What are Capricorn Bad Traits Based on Astrology (Click NOW)

Feel curious about Capricorns?

I believe you all have read about their strengths and positive traits before.

How about Capricorn bad traits? 

For someone born under this zodiac sign, others either love or hate them. Because of their cold and distant exterior, lots of misconceptions seem to arise from the beginning.

Capricorns normally are nice; however, there are still some hidden truths that only those very close to them can tell. In today’s article, let’s find out what a Cappy’s negative personality traits are.

9 Bad Traits of a Capricorn

bad traits of capricorns

Capricorn is the type of person that can be either your very best friend or someone you don’t even want to stay around.

We all know that Capricorn is ambitious, practical and self-discipline. They have great ambitions for everything in life, especially for their career and finances. Hard-working and dedicated, they can go to an extent to achieve their ultimate goals. But, not many know that this wise and composed zodiac sign also has a number of negative qualities.

Here are some bad traits of a typical Capricorn:

1. Moody

Many get frustrated with Capricorn’s mood swing. Because it keeps changing constantly, they have a hard time in distinguishing when and how to joke around with a Capricorn individual. One moment they’re so playful and full of humor sense, and the other moment they become serious all of sudden.

You have no idea what just happened to them, and their moody act really confuses you sometimes.

So, moodiness is one of Capricorn bad traits.

2. Demanding

You haven’t seen them behaving demanding before, but in fact they can be demanding at certain times.

If a Capricorn tells you they need something, it means they want you to do that for them immediately. Nevertheless, when someone asks them to do something in return, they tend to postpone it. Some who’ve known Capricorns for a long period all agree that this is also one of their negative traits.

3. Pessimistic

Unlike Geminis who always focus on positivity, Capricorn natives keep seeing the negative side of a situation before having a glimpse at the positive side. Not to mention that they often come up with irrelevant questions. That’s why some find it irritating when working with them.

Due to that, others think that pessimism is also a bad trait of Capricorn. They feel anxious and worried if having to do something odds. Plus, they rarely think about taking new challenges because they’re so pessimistic about the results.

4. Self-centered

Their first question before doing anything is "how it is gonna affect them" or "what the benefit is if they do that". That’s the reason why people think about Capricorns as self-centered individuals. They focus on themselves before anyone else. You can easily see their self-centered attitude when you plan something with them.

5. Stubborn

I usually say that no one can beat Taurus when it comes to stubbornness. But, you shouldn’t underestimate Capricorn’s perseverance. They are headstrong and strongly believe that their decision or idea is right. It’s difficult to change their mind because they don’t really trust you.

Therefore, the sea goat is also on the same team as the bull. This nature of them is one of reasons why many can’t work with them.

6. Suspicious

Well, this is the root of their stubbornness.

Capricorn people have trust issues. Hence, they seem to be suspicious about everything. If you’re dating a Capricorn, you will understand what I’m trying to say here. Some admit that they get annoyed with that suspicious nature of their Cappy partner.

Not only about objects and events, they also have doubts about people. That’s why you need to make sure to accept this negative trait when being in a romantic relationship with these individuals.

7. Emotionally detached

Though Capricorns take love serious and yearn for a long-lasting committed relationship, they are emotionally detached in love. They are the type of person who hardly gets close to anyone. It takes them a very long time to open their heart, so not surprising at all if they suddenly become quiet and distant from you.

No matter how much they love you, a Capricorn can get detached in a blink due to their moodiness. They can walk away from your life without having any worry or regret if sensing lies or betray.

8. Reserved

As I just said earlier, you must be patient and give Capricorn time to open up. Because of trust issues, they find it difficult to get close to others. Another reason is because they are the shy and reserved type, though normally they are quite confident and good at communicating.

Don’t go overboard from the first meeting or you may scare them away.

9. Gloomy and uneasy

Two final negative qualities of Capricorn in this list are gloominess and uneasiness.

Capricorns appearing with a dull look is not a rare scene actually. According to astrologers, they normally spread charm along with Leos and Geminis. Nonetheless, they sometimes show up with a gloomy look when getting influenced by their pessimistic nature.

Don’t think that Capricorn people are friendly and easygoing because they are not. They don’t feel comfortable at all when being surrounded by strangers or in a crowd.

Final Words

That’s all for topic about Capricorn bad traits.

Do you think you really understand your Cappy partner?

Nah, don’t be so sure because people born under this zodiac sign are unpredictable and very confused. If you’re dating one, make sure you don’t do anything hurting them as Capricorns are unforgiving. They can hold grudge for a long time and will never return to the place used to hurt them before.

In addition, it’s challenging to pin them down. Their skepticism doesn’t allow them to admit what you say is right. Their opinions and ideas are always the best, and they will even make research to prove that your points are wrong and no sense.

To learn more about Capricorns, leave your comments below.

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