How To Attract A Leo Man (With 5 BEST Tips To Win His Heart)

How to attract a Leo man? Look for a way to tame the king of the zodiac?

Leo is born between July 23 and August 22 and known as the fifth sign on the zodiac wheel. Guys with this astrology sign are very attractive as they possess magnetic personality and irresistible charisma.

He?s kind of straightforward when it comes to showing his interest to someone.

If you are having a keen eye on a Leo man, we can give you advice helping you win over his heart. For sure, the following guide on how to attract a Leo man will make him unable to resist.

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What Type of Man is Your Leo?

What Type of Man is Your Leo?

Carrying the symbol of the king of the jungle, Leo man is a strong, confident person who always craves for the center of attention. Outgoing and open-hearted, he has a relatively large social circle.

If you want to get involved with this fiery guy, then show him your loyalty and commitment.

On the bright side:

He is?hugely charismatic and really values respect wherever he goes. Thanks to his magnetic personality, you can easily spot a Leo man from the crowd. Wherever he goes, he is respected, admired, and adored by those who know him.

Talking about positive qualities of his Leo zodiac sign, the male is best known for his generosity, loyalty, kindness, and protective instinct. In addition, whether the professional life or personal life, he is a natural-born leader. With a helpful nature, he is willing to support his friends and family.

Despite his strong qualities, this guy is emotive and tends to experience everything 100%. In other words, if he loves you, he loves with his heart; if he hates you, never try to show up. Either black or white, he has no shades of grey at all.

On the dark side:

Because of too much self-confidence, he sometimes makes people feel like he is an inaccessible, arrogant person. Leo man won?t treat anyone the same; in fact, it depends on your behavior towards him ? if you show your respect, then he also shows you his.

In love relationships, he is quite over-possessive and demanding. Unlike other men, you cannot use the jealousy tactic to the Leo guy. Don?t try to flirting with anyone else but him, or he will confront those whom he feels can be a threat.

Based on the lion?s mind, you are already his once he confesses his love to you.

Whether you are his lover or a member of his family, he expects 100% commitment, compliance, and deference from you.

This guy can be ruthless if he’s not interested in you because he is king ? without feeling the need of telling his behavior to anyone, he just enjoys doing whatever he wants.

Top 5 Easy Ways of Making a Leo Man Likes You

Top 5 Easy Ways of Making a Leo Man Likes You

#1: Catch his attention

How to make the conquest worthwhile?

If you are a girl having an interest in a Leo man, then you?ll realize that grabbing his attention is really a challenge. Though this guy is irresistible, it?s difficult to make his eyes lie on you.

In order to leave a big impression on the first meeting, the trick here is to look confident and feel comfortable with yourself. Expose your flair and let him know you?re attracted to him. The Leo male cannot say no to independent, well-groomed women.

Also take care of your appearance to be worth his conquest.

#2: Give him all the spotlight

If you want a Leo man to grow his interest in you, then the tip is to make him the center of your attention. When having a conversation with him, look straight to his eyes because he expects you to see only him in the room or wherever you go.

Listen carefully to every word, show him your amazed look once he finishes his stories, and laugh at his jokes. Seeing you get excited over whatever he does is like a drug for him, and he can?t wait to impress you.

#3: Stand out from the crowd

In order to get Leo man?s attraction, then you have to stand out from the crowd.

How? This guy is easily drawn into beauty; however, more than the physical beauty, he prefers the woman who is bold and not afraid of chasing her own goals.

When it comes to attracting the Leo, the key is not to play any game as he takes love very serious. Approach him in a blunt and upright way and he will feel hugely turned on immediately.

#4: Stay mysterious

You need to stay him unpredictable as well as remain your air of mystery to hold his interest. He will not even notice if you are too ordinary or keep doing routine things; indeed, Leo man expects you to look ?fresh? every time seeing you.

Rather than revealing your secrets all at once, you should make him curious and excited in the first-time meeting, and he will surely want to spend more time with you.

It?s okay to play hard-to-get with him, but remember not to overdo it as Leo man is the type easily losing his interest if he feels like you don?t show any sign of interest.

#5: Be comfortable with his physical touches

This guy is the type that wouldn?t expect you to jump into the bed with him after just a couple of dates, but he would absolutely get turned on if you approach him in an outrageous manner.

He is a sensual person who loves skinship. When you are with a Leo man, don?t ignore or shy away from physical chemistry. Touch him and hold his hand if you two walk together, give his back lightly yet affectionate strokes while talking with him, hug him tightly, and whatever to make him feel sensual.

Don?t come across as too vulgar or eager because that?s a big turn off.

What Type of Woman a Leo Man Finds Attracted to?

What Type of Woman a Leo Man Finds Attracted to?

Feel curious about Leo man?s expectations in women?

As mentioned earlier, he notices the lady?s look initially.

He feels impressed to women who take pride in how they look. Here are some tricks if you don?t know how to seduce this guy: choosing an outfit that could flatter your physical strengths, taking care of your manicure and pedicure regularly, and always looking well-groomed.

You must have a glamour era surrounding 24/7, but make sure you don?t steal away his spotlight.

Even when he is dating you, Leo man still needs the public?s attention on him.

Another trait that he seeks in his ideal woman is her full attention and trust towards him completely. Show him that you are likely to hang on to his every word and he surely feels happy and appreciated.

Apart from proving your interest to him, don?t forget to genuinely respect him also.

Born with great leadership, Leo man yearns to be in command of different aspects of his life including love relationship. Therefore, you are advised to let him take the lead in a romance. If leaving him the control makes you unhappy, then the guy govern by the Leo horoscope sign is not the partner for you.

Nevertheless, he is a perfect option for gals into the type of man likely taking leadership and responsibility in all decisions.

For a Leo man, nothing is more attractive than a woman who gives him total adoration and is full of affection. He loves to show off in front of friends; hence, having a partner knowing how to adulate him with affection overload will make him extremely happy.

Touch him, pamper him, flatter him, and have eyes only for him.

Getting involved with Leo man requires from you 100% fidelity. You should never let him have a sense of you flirting with other guys, or he will instantly put your name on the blacklist. To maintain the relationship with this guy, you need loyalty, faithfulness, and honesty. Though he seems like a playboy due to his flamboyant image, he is truly a faithful partner who can stay with you till the very end.

Leo man compatibility in love:

As a member of the Fire group, his fellows are Taurus and Sagittarius. Sharing many similarities, the assumption is that Leo is astrologically compatible with them ? is this true?

The answer is no!

Too much Sun in a relationship could make it burn which is no good. Actually, Leo man needs to be with someone who can be strong and tender at the same time so that they can settle him down.

Wonder the best matches for a Leo man?

Briefly, they are:

  • Leo woman – As a pair, they create a royal couple filled with charms.
  • Aquarius woman – Opposite attraction, both will surely have a great time together.
  • Virgo woman – A built-to-last relationship but needs much hard work.

Sadly, it seems like Pisces and Capricorn cannot make a soulmate of Leo because they have different lifestyles, different preferences, and different viewpoints.


Now you know how to attract a Leo man?

In general, you need to be confident, genuine, and stay true to yourself before engaging in a relationship with Leo man. Shower him with love and admiration and he will stay by your side forever.

This guy will never make you feel anxious as he is the most loyal and protective compared to other men.

I do hope the guide here can help you get the heart of the man of your dream. Let the fear fade away, follow the tips above and you will have an opportunity to be in a love romance with the Leo guy.

Want to know more about attracting a Leo man?

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