7 Undeniable Signs a Capricorn Man is NOT into You

Capricorn man is a mysterious person.

This guy is not the type that easily opens up or gets intimate with others. With a complicated personality, many claim that it’s a challenge to be close to a Capricorn male.

He always puts up his guards so you barely have chances to read him. If you’re reading this, probably you’re wondering how Capricorn man expresses love, because seriously who can understand him?

In case you’re trying to get close to this reserved guy, you must have a few tricks and tips to catch his attention. But that’s not the thing we will discuss today; in fact, this article is going to talk about signs a Capricorn man is not into you.

Knowing these signs is helpful as they remind you to better move on whenever he treats you in these following ways.

When a Capricorn Man Doesn’t Like You…

capricorn man is not into you

1. He doesn’t open his heart

To know if a Capricorn man falls in love with you or not, observe him and see whether or not he opens up with you.

Known for his mysterious characteristic, he doesn’t feel the need of sharing his private matters to anyone else. Therefore, if he feels nothing special towards you, then he has no intent to tell you anything about him as well as to open his heart. He rather keeps everything to himself as usual.

Why is he acting like this?

Capricorn man has trust issues, making him not believe in others easily. Sharing between two individuals is a key element in a love relationship. He does not open up means he has no trust and no interest in you.

2. He is not caring at all

Well, isn’t this obvious, is it?

When the Capricorn male doesn’t like you, how can you expect him to care to you? So don’t feel sad if he seems careless whenever you are around; much worse, sometimes he doesn’t even mind about your presence in the room.

If there’s a moment he notices you, don’t quickly assume that he is into you. The truth is he may see you as one of his friends – it indeed takes you much effort to become his special one.

Figure out Capricorn male behavior when he is so done with you!

3. He creates space between you and him

This guy loves his private space. He tends to isolate himself from all unnecessary distractions when he needs to accomplish any goal in life. If you are not the person he feels interested in, then he doesn’t want you to step inside his boundaries.

However, he won’t purposely distance himself from you unless you force him to stay close to you. If he doesn’t feel comfort around you, he will let you know that he has no special feelings for you by withdrawing or running away.

4. He doesn’t notice your presence

As I said earlier, Capricorn man won’t take notice of your attendance if he is not into you – this is also a clear sign. It’s hard to befriend with this guy because he literally doesn’t trust anyone; this explains why he finds caring is a challenge unless he falls for that person.

If the Capricorn male likes you, he will show his concern to you most of the time. He will be the first person that spots your presence in a room and wonder where you are once you disappear. Hence, when he pays no attention to you, obviously he is not caring at all.

You can test him to see whether he cares or not by asking him about your attendance in a particular group.

5. He treats you like an ordinary friend

What’s more signs Capricorn man is not interested with you?

That’s treating you like a friend!

He won’t display any special manner; instead, he treats you like the way he treats anyone else. This is the sign he doesn’t see you different than other girls. He feels comfortable with you as a friend, not more than that.

Capricorn man is very obvious – if he really loves you, then he won’t let his woman doubt his feelings. This guy in love will shower you with his attention. From now on, please observe his attitude and acts to another lady and see whether he treats you in the same way or not. Actually he has no reason to give you special treatment if he feels nothing towards you.

6. He tells you he does not like you directly

If Capricorn man says that he isn’t interested in you, well this is like he puts an end between you and him. Keep in mind that this guy is extremely honest; thus, when he tells you directly that he doesn’t see any spark with you, he truly means that he doesn’t like you.

He will never say this if he has feelings for you, even just a bit. Of course he doesn’t play any game with you because this Capricorn male hates mind games. He hates causing misunderstandings, so this is the clearest sign helping you realize his feelings and make a move on.

He may see you as a good friend of his, not into you the way you wish him to.

Once Capricorn man draws out this card, you will have no word to say or deny.

7. He barely makes conversations with you

If your Capricorn man is not into you, he won’t open up and engage in many conversations with you. He typically doesn’t say much due to his trust issues, remember?

Therefore, you will find him rarely talking to you about subjects on a deeper level. No matter what kind of questions or topics from you, he will keep it short and simple. In short, he gives you no chance to continue the conversation.

Final Words

Now you already know signs a Capricorn man is not into you.

Don’t feel upset or blame him because really you can’t force this guy to fall in love with you in return. His feelings are not something you can control or manipulate. Rather than drowning yourself in sadness, be patient and keep telling yourself that your soulmate will soon appear.

If a Capricorn man doesn’t like you and shows any of signs above, this means he is not the right person for you.

So what a Capricorn man would do if he is into you?

Check out these helpful ways to spot the differences:

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