5 Signs a Cancer Man is Serious about You (with NO Doubt)

You are dating a Cancer man and want to know his true feelings, right?

If yes, this is the article for you!

When it comes to romantic relationships, I think most of us have the same issue, like wondering if our partners truly love us or just mess around. So, if you’re here to affirm the love of your Cancer partner, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, I’ll discuss signs a Cancer man is serious about you.

Let’s get started!

How to Know Cancer Man is Serious in Love?

5 Signs a Cancer Man is Serious about You

1. He is just obvious

I believe you all have heard about "action speaks louder than word."

So, Cancer man being transparent is the biggest sign.

In case you want to check his sincerity to you, simply observe the way he acts toward you. If he’s really serious in love, he will keep his words. Not only doing what he said, but this guy also showers you more other stuff to make sure you’re always happy.

Keep track of his behavior and see if his actions matching his words, such as:

  • Does he talk about his future plan with you?
  • Does he fulfill his promises?
  • Does he always remind you about his availability?
  • Does he let you know how much important you are to him?

If all the answers are yes, then it means Cancer man is completely transparent about showing love to you.

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On the contrary, you find him not open up his feelings and just make normal conversations, then he’s not really curious about you as well as serious in the relationship.

2. He reveals his secrets

Has your Cancer man ever told you any of his secrets before?

This is the second sign and the following questions will let you know whether or not he is serious about you:

  • Does he tell his secrets with you only or with a group of friends?
  • Does he mention his family members in the conversation while talking about his secrets, or are you the only person knowing it?
  • Do his secrets have connection with any other girl or not?

You must check carefully because the answers for these questions can help you determine his seriousness in the relationship. If Cancer man doesn’t include relatives, friends or clues about other girls, then the high chance is that he’s sincere about you.

3. He doesn’t feel bored around you

Another sign a Cancer man is serious in love is he never getting bored.

When this guy is interested in you, he can’t help wanting to have as many conversations with you as possible. The goal is to know you better. Don’t be surprised if he comes up with tons of questions about you including your likes and dislikes, good and bad habits, etc.

In addition, Cancer man has a sensitive and intuitive side, so he can read you easily. If seeing you feeling down or upset, he’s willing to listen to your problem or anything you’re dealing with lately.

In a love relationship, he grabs any chance to stay aside the person he loves. You may find him keep making calls or sending you messages. It’s because he wants to hear your voice and update about what you’re doing. If possible, he even helps you accomplish tasks (personally and professionally).

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4. He treats you better

Cancer man is a kind person and likely to treat people around him with care and consideration. Family is the most important thing to him. So, it’s not surprised when seeing him taking very good care of his family members as well as close friends.

If this guy thinks of you as his loved one, then he will put you at the top of his priority list.

Of course the way the Cancer male treating you seems to be better than others. Even if he has no time and the issue is out of his limit, he still ensures your safety and happiness at all cost. That’s how he proves his love in a relationship!

As time passes, you can spot the difference in his way of treating you and others easier.

Honestly, this habit of his makes you feel more important and loved.

5. He respects your opinions

If a Cancer man likes you, your ideas and thoughts matter to him.

Sometimes, at certain times, we do need opinions or advice from others for better decisions. But, if a guy has no interest in you, he will never take anything you say to heart.

In case of the Cancer male, he often calls you and takes advice from you whenever he’s in need of help. For example, if he is in stress, he will contact you and ask some questions bugging his mind. He will then listen to your advice carefully and even stick to it.

In general, Cancer man isn’t the type saying no to your help. Once getting assistance from you, he promises to himself not to let you down. When you feel that he is doing something extraordinary for you, just compare his behavior and attitude with others.

This is another positive sign proving Cancer man is serious in love.

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The Bottom Line

That’s all for signs a Cancer man is serious about you.

Once again, he won’t show any sign mentioned above if he isn’t sincere in the relationship. If this guy doesn’t invest too much, he won’t put down his guard to open up to you or look for your advice.

Observe your Cancer man and see if he displays any of these signs when around you. If he shows more than 3 signs, it means he wants to be in a committed relationship with you for a long term.

Send your questions in the comment box below (if any).

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