Top 10 Capricorn Man Falling in Love Signs – How to Spot?

How to tell if a Capricorn man likes you more than a friend?

Top 10 Capricorn Man Falling in Love Signs - How to Spot?

When it comes to Capricorn man falling in love signs, there are actually a lot.

But, if you want to be sure about his feelings for you, the first thing is that you have to get close to him.

Compared to men of other zodiac signs, the male Capricornian has many distinctive traits and a unique outlook on life. Due to that, the way he approaches love is basically influenced by his own characteristics.

He rarely shows his true feelings until you provide him the security he needs.

In the love aspect, he is the type that sacrifices unconditionally and prefers a partner who can bring the best out of him.

It’s hard to read his mind; thus, it can be confusing to determine whether a Capricorn man is into you or not.

Luckily, there are some clues helping you spot his subtle approach to love.

Continue reading to discover the most obvious signs a Capricorn man likes you.

10 Signs a Capricorn Man is Interested in You

10 Signs a Capricorn Man is Interested in You

Is getting close to a male Capricornian hard?

Actually it’s more like a challenge!

Don’t expect this guy to act friendly in the first time meeting you. Because of his stoicism and aloof nature, he is a quite cool and calm person.

Understanding his traits takes you a very long time and much patience.

He is exactly like an iceberg that will surprise you with his depth and rich experience in life once opening up to you.

Okay, it’s time to check the signs a Capricorn male likes you so that you won’t mistake them with his generosity most of the time:

1. He displays his sensitive side

How to know if Capricorn man interested or not?

From the outside, he is a man of stability; not to mention that he seems to have a serious outlook on almost everything in life. However, as you know more about him, you will realize that he is extraordinarily sensitive.

A Capricorn man in love will find any chance to share his feelings to you. Make sure you can be a shoulder for him to lean on whenever he needs it.

If he has special feelings for you, he surely wants to show his soft side to you.

2. He becomes more dependable

Known for his reliability, Capricorn man will try his best to not let anybody, especially his loved one, down. As a dependable person, he is good at pleasing you, making you laugh, and noticing to your needs.

He will always be by your side through thick and thin.

Wonder how a Capricornian shows his romantic side?

That’s his dependability – he will surely support you with all his heart. Hence, when he tells you about his plans including you, you can simply trust his words. He will never do things making you have to guess.

Shortly, this guy will take care of your basic needs once he likes you.

3. He is shy around you at first

Some often ponder: “How does Capricorn show interest?”

As I told earlier, his approach to love is subtle. With the reserved personality, the Capricorn male tends to stand back and observe the crowd. Once he gets used to the unfamiliar environment, he will be able to make a move on his love interest.

He may approach you first; yet, the issue is – it takes him several weeks to officially get involved in a relationship. Not to worry though as a typical Capricornian is slow to love and dating.

This man doesn’t like to rush the beginning stage of a romance, so never think of forcing him to commit quickly.

4. He spends his working time to see you

Ambitious and hardworking, a guy born under Capricorn sign is probably the man of career. However, when he is into someone else, he will willingly adjust his work schedule just to see that person.

In love, rather than working overtime, he prefers taking off work early to cook the dinner for you. Or, sometimes he will take a long break to go on a romantic adventure with you.

When a Capricorn man doesn’t hesitate to spend his valuable hours with you and keep his work aside, the meaning is only one – he really likes you.

5. He is seemingly playful and flirty

If you want to know whether Capricorn man interested or not, notice his behavior around you. Does he act playfully and flirtatiously? He is normally the aloof, serious type; nonetheless, he seems to loose up a bit when being next to his crush.

In fact, he has an irresistible wit and sense of humor.

Additionally, this cool guy will flirt with the woman he likes endlessly. He also doesn’t mind public displays of affection once in love. The truth is – he would love to kiss and touch the person he is with frequently.

6. He lets you take the lead

Capricorn man is known for always setting the pace for most aspects of life; despite of that, he can give the power in the hands of his loving woman with pleasure

He looks for a strong, powerful partner and doesn’t really like an equal relationship. When a Capricorn is in a love romance, he will let you take the lead. Be an independent woman and pursue your things confidently, and he will surely get drawn to you.

Not afraid to be bossed around, the Capricorn man actually finds your dominance is a real turn on!

7. He invites you to his private place

This is also one of signs Capricorn man feels obsessed with you.

Naturally, he often spends his spare time alone and likely not opens up his feelings to anyone. Nevertheless, you can determine his sentiment for you once he lets you enter his private life.

The moment a Capricorn man invites you over, makes dinner for you, and tells you some of his secrets; this means his heart is ready to let you in. He just wants you to know that he is comfortable around you.

Not only his private life, but he also reveals his private thoughts to you. When being with his love interest, he wishes to show all aspects of himself.

8. He gives your patience a test

Another sign proving that he is falling for you is – this man will test your patience.

Well it is like an experiment which he shows all of his push-and-pull methods. In other words, the male Capricornian likes to see how patient you are. Why?

He is not the guy that falls in love fast; instead, he takes things slowly before making a decision. Also, his way of thinking is deep and thorough due to his slow-paced approach.

No matter how much he is into you, he still needs a long period to act. But, once he realizes his true feelings for you, he will go all for your heart.

He possibly wastes a long time to decide whether or not you are worth his investment.

9. He sends you a lot of texts

How a Capricorn shows love? The answer is that he texts you a lot!

In the beginning of a romantic relationship, this Capricorn man likely showers you with plenty of texts. Or, when he just starts learning about you, he will frequently send you flirty messages all the times.

Isn’t he a very shy, reserved person, is he?

The thing is – as he gets close to his love interest, he feels comfortable with the non-verbal communicating method like texting. Please understand that he is unable to open up from the beginning.

Fortunately, as the time passes, this man will grow his interest on you more and feel much secure once you have a touch to his openness.

10. He gets jealous

One thing for sure: Capricorn man doesn’t like to see you with other guys.

Not just Capricorn, but being possessive is certainly all men’s nature; well, may be there’s no Gemini in the list. Alright, now back to the male Capricornian…he is extremely possessive and jealous to the person he has feelings towards.

How does he react when you have a close talk with another man?

You should notice to see if he coolly accepts it or suddenly his attitude towards you changes. Though it’s hard to admit that he really likes you, the way he acts when you are surrounded by other guys will let you know right away.

Maybe you can try to make a Capricorn man miss you by stirring his jealousy, additionally.

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Understand Special Capricorn Man in Love Traits

Before dating a Capricorn male, you should understand his nature.

Characteristically, he is as stubborn as Taurus; well, it’s hard to deal with a man with a strong head. Moreover, he is a quiet, shy and reserved and unable to express his feelings in a romantic way.

That explains why he is often misunderstood in relationships.

To make sure you know him better, please have a look at several unique traits of a Capricorn male in love:

  • He is not the romantic type
  • He is very loyal and faithful
  • He seeks a long-term, serious commitment
  • He will not forgive for anyone cheating on him
  • He does not like to play games
  • He is a trustworthy, determined partner
  • He finds it hard to open up with you
  • He does not get attract to physical appearance
  • He is emotionally attached
  • Your support for his ambitious goals is what attracts a Capricorn man
  • His ideal type is a mature and reliable woman
  • He loves to be praised, taken care of, and pampered
  • He needs his private space during his sensitive times
  • He is a traditional person

For more tips on how to get a Capricorn man to like you, check out this video:

What do you think about this topic?

Have you seen any of Capricorn man falling in love signs above from the guy you are interested in?

Tell us in the comment!


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