Understanding a Cancer Man: Ultimate Guide When Dating Him

Are you dating a Cancer male?

The man born under the Cancer sun sign is actually very complicated.

Due to his personality traits, he has hatred for instability and is completely indecisive. As a family-oriented person, he is interested in fine culinary arts.

Hold on your Cancerian boyfriend tightly as he has all the qualities to become a potential partner in a committed relationship.

But, firstly you need to get the key to enter his inner world.

Cancer: June 21 – July 22

Understanding a Cancer man is not as easy as you think, but this article can help you gain a glimpse into his general characteristics and how he tends to act when in love.

Let?s find out!

Cancer Man in Love Relationships

Cancer Man in Love Relationships

Once falling for someone, this guy will love with all of his heart.

However, he is emotional, sensitive, and afraid of getting hurt; that?s why he often encases his pulsing heart in a hard, protective shell. Infamous for displaying the excellent poker face, you cannot tell what is in his mind just by looking at him.

Cancer man really needs a tough exterior for protection.

No matter whatever he does, he follows his heart, not his mind. Because of this reason, you can tell that he is a very thoughtful, affectionate, caring, and intuitive person.

He is gifted with the ability of understand your emotions, making him an ideal partner for a serious relationship.

Wonder if you’re Cancer man’s perfect match in love?

With the sign ruled by the Moon, the emotions of Cancer man usually alter, shift, and ebb and flow in cycles. The only one thing not influenced at all is his vulnerability. He?s kind of selfish as the Cancerian is unlikely to share your unwavering love and affection with anyone.

Don?t do anything leading to his suspicions, or he may become a jealous, manipulated individual.

How to tell that he treats you more than a typical friend? When a Cancer man loves a woman, he is sometimes needy, clingy, moody, and insecure. At times, he is the reserved, isolated type ? so if you want to go somewhere with a crowd, simply leave him at home.

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Signs a Cancer Man is Falling in Love with You

How do you know a Cancer man likes you?

Signs a Cancer Man is Falling in Love with You

#1: He wines and dines you

If he treats you nicely, then he’s probably smitten with you. Interestingly, Cancer-born natives are known as the foodie of the zodiac; so when a male Cancerian is into someone, he can?t help sharing his passion for food with you.

#2: He cooks for you

One of signs a Cancer man has feelings for you is: he will invite you over to his place and cook for you.

He is a private person, and his house is the most comfortable place where he can be nobody but himself. Consider yourself lucky if he allows you to enter his shell. Besides, with a huge love of food, Cancer can?t wait to let you discover his real, intimate aspect.

Learn more about other physical signs telling Cancer man loves you.

#3: He wants to get close to you

You can tell that he likes you if he wants to be intimate with you.

Cancer man needs more than a relationship just focusing on physical chemistry. Of course he isn’t the type saying yes to one night stand; in fact, he looks for a woman who is harmonious with him on the emotional level also.

This guy rarely pursues anyone sexually unless he finds his true love.

#4: He brings you to meet his family

What can be more obvious than this action?

He will not take you home to visit his parents if he thinks you’re not worth his investment. Hence, the moment he lets you meet his mother, then you know that he?s completely serious.

Check out his physical signs when interested in you

#5: He opens up about his feelings

Based on my experience, most of Cancer men are shy in nature and tend to keep their deepest feelings as well as thoughts to themselves. Lacking security, he finds it hard to tell others about how he truly feels?because of that, his emotions are built up more and more.

Gaining his trust is all you need to do to win the heart of a Cancer male.

Once he shows you the inside of his shell, he’s definitely interested in you.

#6: He is affectionate

As I mentioned earlier, your Cancer man is notoriously private.

Even if he has special feelings for you, he will choose not to confess to you due to his fear for rejection.

Please notice his actions!

In a love relationship, he would want to do every little thing for you, from buying you gifts or flowers to preparing a romantic dinner.

Things to Remember When Dating a Cancer Man

Turn on a Cancer man

Here are what you should do to make him want you:

  • Always listen to all the things he says
  • Frequently make him feel like he?s wanted, needed, and appreciated
  • An independent woman enabling to take the reins for him
  • A foundation of a relationship with Cancerian man mainly based on harmony, friendship, trust, and unity
  • Stay together in a safe, comfortable, and uncluttered home
  • Prepare a hot meal by yourself
  • Treat him with tenderness and reassurance
  • Have an incredible sex with him

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Turn off a Cancer man

Conversely, avoid the things below if you don?t want to send him away:

  • Don?t ask him to stay in crowds
  • He is not happy if being bossed around
  • He cannot handle well with criticism or inappreciation
  • Never smother anything from this guy
  • Avoid flirting with other guys or mentioning about your past relationships
  • He dislikes disorganization, inhospitality, and lousy food
  • It?s a terrible mistake if you try to play games or make fun of him
  • Disloyalty is nobody’s turn-on, especially significant to Cancer man

In Conclusion

Considered as a mysterious creature, Cancer man enjoys keeping you guessing.

When it comes to dating, he is extremely devoted and loyal at heart. Once he has set his heart on you, he will work hard for the relationship remains for the long haul. Nevertheless, he will shut down immediately if you do anything wrong to him.

He falls deeply but also moves on quickly ? this person is not going to waste his time.

When Cancer man in love commits, his loyalty is stronger than everything.

As a matter of fact, he expects the same from his loved one. The moment you betray a Cancer, you’ll soon realize how stupid you are and feel regret about it for the rest of your life.

If you are planning to win over a male Cancerian, good luck!

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