Cancer Man Ignoring Me: 3 BEST Tips To Handle him !

Why is Cancer man ignoring me?

What to do when a Cancer man suddenly withdraws from me?

get confused with Cancer man distant behavior

Cancerian male acting distant is what you may find very familiar, especially if you are in a relationship with a Cancer.

Due to his personality traits, this guy is super sensitive and shy.

He often wears on a protective shell and shows up with an aloof appearance. How open he is depends mainly on his trusting levels toward others.

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With a great big heart, it’s hard to deal with rejection as well as any kind of situation that could hurt his feelings.

So if he becomes nonchalant, there must be some reasons behind.

In the article ?Cancer Man Ignoring Me’, I’m going to discuss about your partner’s behavior in love relationships and tips to handle his disappearing acts.

When a Cancer Man Ignores You?

Keep in mind that Cancer man cannot cope with confrontation well.

Therefore, the moment he’s ignoring you, the first reason is probably because you have said or done something that upset him. He won’t let you know; instead, he tends to stay quiet for awhile but it will not last for a long term.

He is not the type that will give you the cold shoulder forever. But if you don’t find a solution for this issue, misunderstandings will arise between you and him more and more.

This man will open up and even share his emotions when he completely feels comfortable with you.

Nonetheless, there are times when he may throw a fit in protest to whatever making him upset about rather than icing you out. In the situation for him to ignore you, then what you did to him would probably be over the line.

In case you have a crush on him initially but he has no idea and acts distant towards you, then don’t mind finding a way to let him know. Cancer men are sometimes dense in recognize a woman’s feelings.

He really needs a sign to make sure whether or not you want him.

What to Do If a Cancer Man Ignores You?

If you want to date a Cancer male, then you need to be optimistic.

As a person with Cancer soul, he often brings what called ?Cancer man disappearing act‘ on the surface. Very sensitive and unable to handle criticism, he easily gets unsatisfied and disappointed if being reproached.

For a long-term relationship with this guy, you need to know how to love him the right way. The Cancerian man enjoys being pampered a lot as well as sweet conversations; also give him sincere and nice complements.

The truth is: he will get back to you later if he’s truly into you.

Below, I’ve offered a list of tips to handle a Cancer man gone quiet:

  • Take the initiative in making phone calls, sending emails and planning a date rather than waiting for your Cancer man. Don’t expect him to set the first move as he prefers the passive role in a relationship.
  • Honestly express your feelings frequently and sincerely toward him, even if you are sensing anxious and fear deep inside. Emotional and sensitive, he appreciates topics related to feelings. Be more open to him and the emotional level between you two will grow stronger.
  • Give him sentimental gifts because this guy needs the reassurance from you. Remember to make him feel loved and treasured most of the time. He really appreciates gifts that you prepare with fully meaningful devotion.

So rather than waiting your Cancer man to reply or return with a normal treatment, you should be the one take the first move and look up for things to do to heal your relationship with him.

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What Does He Think When Ignoring You?

1. He is stressful and not want to tell anyone

Cancer man may not a person of drama, but he tends to run or hide when a major stress occurring in his life.

Or, what you are doing to him provides him no safety and security ? 2 important elements in a relationship with a Crab. Put it simply, understanding this man well is a need, since you have to make him feel secure before requiring him to care for you.

A Cancer may become stressful due to a number of reasons.


  • Suddenly losing his job
  • Having problems with his family members
  • Failing his exams or failing to get a job
  • Feeling pressured with his current relationships

As much as you want your Cancer man to be honest with you, then be real to him.

2. He is not aware of his ignoring act

As I told you above, Cancer man is reserved and tends to stay in his own shell. Therefore, maybe it’s just because he is not interested in talking. Sometimes, he is not even aware that he’s ignoring you.

Don’t jump to the conclusion quickly!

He rarely communicates with you doesn’t mean he does not love you anymore.

Whenever you notice a drastic change in his attitude with you, please give him his private space to think about everything (his current thoughts, his feelings to you, etc.) rather than forcing him to explain.

3. He is afraid of calling you due to his own insecurity

His fragile ego is the main reason making him unable to accept the idea of showing his vulnerable side to his loved one in any shape of form.

Most Cancer men are insecure yet they will never admit they’re insecure.

Your Cancer craves for a relationship that can provide him both safety and security. He doesn’t like getting involved in situations that could threaten him or put him in harmful ways. That’s why he is likely to avoid any conflict.

Even if he really likes you, he will try to not be the one taking the initiative.

Final Thoughts

Unexpectedly, a Cancer man is a tenacious and strong-willed person.

Don’t get worried too much when he acts distant. Simply give him time to arrange everything in his mind and do your own stuff.

So if you want to have your Cancer man for keeps, you are advised to give him a peaceful and comfortable relationship. Importantly, always show up whenever he needs you. Love him with sincere and honesty and you can be sure to obtain the most fulfilling of relationships.

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