How to Make a Virgo Man Regret Losing You? (With 5 Ways)

Wondering how to make a Virgo man regret losing you?

There are some breakups in which both parties end up in peace and always respect each other.

However, in the meantime, some relationships make those involved get uncomfortable when going their own way.

In this article, I’m about to tell you several ways that can get your Virgo ex to feel regretted for leaving you. No need to cause any argument, or update your status on the social media, or cry hard, these simple acts enable to put your relationship back on track.

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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Virgo Man Regret

when virgo man regret losing you

1. Start a new relationship

There is no way more effective than seeing someone new and have a date. Perhaps your Virgo ex, at that moment, has no feelings for you. But, as you two were in a relationship before, he still feels possessive deep inside once hearing about your new boyfriend. Trust me – he won’t be able to sleep well when seeing you giggle or walk next to someone who is not him.

Having new relationships is not that bad as you can make new friends and expand your social circle. That will help you forget all the sad memories about the breakup!

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2. Be happy

The utmost condition to make your Virgo man regret losing you is to be positive and happy with your life.

Show him that nothing can affect your life or make you miserable, with or without his presence. Take care of your appearance and always have a bright smile on your face every time encountering him. Surely he will feel regret when realizing that he is no longer a priority in your list.

3. Have faith in yourself

Normally when getting cheated by the lover, whether you’re male or female, you tend to put all the blame on yourself. You think that you’re not good enough compared to that third person. That negative thought, unfortunately, makes you lose confidence and become small next to others.

If you always put on a gloomy look, don’t expect Virgo man to feel regretted.

To make him miss you, learn to treasure yourself first. Be confident and focused on your own life, and soon you’ll find the right person and a good relationship. If you have no faith in yourself, then who will?

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4. Upgrade your look

Before looking for someone who sincerely loves you, it’s a must to love yourself.

Taking care of your appearance is necessary, especially after a breakup. Don’t keep being upset and getting stuck in the room. When your look is upgraded, your confidence will be refilled 100% – this helps you open up to new relationships. Once you’re confident, good things will come for sure.

The moment the Virgo male sees you showing up stunning and gorgeous, he can’t help but regretting badly for letting you go.

5. Do whatever you like

What could be greater than getting to do things that you like?

Being in a relationship means you have to sacrifice a lot of things including your interests. Putting your own goals on hold so that you can spend more time for the person you love as well as nurture the relationship.

Virgo man is traditional and conservative, so probably he could allow you not to wear revealing clothes, go to pubs, come back home late, hang out with your friends, or like as well as comment on other girls’ account.

Fortunately, now the two of you have separated, take this as an opportunity to try everything you have always wanted to do. Seeing you become independent and active, he would feel bitter for sure.

How is Virgo Man after a Breakup?

Breaking up with a Virgo man may be easier than you’ve thought.

He is the fickle type and easily adapt to new things. This means that even if you want to break up, they can accept it without any trouble. The Virgo male also doesn’t hold grudge or hurt you in return. He appreciates your open and honest attitude; therefore, you should have a sincere conversation with him about the problem of both of you.

Remember not to act in front of this guy.

He hates lies and is intuitive enough to figure out if you’re putting on a mask or not.

After breaking up, Virgo man will still behave as if nothing happened. He’s the master of hiding his feelings, even deceiving himself that everything will be okay. This guy will dedicate all of his time doing everything to forget bad memories. His weakness is that he gets obsessed with experiences occurred in the past. Therefore, his next lover will need to overcome more challenges to capture his heart.

Here is the advice if you’re in a relationship with a Virgo man:

1. Be honest with them

Even if you want to break up, don’t try to find a reason that doesn’t exist just to end the relationship. It is best to speak directly what is in your heart with the most sincere attitude. They will appreciate this and will probably let you go.

2. Be intelligent

Virgo man is an intellectual person who likes to discuss about everything and expand his knowledge. So, if you want him to break up with you, one of the best ways is pretending to be a narrow girl. Try to make him find you boring!

He needs to be with someone who is smart enough to stimulate his intellect.

3. Be understanding

Virgo man is a person of work or also known as a workaholic.

If you insist that he should spend more time with you than work, even most of his time is already for you, he will soon get quickly tired and depressed.

Besides, you can also behave in a vague and mysterious way. Make him feel curious! The more you hide, the more suspicious Virgo man will become. He wants clarity and honesty in a relationship, so you should consider this to end your relationship.

Final Words

Check out the ideas here to find out how to make a Virgo man regret losing you!

The informative above has provided the most effective ways of getting your Virgo ex to feel regretted when leaving you. Hope that you can pick out the most suitable one for your situation and recover from the emotional wound.

No matter what, remember to love yourself more.

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