivation.

Will Leo man Cancer woman relationship work?

What works for this pairing?

Leo and Cancer, in a relationship, can make it work beautifully. The connection between them keeps getting stronger because they can learn a lot from each other. Put it simply, each has the thing the other lacks and they can complement their strength into the other’s weakness. For example, Cancer woman helps Leo man become more patient and empathetic, whereas Leo man teaches Cancer woman to be more open, sociable, and confident.

Undoubtedly, both of them can fill the missing parts in each other’s life.

The female lets her partner set the pace for this relationship; at the same time, she happily follows his lead and enjoys his affection. She approaches love in a tender, compassionate, and thoughtful way, and that makes the Leo male respect and appreciate her more. As a good listener, she pays full attention to everything he says and shows her understanding.

The male will treat his loved one with all the best things that life offers. In love he becomes a protective guy who’s likely to keep his girlfriend / partner safe from all the troubles.

What doesn’t work for this pairing?

The negative traits of a Leo are criticism, ego, and indifference, while negativities of Cancer woman include possessiveness, mood swings, and insecurity. As I said, they have many differences. On the bright side, he will show up by her side whenever she needs, and she makes a caring, gentle, patient, and shy partner that he yearns for. Now flip around, he may get upset because he can’t light up his true flame around her, and she always feel left out and rejected due to her insecurity.

The Bottom Line

Leo man Cancer woman attraction is strong since the first meeting.

This is a beautiful match, but of course both parties need some adjustments and understanding to strengthen the love bond. If Leo and Cancer do love each other, they will fight for their happiness. Together they share a connection spiritual and ethereal, making both like soulmates in reality.

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